Do Not Sweat Small Stuff

Today I was abit disappointed at the way a very much younger colleague spoke in very disrespectful manner to me. it was observed by others as we were observing some covid 19 protocol,one of them said, “I can’t believe she spoke so rudely to you”. Yet , I didn’t respond back rudely, I actually apologized .😊 (my new philosophy is’ healing ‘ them with kindness , not’ tit for tat’

My role models on this are Michelle and Barack Obama ,” go higher when they go low.”!

However, I decided to share with another colleague, and as I unburdened my thoughts (lesson here; always have at least one” trusted” confidante to share) I noticed something was wrong, her face didn’t look as bright . (I’m usually perceptive of moods).
So I asked, ” hey what’s matter? you don’t look your usual cherry self?” (at first she tried to brave up) she said I’m just sleepy 😴, then she saw my skeptical stare, and said “okay I’ll tell you.”
She went on to say, im still sleepy though”, but actual reason is that her brother was in hospital just been diagnosed as “Brain dead”, And what was worse is he was recently amputated of second leg, previous a few years ago, and…. his twin passed on couple decades ago”.☹😥

So, I stood staring in shock at her bravery, she came to work,I arrived at about 8:30am, she was probably there before 7am.😥 I wouldn’t have been able to stand up, I remember recently whining over seeing strands of grey hair.
And this morning she listened for 5 or more minutes as I recounted how rude someone was to me, while she was in emotional trauma.

I said, “why are you not there holding his hands and praying?” she replied that , due to covidvirus restrictions, no one is allowed near him.(even though he Does not have covid! 🤷🏽‍♀️).
That is the situation in our changing climate.
When a friend was going to give birth last year,, I was the only one designated to visit her, no other members ,no matter the relationship.
People get sick 😷with other symptoms and they are left to deal with depression of having only strangers(medical care workers)at their sides.You pray for them to be in good mood because their job is tedious and they also have families.
🌱So I learned valuable lessons, and I couldn’t concentrate until I shared this.
🌱Do you often feel sorry for yourself and think your case is the worst?
🌱Would you know if a friend, relative, coworkers was not feeling “quite themselves “?
Count Your Blessings Daily 🙏🏾Change What You can and leave rest to God, as for little irritating things, push them away to thrash” thoughtpits”

And don’t sweat the smallstuff.
🌱Pray daily for strength.
Have a blessed day.

By Millicent Olaghere Blast – ImageDiva

Remember, your image matters, so live excellently.

12 months of 2020

Finding the right words to describe what the year 2020 represented is almost impossible! Where does one begin?

IF you are reading this you’re one of the lucky survivals of the covid 19 pandemic crisis!

That’s not to say it hasn’t left a devastating effect on your family dynamics, online schooling, the majority workforce (at least those who still have jobs) are remote workers, conducting meetings via Zoom and businesses that are not bankrupt are only partially opened! The statistics are scary and I’m sparing you the horrible details, the news channels are serving enough of that. The retail , entertainment, private sectors, small businesses are all struggling.

Politics: It was an unending nightmare, still ongoing till JAN 5th 2021 SENATE ELECTION RUNOFFS!. But, wasn’t all the political news coverage and analysis exciting? Wow ! No one missed going to movie theaters since presidential debates .

The Amazing analysis and personal opinions of trio DON LEMON, CHRIS CUOMO, and ANDERSON COOPER was totally amusing and addictive. CNN was ignited! And clueless DONALD TRUMP continued to make a spectacle of himself, providing enough materials for comic roasting! Can you believe TRUMP attempt at invalidating elections that was legitimate, bringing up lawsuits against four states that he lost, only for the SUPREME COURT to throw it out for lack of evidence. What a waste of funds that could have been useful towards finding lasting cure for the covid virus 🙄.

Ironically, not everyone is adversely affected, several suppliers of much needed services and products required during lockdown quarantine state made considerable wealth, such as; AMAZON, ZOOM, WALMART, DATING APPS, YOUTUBE FITNESS CHANNELS, MEDICAL EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIERS of MASKS,VENTILATORS,SANITARY ORODUCTS, and SANITIZERS, PFIZER (VACCINES)and so on.

In a sample of responses on Facebook, when asked , “what does 2020 represent to you “?

Surprisingly, though majority agreed it was a “tough “, “challenging “ “shithell “, they added, that they are “still grateful “,to be alive because , many witnessed the transition of friends, neighbors and loved ones due to covid virus complications.

Others were just very happy that 2020 boosted their businesses.

Pictures paint a much clearer situation.

I want to use this opportunity to express thanks to my Blog fans, for your subscriptions, likes, comments, and Loyalty. I wish you a very happy victorious, healthy New year! Now you have a new opportunity to recreate the HAPPY KIND OF LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE. ANOTHER SHOT FULFILLING YOUR DREAMS. DO NOT LET NOTHING PREVENT YOU.

By Millicent Olaghere Blast-ImageDiva

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Unforgetable Christmas 2020

It will be safe to say for many , Christmas 2020, is not going to be celebrated quite the same as past years. For very obvious reasons.

Firstly, the gloomy climate of doom thats been looming since beginning of 2020.The devastating pandemic crisis covidvirus19 has taken over 381k people in United States of America 🇺🇸 alone, and over 1. 68 million worldwide 🌐 according to CDC statistics 12/20/ it’s mind-boggling !

Secondly,other families lost loved ones, many of which were bread winners, or the “glue” of family.How do you bounce back from that in a pandemic environment. to cancer, heart attacks, fatal accidents other natural causes.

Millions lost their jobs, or got divorced as result of pressure, and millions more have fallen into depression, as a result of these and other issues that brought unmanageable anxiety.

So how do we go from a state of uncertainty where most can hardly afford the pay check to pay check lifestyle , (some do not know how much longer they can pay their car loans, mortgages, rents and utilities, not to mention distractions, of increasing Covid 19 dealt toll, concerns of Pfizer Vaccine ,and ongoing Senate Runoffs Elections in Georgia) to a state of Blissful Happy Christmas ?

Are we unrealistic to be positively Joyful, if we decide to put away for one month, all sad thoughts and decide for this last month of 2020, to just enjoy and live it up?

What are people saying on social media about spending Christmas 2020? I asked random selection from Instagram and Facebook followers ;

It’s definitely going to be low key for me, this has been a tough year, but I’m grateful to be alive “- Patricia (UK)

I lost a couple of friends this year, and experienced some hardships, I am certainly not in festive spirits, so low key for me”- Lily (Atlanta, US)

We are still going to observe our usual family tradition then I will spend rest of holiday planning for new year”-Halima(UK)

A quiet Christmas for me as we are on a 3rd lockdown ( tier 4),Im still thankfully looking forward to better new year”. -says Linda (UK)

I am celebrating in big way, God has been good to me says Donald ( W.Africa )

I am an introvert who prefers to chill with family anyway, so nothing different from previous, except there will be no in person concert in church and dinner will be at home”, Says Amber (Northern California)

Many others participated in decorating Christmas trees 🌲and house lighting, and there will be Christmas carols and gift exchanges but as for parties 🥳, the general consensus is “NO large gatherings “ .Definitely a one of a kind Christmas in a year that has had everyone Zooming and Ticktocking.

There will probably be less ugly Christmas sweater contests and more candy cane licking and folks trying to remember lyrics of “silent night “.It can still be fun people. However you choose to Celebrate your Christmas, whether high or low key, please remember to be thankful for the important things :Family, Love and Wellness. Not necessary in that order.

Stay Safe.

By Millicent Olaghere Blast- ImageDiva

Remember your image matters, so live excellently!🙏🏾❤🥂🍾

Made in China

I used to be like many of you snubs , that made fun of poorly manufactured products from China, Taiwan, Indonesia, India , Honduras, ABA in Nigeria, and Other third world countries.But I have  evolved, and now I appreciate  their efforts, because without their innovative inventions, where would the rest of us snubs be?😊.Think about it. They are atleast, inspiring.
There was a time, I would be embarrassed,to be seen wearing made in China jewelry, or Aba-made flip-flops, my labels must have brand names and made in Milan, Paris,UK or NYC ! Now, I salute their ingenuity. A  super nation like  AMERICA 🇺🇸 keeps yapping about industrialization, indigenous and independent  economy,  yet they outsource  production,  even  customer service. Sometimes when I call my phone company here in USA  to resolve  something,  guess who picks up? a representative  from India ! .The company makes $200 monthly average, and pays a Patel $3.00 to keep you on hold till you get frustrated and hang up!It’s corporate robbery and preposterous!
Thats why I’m paying $400 on two  phones when I only  use one. Because they said,” buy one get one free.” Thats how they get you.. And I thought  “great idea”, but how’s it free if I’m paying monthly🤔🙄

Hey don’t  look at me like  those sales marketing  speeches have  never gotten you  into a contract .😉 (right  I’ve been locked 🔒 into 2 years contract, this is why I make my own sandwiches to work 😀)
Now everytime I tell my son, I’m broke he said, well, you could return the phone you not using, then you will have  extra  $250 monthly.
Should  I return my phone or my son to his Daddy🤔🙄

By Millicent OlaghereBlast-ImageDiva

Remember Your Image Matters, So Live Excellently!.

Christmas Decorations:It’s that time of the year.

Growing up, it was a big yearly tradition at our home with my parents and 7 children. The tallest , biggest  tree ever, we all enjoyed taking turns to decorate it….😁🤗hmmm… nostagic feeling 🥰
So, did you put out your Christmas 🎄 decorations yet? We need to get into the holiday spirit already,  2020, the thieving year, took and stole so much,we need this one month to go out in a B.L.A.S.T !
I was chatting with a colleague,  she said she’s fully decorated. We haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet!(supposedly biggest holiday in USA) she put one tree up, she has two! Wow! I must admit  I love the accessories  and don’t do tree since my son  became  a teenager,  he prefers the $$dollars 😜so I just put miniature Christmas  decors like jingling bells,  Santa’s miniatures,greeting cards(I  love traditional cards) , ornaments, strings, christmas memorabilia and so forth .
I prefer synthetic, firstly,because wasting money on a real tree, that will be discarded later, bleeds my heart and wallet. 😄😅 secondly, not to mention clean up day!
Have  a blessed  day all. 😍🤩😘Friday  is a peep away!

Millicent Olaghere Blast-ImageDiva

Remember, Your Image Matters, So Live Excellently.

Moving Up

Moving uptown
⭐I am Moving uptown
⭐I am tired of living downtown
⭐You can’t change my mind
⭐I must have my way
⭐I am leaving today
⭐If you must be nosey
⭐I can say it’s someplace rosie
⭐Away from the humdrum
⭐Towards more exciting opportunities
⭐Where there are endless possibilities
⭐I have made up my mind
⭐I am leaving the past behind
⭐Not tomorrow
⭐But today
⭐Without delay
⭐Forgetting the past
⭐My resolve is steadfast
⭐No more dress rehearsals
⭐Delydallies and wishful thinking
⭐In this place I have been sinking
⭐But today is when I go to the new
⭐I have put away the counterfeit
⭐Because I’ve found the real deal
⭐Uptown is where I belong
⭐I can’t be wrong
⭐Because its long over due.
Poem By

Remember, Your Image matters, so live excellently!

Never loose your sense of wonder 🍁

I can view this right from my doorstep. And a couple days ago, the tree on right had fully visible orange and gold leaves. it was a breathtaking sight and , it immediately made me happy, it was a promising day. 🍁
Just less than 4 days, it’s leaves 🍂have vanished, total abandonment. But the roots remain solid .
Today I watched the leaves gently sway in the autumn breeze from other trees, so delicate, with dignity the tree lets each one go 😊 For a while, I stood…… and I wondered…….. about life and rebirth. (Deep breaths, slowly exhaling, I came to conclusion, that I am thankful for senses to appreciate even mundane things in life.
About the leafless tree on right?, it will be alright, I have watched it many years go through “the stages” of REBIRTH 😊she will make it.
Another thing that makes me wonder is how Airplanes stay afloat as huge as they are😀
Do you still wonder? What mundane stuff makes you wonder?
I pray you never get to a place where you’ve lost your childish abilities to wonder and be excited about trivia or mundane.
Remember how you awe away at running lizards, or sliding worms , butterflies, ? Let’s capture that feeling back and life will be less worrisome.
Blessed day y’all.

By Millicent Olaghere Blast-ImageDiva

Remember, your Image matters , so live excellently!

Wendy Williams Masked-Out!

Although voted out last night, The self named talk host; Wendy Williams was very entertaining and captivating, on The Mask singer last night. The show is hosted by the Adorable Nick Cannon.Wendy caught him off guard,after the unveiling, when she asked, ” so are you guys going to get back together someday?”(she was obviously talking about Nick returning to his ex, the famous Grammy award winning music legend Mariah Carey 50, whom they both share custody of their adorable 8 year old twins son Moroccan and daughter Monroe. Nick laughed , but he didn’t respond, and thats a good sign. I love Love❤ and second chances!

I sincerely hope they come back together, especially for the sake of the children. Wendy sang Odyssey 1977 “Native New Yorker “
Singer Robin thick, T V personality Jenny Mccarthy, Singer Nicole Scherzinger and comedian and actor ken Jeong are judges on the American singing competition show that airs Wednesday 8/7 c. And they are currently on 4th season.

By Millicent Olaghere Blast-ImageDiva

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Unpredictable weather

Although Tornado “Zeta ” was not a surprise,  the meteorologists saw it coming and warned for days, yet, it hit Georgia  with fury last night and into early morning. Many homes destroyed, car windows shattered and power outages!
🌳 Yesterday, when we were alerted,  (thank God for a country that is organized and comparably prepared for such) I poo-pooed, the news and teased”they are always looking for ways to get a holiday , why close the schools  for chrissake, I said to my friend ,” haven’t we wasted enough time in 2020?”.  I had to ask God to forgive that statement,  cos when I  got out this morning (I had to secure my wig  with a hat, I don’t have the willpower to to chase a flying wig in this record blowing windstorm🤪)

And when I came out of my building, a huge tree had fallen  right  next to my delicate  car!🚗 , and I  gave  Glory to God right there! I am still paying notes on my car, and if that tree 🌳  had fallen on it?”diminished value ” right away, so I was glad for that break!
3rdly, because  of a month end project , I had to be at work early,  clean up will take half a day to cut and remove tree, I surveyed the tiny space to maneuver car, and decided to take a chance,  hoping  branch doesn’t break my windows.
As I said earlier , its only goodness of God, as I was able to squeeze – heart in throat- through narrow pass.

I  am usually a fearless  driver, due to fact I was raised in Africa where people drive in a “survivalof fittestapproach” ,  but today, I was holding tight steering wheel like  a newbie 😃 on the radio,newscaster announce there “are accidents on freeway,” so I took sides, which were covered with tree branches, stumps and other debris! Five minutes to my destination, I saw police trucks blocked the road! We had to find other alternative.🙆🏾‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
I made it in however, eventually, and of course, I learned valuable  lessons on trusting other experts  judgements , and, it does not hurt to heed warnings. How will  teenagers younger adults ,or seniors have  managed if pros like myself was struggling 😅

By Millicent Olaghere Blast-ImageDiva

Remember Your Image Matters, So live excellently!.