Unpredictable weather

Although Tornado “Zeta ” was not a surprise,  the meteorologists saw it coming and warned for days, yet, it hit Georgia  with fury last night and into early morning. Many homes destroyed, car windows shattered and power outages!
🌳 Yesterday, when we were alerted,  (thank God for a country that is organized and comparably prepared for such) I poo-pooed, the news and teased”they are always looking for ways to get a holiday , why close the schools  for chrissake, I said to my friend ,” haven’t we wasted enough time in 2020?”.  I had to ask God to forgive that statement,  cos when I  got out this morning (I had to secure my wig  with a hat, I don’t have the willpower to to chase a flying wig in this record blowing windstorm🤪)

And when I came out of my building, a huge tree had fallen  right  next to my delicate  car!🚗 , and I  gave  Glory to God right there! I am still paying notes on my car, and if that tree 🌳  had fallen on it?”diminished value ” right away, so I was glad for that break!
3rdly, because  of a month end project , I had to be at work early,  clean up will take half a day to cut and remove tree, I surveyed the tiny space to maneuver car, and decided to take a chance,  hoping  branch doesn’t break my windows.
As I said earlier , its only goodness of God, as I was able to squeeze – heart in throat- through narrow pass.


I  am usually a fearless  driver, due to fact I was raised in Africa where people drive in a “survivalof fittestapproach” ,  but today, I was holding tight steering wheel like  a newbie 😃 on the radio,newscaster announce there “are accidents on freeway,” so I took sides, which were covered with tree branches, stumps and other debris! Five minutes to my destination, I saw police trucks blocked the road! We had to find other alternative.🙆🏾‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
I made it in however, eventually, and of course, I learned valuable  lessons on trusting other experts  judgements , and, it does not hurt to heed warnings. How will  teenagers younger adults ,or seniors have  managed if pros like myself was struggling 😅

By Millicent Olaghere Blast-ImageDiva

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