Time is Fickle

Time is fickle

Mischievous, never predictable

You think it’s there all day

So you try to hold on tight

but it surreptitiously gives you a slip

when you are fast asleep.

Time is Captivating

Enthralling, teasing, and seducing

with promises and flashing green lights ,it beckons:

makes you want to linger………….

yet, you are never quite certain if, it will be there tomorrow.

As the unprepared, soon find out in deep hollow.

Time is Elusive

Use wisely

An exemplary manager you should Be;

Judicious executor

Employ wisdom, knowledge and , understanding

Practice the act of forgiviness in any given misunderstanding.

Time is Iffy

There will be Right times

There will be wrong times

Be Bold, Courageous and, Ready

Live Freely, yet, honestly

cultivate good relationships

Celebrate Lasting Friendships.

Millicent Olaghere Blast

Remember, Your Image is Everything, So live Excellently!.