Do Not Sweat Small Stuff

Today I was abit disappointed at the way a very much younger colleague spoke in very disrespectful manner to me. it was observed by others as we were observing some covid 19 protocol,one of them said, “I can’t believe she spoke so rudely to you”. Yet , I didn’t respond back rudely, I actually apologized .😊 (my new philosophy is’ healing ‘ them with kindness , not’ tit for tat’

My role models on this are Michelle and Barack Obama ,” go higher when they go low.”!

However, I decided to share with another colleague, and as I unburdened my thoughts (lesson here; always have at least one” trusted” confidante to share) I noticed something was wrong, her face didn’t look as bright . (I’m usually perceptive of moods).
So I asked, ” hey what’s matter? you don’t look your usual cherry self?” (at first she tried to brave up) she said I’m just sleepy 😴, then she saw my skeptical stare, and said “okay I’ll tell you.”
She went on to say, im still sleepy though”, but actual reason is that her brother was in hospital just been diagnosed as “Brain dead”, And what was worse is he was recently amputated of second leg, previous a few years ago, and…. his twin passed on couple decades ago”.☹😥

So, I stood staring in shock at her bravery, she came to work,I arrived at about 8:30am, she was probably there before 7am.😥 I wouldn’t have been able to stand up, I remember recently whining over seeing strands of grey hair.
And this morning she listened for 5 or more minutes as I recounted how rude someone was to me, while she was in emotional trauma.

I said, “why are you not there holding his hands and praying?” she replied that , due to covidvirus restrictions, no one is allowed near him.(even though he Does not have covid! 🤷🏽‍♀️).
That is the situation in our changing climate.
When a friend was going to give birth last year,, I was the only one designated to visit her, no other members ,no matter the relationship.
People get sick 😷with other symptoms and they are left to deal with depression of having only strangers(medical care workers)at their sides.You pray for them to be in good mood because their job is tedious and they also have families.
🌱So I learned valuable lessons, and I couldn’t concentrate until I shared this.
🌱Do you often feel sorry for yourself and think your case is the worst?
🌱Would you know if a friend, relative, coworkers was not feeling “quite themselves “?
Count Your Blessings Daily 🙏🏾Change What You can and leave rest to God, as for little irritating things, push them away to thrash” thoughtpits”

And don’t sweat the smallstuff.
🌱Pray daily for strength.
Have a blessed day.

By Millicent Olaghere Blast – ImageDiva

Remember, your image matters, so live excellently.