FOX Channel strikes Golden with FILTHY RICH

The critics are raving about this new series! FOX got a winner with 🤗FILTHY RICH , brand new on Mondays 9/8 c FOX Channel. I watch the first pilot S1 Ep.1. And boy, was it absolutely captivating! She’s well known for her sexy bombshell, ass-kicking PR exec role Samantha Jones in HBO series Sex in the city. The64 year old Canadian- American actress Kim Cattrall, is back, unbelievable hotter, more mysterious and wielding more power than ever in her latest Drama series. Cantrall’s performance and that of he crew is riveting in this 2020 FOX Soap , which is described by a T.V critic ” a larger-than life southern gothic Dramedy”.

I watched the pilot, and surmised that this is an incredible series to watch.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ . Another winner , modeled after a real life story about a Wealthy financier who got away with a life of deceptions, crimes and sexual immorality. When he died in one of his frolicking escapades in a plane crash, all hell was let loose! Unknown to his wife, her husband had been living a double life while they led the perfect one in front of the cameras of the Christian Broadcasting Net work they both operated. The Will was read, and the secrets were spilled all over…… out of the closet, the illegitimate children began to appear. Having been influenced by Ginger Sweet, the legitimized children refused to vanished, nor accept the very tempting ,”hush money” offered by Matriarch Margaret Monreaux, who knew if word got out in public, there will be too many stinks to eliminate. This part of bribe dialogue was particularly hilarious, when one of the scheming illegitimate son, said he was going to accept the $2 Million offer, he countered ,” I am not worth more”. -:) Tune in to see how the Matriarch maintained her usual composure of keeping up appearances, and how she handled the blackmailers!

This Dramedy ” has the twisting’s, intriguing web of lies, betrayal, deceit, sex, wealth and corruption most type A Drama and classic soaps have, such as Dynasty, All my children, General hospital, and One life to live, but with the added punch! .This are people who make thrashy attitude looks so Glamorous 👌Definitely Oscar worthy .I see Golden Globe nominees for this one or other TV recognition for outstanding drama , best actors and and supporting roles! Kudos FOX you landed a good one🏆!You have got to see this guys, I predict that this is going to be yet another addictive like EMPIRE that everyone races home to watch.

KIM CATRALL, GERALD MC RANEY, STEVE HARRIS, MEDIA KRIELING ,AUBREY DOLLAR, COREY COTT, BENJAMIN AGUILAR,OLIVIA MACKLIN gave outstanding performances, and if we judge by the pilot, then I assure you we are going to be left insatiable with this winner!

The viewers will be forced to choose sides, as characters come alive in this Riveting Soap so vividly portrayed by outstanding actors.

I will definitely be keeping close watch on this Filthy Rich Family and I recommend you do the same. Every Monday 9/8 C. Fox Broadcasting Channel. I also understand HULU is streaming it

I rate this an O for OUTSTANDING!🌝🏅🏆🌹

By Millicent Olaghere Blast

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