Trump meltdown at chaotic debate with Biden.

Did you watch the Debate on Tuesday September 29th? Those of us who did , shall not forget in a hurry. I supposed, we shall likely be revisiting some of the ugly clips from time to time! It was worse than a bad reality show, let me tell ya! Both candidates well over 70 , behaving so poorly, it was difficult to hear through the cross talking. But, TRUMP was the Villain of the Night! And in the duration (one and a half hour of debate) I was cringing on edge of the sofa, as I imagined what teenagers watching are thinking or saying. My own Teen, was visibly upset as we watched ; he stood up several times , walked away refusing to watch anymore, but returned shortly, saying this;

“Mom, why can’t BIDEN be firm? America needs a firm leader. He needs to speak up, and demand that TRUMP stop interrupting him” . I nodded, ” But BIDEN is a gentleman” I said. “Yes, but, being president is a tough job, he could tell him, “excuse me, you’ ve had a turn, I did not interrupt, now it’s my turn, let me speak without interruptions. “he concluded. I smiled, inwardly happy, no one can bully this Teen.

TRUMP said to BIDEN, “you are not Smart”! BIDEN responded, calling TRUMP “a Clown” , told him to ” shut up” and, called TRUMP ” the worst president America has ever had”. However, It didn’t start or end at that!


A” Hot mess inside a dumpster fire, inside a train wreck” was how CNN Anchorman, JAKE TAPPER described it. “Chaotic”, “Messy”, “Disgraceful”, “Shocking“, and “Horrific” are some other words his fellow political analysts used to describe the Presidential Debate of Tuesday 09.29.30. According to a poll, 73 million watched that disturbing Debate .What an appalling display of unpresidential behavior from Trump who was not only disrespectful towards his debate opponent, and his family, but also, rude to Debate moderator FOX Chris Wallace.

Politico Editor JOHN HARRIS described it as “AN EPIC MOMENT OF NATIONAL SHAME: The Debate was an embarrassment for Ages. – Trump Shredded the rulebook and any sense of Decorum!”

FROM THE MOUTHS OF BABES-12th Graders weigh in on the Unpresidential behavior .

According to a review on; Teachers expressed shock at what they witnessed. many teachers often used political Debates as framework for Mock debates and Elections. However, after shabby debate Tuesday, everyone was unanimous that this was anything but educational.

After the debate, ALEX BENNETT asked his 12th graders taking government to populate a word cloud based on their personal reactions after watching the fiasco, not surprising, here are the popular words; “Childish“, “Unprofessional”Toddlers“, “unorganized” and” Combative“.


According to TAPPER, “the American People lost because, this was a Horrific Sh#t Show”. And I absolutely agree. A president of a Super Power Nation such as ours , stands in front of Global Population, and exhibited such shameful behavior, refuses to denounce or discredit the right-wing Militia White Supremacists, in my opinion, was a huge let down to the American Citizens.


It is obvious the president is trying to undermine the efforts organizers place on this 2020 election. Instead of trying to win or convince AMERICAN voters with his policies and well layout plans to move the country forward, TRUMP devotes time and energy breeding and recruiting allegedly violent Militia White supremacist group who go by PROUD BOYS, and MAGA .Their mission seemingly is to suppress and oppress the opposition party. This can potentially threaten the Democracy of this NATION .

The president often denies having any allies with these group, yet he openly communicates with them .We saw this not only during the debates, but in follow-up tweets to which some of the Proud boys responded. During the Debate when Wallace asked him why he would not denounce them, he retorted, “someone’s got to do something about ANTIFA and the left”. (Anti-Fascists left-wingers). TRUMP then ordered the PROUD BOYS to ;“stand back and stand by”, and the question on every concerned American citizens mind now is; “Stand back and stand by for what?” What exactly is the president’s agenda? what is he prepping this radical group to get ready for?

CNN CHRIS CUOMO‘s analysis of TRUMP‘s relations with the PROUD BOYS is that he is basically saying he will delegitimized the election if BIDEN wins! “This is a win or Bust situation”, so if it does not go their way, then they step in to cause chaos!”


The President said nothing positive, in my opinion, he had nothing viable to sell the viewers or listeners . Instead becoming extremely argumentative, irrational, and condescending, by the minute, trying desperately to drown out anything BIDEN had to say, or anything he considered a criticism from the moderator Wallace. During the debate, when WALLACE asked him a tough question, TRUMP said to him, “I guess I am debating you and not him”. He was very unpleasant to BIDEN and disrespectful of his family especially, the memory of his deceased son BO, even mocking his son Hunter, by making reference to his addiction to drugs. To which, BIDEN immediately took offense and defended his son’s honor saying that, he was proud of his son for breaking the addiction. And he told TRUMP he was wrong for that. Most Americans on social media also believe that was very low , inappropriate and very insensitive of the president. TRUMP said BIDEN was “not Smart” and BIDEN called TRUMP a Clown and “Worst president America has ever had “The Moderator Wallace remained flustered, and helpless, watching him try to calm down Mr. TRUMP, or get him to obey the rules was pathetic, because it was obvious the president felt he is above all rules!.

BIDEN CAME UP TOPS BY HIGH MARGIN. BIDEN Scored 60% TRUMP 28 % after the Debate.


Fact Checks showed TRUMP lied about stats he gave on most questions, not surprisingly, the Polls showed JOE BIDEN as a clear winner of the Debate on Tuesday September 29th. BIDEN 60% vs TRUMP 28%.Apparently, BIDEN being less agitated, and the calmer was able to articulate DEMOCRATS plans including a grand expansion for AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE , Environmental climate Issues and Elimination of COVID 19 Virus.


This is a Nation that is very fragile and on edge right now. While other Nations affected by COVID-19 Pandemic are managing alright , at least relatively, and returning to their norm, ours, is still blindly masked, and gasping for Fresh Air! No semblance of normalcy in Sight! Not only has this Nation, in a spate of less than a year, lost over 200,000 of her citizens to covid 19 related mysterious illness, Millions of Americans , Blacks, Hispanics, and minorities mostly, are going through a sensitive journey of healing from all manners of Injustice, Social inequality and maltreatments, melted by police killings, brutality leading to birth of Black Life Matters Movements, and a call to defund Police.

People especially those still seating loosely on the fence were genuinely looking for answers in the Debate, but it was Trump’s characteristic , narcissistic display of inconsideration for others, inability or willingness to abide to governing rules , always seeking attention, lacking in sensitivity, respect and absolute disregard for what DEMOCRACY stands for. Up until now TRUMP refused to denounce white supremacy, though after watching playback and chastised by his fellow republicans who felt he went too deep with the Offense strategy, he is trying to backpedal. It’s way too late for that. The Damage control will not be effective at this level! TRUMP has never out rightly condemned their Fascism and Racist Behavior, instead feeds them on his daily inciteful innuendos and childish Tweets.

What people need now more than ever, is Inclusiveness, not Divisiveness. We need a unified front to work together peacefully, for a common goal , which is to see an Upthrust United States become economic revamped, socially strong , morally responsible, (caring for environment and adhering to sustainable culture) over all, a vibrant Country where there is justice without racism!

IF adults constantly display such poor performances and degrading behavior, in front of Millions of people globally, Why should we expect differently from upcoming generation?