Lady Gaga, Grande, BTS and the Weeknd amazing wins at VMA 2020 awards.

IT was an Electrifying Night! August 31, 2020 will remain unforgettable for millions who watched the MTV VMA awards. Especially, because, up till that fateful night, people have had nothing super exciting happen , experience or look forward to, since the mysterious covid-19 and Pandemic transformed the way humans live, interact or socialize on a daily basis. The Star Studded, Spectacular performances was highly welcomed and timely. If you missed that night here are some highlights and summary of my perspective. Enjoy reading and watching the video clips, please tell me what was your favorite part of this spectacular VMA event.

LADY GAGA is always true to her roles as eccentric genus Artist; not just for the numerous mind boggling unique outfits, but her out of human body frenzy performances, that transforms her, and literally millions of fans into a sensational mass hysteria. For as long as it last , you seem to be orbiting in any planet but Earth! The fact that the VMA Trophy is shaped as a man from moon could be an element for that night but, GAGA needs no motivation. SHE IS AN ENIGMA FROM PLANET CHROMATICA !

She told of her struggles as an aspiring ARTIST, and when she decided to relocate from NYC to California with dreams of making it Bigger,and the execs from industry will take her out, sometimes to Japanese restaurants to impress her, she told the audience, “Being an artist is the only thing I ever wanted, I never ordered anything but a whiskey neat or a large Saki, and when they asked why I did not order anything to eat, I replied, I did not come here for the California rolls.” Don’t settle for the California rolls she laughingly jokes with the fans. In other words, Stay focus and fight for your dreams till you succeed..

I was very intrigued, delightfully startled and totally mesmerized by her Performance on a simulated brain Piano as she soulfully belted away ” Look at me now, all I ever wanted was Love” Then she got emotional, and began to speak to her fans and viewers watching “I want you to love me,I want it all night, all day. but I want you to love yourself, tonight and every night. Love who you are.Be kind, Mask up, it’s the right thing to do. Be brave and Braver all the Time” GAGA took the opportunity throughout , especially after each win. (a total of 5 wins including ARTIST OF THE YEAR and A Special first time VMA award called TRICON ) The 5 bumps GAGA’s total VMA wins to 18! This is topped only by Beyonce'(24) and Madonna (20) But the night is still young!.” Then she focused on the people at home” I want you to know you can do this, just because we’re are separated now, culture may feel less alive in some ways, but dreams can come true.look at me now, I failed many times, don’t give up “

Then GAGA tells everyone watching ,”everybody, find three things that define who you are , and go for it. Take a moment to reward yourself for your bravery.This has not been an easy year for a lot of people. But I see a massive triumph of courage. I feel a renaissance is coming and the wrath of pop culture will inspire you and the rage of art will empower you!”-LADY GAGA

GAGA and Grande shared their award for collab on mega hit song “Rain on Me” and performed a beautiful medley which was slightly marred by muffling of the Masks,but non the less entertaining.The Choreography was superb.I also loved all of GAGA’s unique Futuristic masks, with lighting effects, and unique detailing.

American Actress and singer, 27 year Kiki Palmer hosted the Event.

She jokes: ” I don’t know if I was the first choice or only one brave enough to do it due to Covid, But I ‘m here love”.And getting paid too, lol. Palmer was , Charming, Gorgeous and spectacular .She kept audience and viewers entertained and engaged with her jokes and , infectious Smiles, and theatrics. She also touched the sensitive issues , such as the Covid struggles and praised her gen for boldly challenging the status quo,and for changing narratives of Black Lives Matters, by ” stepping forward, taking to streets, making voices heard to fight for Justice “.” It’s our time to be the Change we want to see, we must continue to fight to end systemic racism.”

Charming 27 year old AMERICAN Actress and Singer, KIKI PALMERS Hosted and Opened the VMA.

BTS won three awards for ON and best POP/choreography. The young POP group also won for BEST GROUP.And their performances that evening was impressive.

American Rapper MEGAN THEE STALLON Won Best HIP HOP for “SAVAGE“.

This was 3rd time in a row for this female rap artist who accepted via face time.

DOJA CAT GOT THE PUSH NEW ARTIST Trophy at the MTV VMA. her musical performance was steaming hot and down right sizzling in her body form catsuit, and sexy choreography, she slayed!

DOJA CAT Performed “Say So” and “Like That”.

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber share a Best music video from home For Stuck with you in her collab on the song.


American Songwriter, Singer and debut director, TAYLOR SWIFT who already has 29 AMA awards , even surpassing Michael Jackson (Michael won 24 AMA) won for Best direction for the feminist theme “THE MAN” which she directed herself. However Swift accepted her award in a pre-recorded message, “I was told this was an industry voted award , but I want to thank my fans, because they are the reason why I am here, they care about everything I do, and to everyone in the industry who voted for this video” Swift also expressed appreciation to those who supported her work on folklore. “I am just blown away and taken aback by your love and generosity” she tells her fans. “And I hope to see you soon”. It was reported that due to the COVID 19, Swift and her Boyfriend Joe Alwyn decided not to appear in person. Fair enough!

THE WEEKND Scored huge with “BLINDING LIGHTS“, which won “video of the year” at 2020 VMA awards. Also, in R& B category. His real names are Abel Makkonen Tesfaye .The 30 year old , five times Grammy winner is a Canadian with Ethiopian heritage, who took the E out from his name not because he can’t spell , since he reportedly dropped out of school, but because another Canadian band was already going by same name and he wanted to avoid copyright issues.

The smart young man , took the attention off himself, the entertainment stage for a moment, drawing focus instead on sensitive matters at hand BLM, of the social injustice and police brutality, he dedicated his award in honor of memory of “JACOB BLAKE AND BREONNA TAYLOR”.

HER Majesty won award for “Video for GOOD.”And she graciously accepted via recording message.



Love,guaranteed 💌a movie review .

This movie 🎥 is reportedly ” the #2. most watched” this labor weekend on Netflix in US. However having just finished watching, I feel it should be the #1.most watched. LG is a well written and directed romantic movie dealing with issue of contemporary online dating and all its enticements, sometimes complications like character misrepresentation, the fun texts and flirting messages, the success stories like the lawyer Susan’s sister and the other risks.

The casts had an affectionate chemistry vibe going on, you could tell they had fun shooting. American Actor, Model, and Producer; Rachael Leigh Cook also produced the may remember her from “The baby sitters club, The pussycats, and “she’s all that!”

At first the gorgeous smart lawyer didn’t want to accept the case, she told her staff and sister the client seemed; “Obnoxious” gross “and “he’s a classic loophole shark, exploiting the company based on tiny details in the fineprint!” “He’s not helpless, he’s shameless”!! Double ouch!! However reality of piling bills and need to do something immediately, made her acquiesced in her decision.

Damon Kyle Wayans Jr (actor -comedian) the 37 year old is known for his role as Brad Williams in ABC TV sitcom”Happy Endings “.

Heather Graham (ageless 50 year old actress, writer, ) was a perfect character fit as a well traveled, glam CEO of match making website, Love, guaranteed. The wealthy owner was being sued for failing to produce a perfect love Match.The romantic Movie definitely has all the love trimmings:

There was chemistry; this essential ingredient flows seamlessly through the plots from the protagonist, antagonist, and the sub supporting casts such as the witty , pranksters, Susan’s modest law firm attaches, who kept viewers in hilarious stitches. when one of Susan’s date whom she met during her “Research experiment” didn’t go well, she was comforted with ; “well,there’s plenty of fish in the sea ,” but her other employee Roberto responded to Denise, ” its a jungle out there”he quipped! 🙉🙈 .Her sister and bro in-law were also quite relatable. This leads me to other quality I love about this movie.The warm ‘Fuzzy’feelings.

A Feel good quality ;radiates throughout and will appeal to millions of people of all ages and social status. Especially with this gen of savvy Internet App users. Anyone who’s ever been on a blind date or internet connection dates, can relate to some of the weird dating characters described by the charming brilliant actor Nick , as well as provide insights for those toying with the idea.😄

Never mind naysayers who are love haters and have no business reviewing movies motivated by love.They are so used to taking hard line and don’t know a good one when it comes along. You wonder if perhaps they have been jaded in real life or something!

Take for instance a reputable female who has reviewed for associated press 14 years showing her disapproval of LG, by giving it a low 2 stars; despite the fact that it’s ratings among viewers speak to the contrary. Her argument? ” she found fault in the manner Nick spoke called it “Stilted”, the romance ,”flimsy”!she called the lawyer’s co-workers Roberto and Denise ” uninspired stereotypes’! well duh! there are actual humans like that in most work places anywhere in the world; actually, that’s what makes this quite relatable. The unfair critic also poked into the star actor’s character saying; “very infrequently does anyone act like an actual recognizable human being (she was referring to Susan’s’ character as too predictable) “its the type of movie you leave on, because the remote fell, and you are too sick to bother to pick it up .”it’s better to stay on your coach letting the cold medicine work it’s magic and drifting off into a midday nap”.

Well I bet someone wrote similar nonsense about classics like Sleepless in Seattle-1993 and When Harry met Sally or Pretty woman-1990(Richard Gere’, Julia Roberts and J.Alexander) and they went on to break box office! So,I will advise you not to judge the flavour until you‘ve tasted the soup.

Rachael Leigh Cook photo credit Netflix
Damon Wayans .jr Photo Credit. IMDB.COM
Heather Graham -photo credit Netflix.

Third valuable quality had from my review is;

Clarity and Purpose. Viewers were not left hanging, wondering whats the purpose or point. It clearly about the theme that in love there are no guarantees. Its something that both people should be willing to take a chance on, it can come with risks ,and also season of happy’s also important to take time to learn about the other person and not jump into assumptions !🤷🏽‍♀️

my too favorite phrases from the movie is the conversations between the older man to a younger Nick, he advises against playing too safe in shallow waters, “To find love you got to dive deeper “and the younger man asked “what if I sink? The surprising reply was “What if you Swim “?🏊🏼‍♀️

I loved the movie because it was down to earth, though it had a predictable ending, there was still suspense, and surprises as well as entertaining threads. CONGRATS WRITERS: ELIZABETH HACKETT, & HILLARY GALANOY. DIRECTOR: MARK STEVEN JOHNSON & PRODUCERS : RACHAEL LEIGH COOK, DAN SPILO, STEPHANIE SLACK & MARGARET H.HUDDLESTON🏆

Seattle has once again scored huge points, another winner since romantic love stories 25 years ago (June ,1993)by filmmaker Nora Ephron’s Sleepless in Seattle, “When Harry met Sally”, and “you’ve got mail “. I predict this also, is going to be another classic! 🎥 🏅 For all above reasons listed, All about the Image rates this movie Love, guaranteed a four stars.⭐⭐⭐⭐

Love has no guarantees. it’s not a risk to fall in love, the risk is never pursuing LOVE, because you are afraid of the unknown. But if you take that chance , and let go, be yourself, don’t try to adapt someone else’s persona, you will find opportunities will open , and even that special some one that not only accepts you and all your peculiar traits, but LOVES you in return. Now that’s worth pursuing i’ll say!.This is why I created BUSYBODIES SINGLES PROFESSIONALS.

facebook singles group BusyBodies Singles for mature Professionals 30 years and up.♥️

By Millicent Olaghere-Blast

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Serena Williams Shocking Poor Performance and Loss to Sakkari-

“It’s like dating a guy that you know sucks, that’s literally what I keep doing out there.It’s like I have to get rid of this guy , it just makes no sense.It’s frustrating”!-SERENA WILLIAMS.


Any one who watched the Western and Southern Open 2020 Tennis match last Tuesday between SERENA WILLIAMS Vs the 13 year younger Greek origin opponent MARIA SAKKARI will agree it was a TORTURE for fans. I was literally cringing at edge of sofa, and mentally willing the match to quickly come to an end and preserve what ever was left of her dignity.

The 38 year old was stretched to her limits on Tuesday at the Qtr finals.

SAKKARI took advantage of her opponent’s Achilles heels, and did a shocking come back after loosing a set, to win the Quarter finals and qualify for the SEMI-Finals by a 5-7,7-6,5,6-1.

My thoughts echoed same sentiments of the commentators , one suggested audibly to the other , that if it had been her in Williams Shoes, she would have asked to be ” excused on account of being unwell “, and when the other commentator argued that, it would be a difficult decision, since she was already playing and couldn’t just walk away in middle of a match, the first commentator, replied, “it is better than playing in obvious pain”, she referenced William was in” some kind of physical pain or cramping ” or dealing with some form of” mental exhaustion”.

Watching WILLIAMS, it seemed she was favoring one of her arms. It was obviously right assessments by the commies because during breaks we could see from the way she talked to herself, and her body language that WILLIAM was experiencing confusion as to why she was playing the way she did. There were so many opportunities she carelessly allowed to pass… she could literally have picked the victory cup and handed it over to SAKKARI without even playing for it. Yes it was that bad!.

And after that hard to forget match some one made this scathing criticism about her play on social media:

“Serena Williams should be embarrassed for her lack of effort and lack of professionalism in the 3rd set.  Instead of battling through the rough time she was having, she just gave up.  Not a good look for someone who a lot of young female tennis players look up to.

Later when faced with a slew of news representatives, Williams had no explanation as to physical proof of exhaustion except for this interesting explanations below;

“I don’t think that it helps mentally when it’s like you know the match is over and you have won the match, and now your legs were already tired and now they are even more tired”-SERENA WILLIAMS.

Then she gave a very interesting analogy to further paint the picture of her shocking frustrations as it played in her mind that fateful Tuesday;

“It’s like dating a guy that you know sucks, that’s literally what I keep doing out there.It’s like I have to get rid of this guy , it just makes no sense.It’s frustrating”!SERENA WILLIAMS.

Am I the only one that doesn’t see a correlation of this explanation and that of sucking out there on the court?

Every one could see the 23 grand slam champion was extremely fatigued or emotionally zone out!.

Williams is an American professional Tennis player and who once held the prestigious title as former world No. 1 in women’s Tennis single, and as of August, 2020 proudly won a total  23 Grand Slam singles Titles. Reportedly, the most winnings any player in the Open Era has won. Second only to retired 78 years old Australian Champ Margaret Smith Court (who won 24G.S).


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I was drawn to his charismatic character, his charming smile, exquisite taste in fashion, I was drawn to his physique and positive vibes each time he spoke either during a movie or while receiving an award. Like last year 2019 NAACP awards at Dolby theater, Hollywood. Wow! it’s so freaking unbelievable… probably because his amazingly fit looking body made us all believe he’s tough as a horse and in top condition….

I just want to sleep it off, in hope that tomorrow , it will be said to be a bad nightmare!,  The black panther  star and crown  heir to  “wakanda” throne,he played James Brown, Brown King of Rock and roll also as Jackie Robinson,  first African American to play major baseball league, breaking all color barriers as a first in baseball history.

A fine , dedicated, first class quality actor, having  and showing a marvelous dexterous ability to transform into image of the roles he’s playing.  so amiable, talented, and yet so  humble, it hurts to talk about him in past tense! it just doesn’t seem right. Gone way too soon.I  was a big fan, and BOSEMAN, I  pray  you will no longer feel pains  and aches especially the ones no  one knew of  this world again.🙏🏾🙏🏾Rest in peace 💜You ll always live in our hearts 💕🌹💐

Millicent Olaghere Blast-ImageDiva

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Today as I watch the news reviews, I saw his mother , pleading for peaceful protests, it was ironic because I could tell her heart had been scattered in thousand pieces, the minute she receive that first ominous call. And then subsequent updates., But she wore a brave face today. What is it that gives black mothers so much courage, strength and hope in face of such devastating life changing tragic incidents? Its perplexing I agree. But if I put a finger on it, it will be right on the mark of their spirituality! The never given up faith in a God of Justice , Compassion and Recompence. Even when the created are depleted!

My heart bleeds, 💔because. a few days ago he was walking to his car, we’ve seen the video! But today he’s paralyzed from waist down.😔😪The call for domestic dispute, could have been resolved via dialog, Nay, it was a calculating attempt to murder another defenseless Black Man.Again, in Broaddaylight .And if you have a GOOD Conscience, You will CONDEMN THE EVIL officers with ulterior motives.






Millicent Olaghere Blast -ImageDiva

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Is the harvest of all
First you must obey its laws and windy calls
Embrace all  its imposing demands and commands
Even the unpredictable weather ;you must submit
Do not be overwhelmed by ominious thoughts
After all ,its only ephemeral.

Is worth  waiting for.
To reborn,🌱 seedlings must die first.
In anticipation of the new birth
I am excited, I  cannot stand still.
You too can be part of this Promise
If you are ready to play your part
Everyone his  own measure
According to your input
You derive good pleasure

Can often seem imposing in face of unpredictable
Weather, but you must take a chance
Even when the pollen shoots its counts and soars higher than normal
Teasing your nostrils and messing with your throat
Till you splutter and sneeze relentlessly
Don’t falter there’s a pill for that
You don’t require vaccine
You’re just allergic
It’s not the Pandemic.

To get this Perks
You must muscle up and do the work
Eyes fixed on the clock
Cause delay will set you back
Rejoice in the boldness of mother nature
As she shamelessly  discards her deadweight
In anticipation of substantial overtures
What doesn’t belong  must shed
In preparation of greener pastures.

The seedling 🌱 must first Perish
Then ushers the new Flourish
Thats the way its been from advent of time
Its the divine process of  regenerating
The cycles of harvest
Thats why you see me Gyrating
I can’t stand still
I am swishing to the songs 🎵 of Promise
If you listen you too can hear it in the autumn wind.

Written by  IMAGEDIVA-Millicent Olaghere Blast

A Giant of civil rights movement : Congressman John Lewis passes on at 80.

Rep John Lewis passed on Friday, July 17th , 2020 after bravely battling cancer. He lived a valiant, accomplished life, winning many fights on the streets and by lawmaking. He received worthy recognition awards for his fight to ensure all people are treated with respect and dignity.He was a resourceful lawmaker who began in the 5th congressional in Atlanta Ga 1986.

Announcing the passing, the family released a statement ; “it is with inconsolable grief and enduring sadness that we announce the passing of US Rep John Lewis”.” he was honoured and respected as the conscience of the US congress, and an Icon of American History”,but we knew him as a loving father and brother.


March 7th, 1965 Lewis led 600 over Selma ,Edmund Pettus Bridge in Alabama in a non violent protest march, with desire for African Americans to exercise their constitutional rights to vote, and also highlight and condemn racial injustice and segregation repression. But despite their non violence protest, they were met by angry Alabama state troopers, who attacked the unarmed marchers with tear gas and hitting with batons. Many protesters including Lewis were severely beaten and injured. John Lewis Skull was fractured in the commotion. Boynton was beaten unconscious , Lynda Lowery, only 14 years at time, received seven stitches over her right eye and twenty-eight on back of her head. That day became known as “Bloody Sunday “.

The bridge was built in 1940 in honor of a confederate general Edmound Winston Pettus reportedly a” grand dragon of the ku klux klan”,which is why many are calling for the renaming of the bridge to honor Congressman man Lewis, “CONSCIENCE of CONGRESS“, who’s blood, sweat amongst other freedom protesters was splattered on that bridge on “Bloody Sunday”!

But many others including Lynda Lowery thinks its not a good idea to change name of the bridge.Some claim that only people of Selma should be allowed to decide such a sensitive matter.

I feel, if we are moving forward and taking down confederate statues and monuments and racists symbols that connected to Slavery, colonialism injustice and inequality, such as Gen Stonewall Jackson (Richmond VA)President Jefferson Davis (Kentucky) and Christopher Columbus, (Boston) renaming Edmund Pettus Bridge to Congressman John Lewis , a man who received in 2011 the highest honor given to a civilian, the President Medal of Freedom 🏅 is definitely best way to pay forward. More especially when it’s someone who dedicated almost his entire life towards fighting injustice , racism and defending rights and dignity of all people not just minorities and disadvantaged.

Lewis , the son of sharecroppers rose to become a formidable respected civil rights activist and a longtime US congressman.He was 21 years in 1961, when he joined the freedom riders bus in defense of integration of all races to public transportation. He was beaten , bloodied, arrested along with James Zwerg for daring to use “only white “,restrooms.

But for congressman John Lewis, Rev. Matin Luther King, Rev Jesse Jackson, Malcom X, Louis Farrakan and many freedom fighters, alive or gone, there will be no women voters today, and certainly our children will not be able to seat in same classrooms , or share public transportation, buses or airplanes. Can you imagine living in a world of such segregation repression ,hatred and racial inequality. ?

The voting rights act became law in August 6th, 1965.(one of the greatest accomplishments by freedom fighters like John Lewis.)

This is 2020, and we are still struggling with police brutality calling for defunding as a result, social injustice , racism issues leading to Black Life Matters demonstrations, and much more.If we are all in this together and want a better future we need to have a new reorientation and be more sensitive and kind to one another irrespective of class, color, age, sexual orientation, political affiliations, religious beliefs , cultural or ethnicity.

By Millicent Olaghere Blast.

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Independent Follies
Cry my beloved Country America
You have been torned A.P.A.R.T.
At 244 , you’re definitely old enough to choose your own P.A.T.H
But your trail has left many to wonder if you’re
Nothing but bunch of PSYCHOPATHS
Since you seemed so consumed with injustice,
Inequality, racism and hate.
You need to change before its too late.
Younger generations are not only watching,
They’re ready to take this beyond the streets.
Perverted justice and molestations
Causing riots and Protestations
Lifestyle of desecration and Short-sightedness
Has made many lost in the wilderness
The elders flinch
The babies cringe
Nauseating stench of congealed blood mixed
with stress sweat, and vomit
Climb high to flare nostrils of man upstairs
In place of worship and Praise
Curses and Bloody Hands You Raise
Pride, Prejudice and Intolerance to other Race
Experts, around the world send counsel
But you clamp ears with soggy morsel
Beyond deaf, like stubborn Swine
Bent on self destruct Mission
Its impossible to see perfect Vision
The mapping and original path that the forefathers
Laid out 244 years ago, on the sacred seal of independence,
Sealed with salty tears and witnessed by dreamers
The statue of liberty was elected
And Democracy was birth.
So why are the lights dimmed instead of fireworks
You Spurn His Grace
And set the Holyland ablaze
You BIG disgrace
Why don’t you go on your kneels, on the alter not on the necks
You failed to SHOW and TELL the younger gen
About the Promise Land
The commandments of God
That came with Blessings of obedience
Where o’ where is your conscience?
Can you not see
Do you not know
Are your ears so short
The Walls are crumbling
And the center can no longer hold
Do not bring out the fancy dishes
Why do you celebrate hate
You should be praying and making sincere wishes
For a better future and learning the true meaning of Independence!
Millicent Olaghere Blast.

Remember your image matters so, live excellently!

ImageDiva Millicent Olaghere Blast