Image is Everything

My first love is writing. What better way of communicating; if only people know how to do more of a two-way communication with better understanding, we wouldn’t be searching for the elusive World Peace.

I believe in Love Your Neighbor as Yourself; just doing unto others as you wish to be done to you.

Then, I believe no one can get far successfully in this life without a good Image or reputation. Often, who you say you are is not the same as what people perceive and, this ambiguity can cause serious confusion and sometimes damaging consequences!

I believe there is good publicity vs bad ones. Some insist that “any Publicity is good for Business”! That is a wrong notion, albeit debatable! Yet, everyone is entitled to believing their Truth. How long it shall stand the test, only time will reveal.

Some say “I don’t care what others think about me, it’s my life ,I can do what I want!” Nah! That’s just the Red bull-T talking! When the same people (whom you didn’t care about their opinions) turnaround to embrace and validate you, you become delirious with Happiness.

Don’t believe me, watch their faces and listen to their speeches at the Grammy, Emmy, Oscar, CMT, any and every award, including at your job or even at home where your little girl or boy and better half, expect only the best.Everyone loves a pat on the back after a job well done! Appreciation is the grease that smooths the wheel of Happiness.

Bad Fame can lead you to temporary limelight and probably some easy $$ and perhaps millions of social media followers, but eventually prove destructive to your career, Image, health (emotional issues and depression could set in) also, financial setbacks for lawsuits, or failed businesses,from lack of patronage. It can be very costly, and, even affect your loved ones or others who care deeply about you. Most importantly, think about those who look up to you, your Mentees….Do you really want to disappoint?

Here you will also get some free advice and tips on working solutions at the office.

I believe that dressing for success is not a Cliche’! So I will be sharing some fashionable, Beauty and Stylish inspirations,trending news,and treating you to some of my creative writing gifts which includes; Quotes, poems, short stories, book and movie reviews and some Outstanding personality interviews!

I believe anyone can Inspire others to show forth their possible best and, I am willing to Be That Person who calls out your very Best and Lights the way!

Some who have suffered some Image backlash from acting in poor taste or making bad judgement include:

Jussie Smollett Empire actor, reportedly lied that he was attacked by two racially motivated individuals earlier this year,in what he saw as hate crime. Smollett was initially indicted on 16 felony counts for wrongfully filing false reports.( Chicago is reportedly demanding $130.000 for cost of the investigations)

However,the case has taken an interesting turn since march 26th 2019 when ,All charges was dismissed “out of abundance of caution”,according to the Cook County States Attorney Kim Foxx’s spokes person Tandra Simonton. Foxx’s reasoning for the recusal was “to address potential questions of impartiality based on familiarity with potential witnesses in the case.”

The 36 year old Empire actor had always said he was innocent on all counts, and in response to his case being dropped ,he has this to say;”I have been truthful and consistent in every single level.I would not be my mother’s son if I was capable of one drop of what I have been accused of”!

I am just as confused as many about the ambiguity surrounding this case and we shall continue to watch closely because of the potential to escalate.

R n B Artist Robert Kelly (r.kelly) he needs no introduction, nor will I waste space writing about his many allegations….his case is also in Court.

And who can forget the Billionaire, Former Los Angeles clippers owner Donald Sterling who’s ex V. Stiviano blackmailed him by recording the conversations where he made some biting racist commentaries that cost him millions including the Clippers!

Others that paid dearly for poor judgement which affected their public image or perception are United Airlines, Starbucks, Kevin Hart (the Oscar fallout), and in government: Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort.

There is so much more I want to share with you but that will be next time. Together we can all shine. Welcome to my Blog All About the Image Today. Feedback is encouraged, please bare with any shortcomings, and remember I am a work in progress too.

Millicent Olaghere Blast

Remember, Your image is Everything, So live excellently!.