SHE has what it takes; knowledgeable, courageous spirit, and a caring heart for the people! At 16, she has been making big Organizations, Politicians, World Leaders and Citizens take notice of the environmental threats for years! Fed up with the poor management of Global warming and Climate change issues, Thunberg from Sweden, decided to take matters into her own hands and invited other young followers to stage rallies that has the world talking and paying close attention!” This is not a drill”, she tells her listeners on Friday, in NYC after the rally at Battery park , NYC. Hundreds of thousands boycotted school, work and other activities to lend their voices and raise placards spelling out their concerns.

A young voice cried out, “just because we are not old enough to vote does not mean we have no voices”.


AT Capitol Hill hearing, she submitted an IPCC special report on Global warming, released October 8,2018 in place of her personal testimony, because; ” I don’t want you to listen to me, I want you to listen to the Scientists, then I want you to unite behind Science and then, I want you to take real Action!”


Louisiana Rep Garret Graves threw her a hypothetical question; “If you are sailing on a boat and picking up trash along the way, and for everyone piece you pick up, there’s another boat dumping five pieces of trash, how will that make you feel? “Greta did not stutter, Immediately responding with this impressive reply; If you use that Logic, then I am also dumping a lot of trash in the Ocean, I will stop dumping and tell the other boat to stop dumping their trash as well! (A brilliant reply, indicating that the way to change is to lead by example)! He probably expected her to say, “that would be frustrating”, or ” I will be mad” but she proved smarter!

Florida -D Rep Kathy Castor threw her another curve ball, with this; “Some people say that the U.S should not dramatically reduce our emissions because China and other Countries are not doing enough to reduce theirs .” Again, young Greta’s response (which got a lot of chuckles incidentally ) was full of wit and wisdom beyond her age .”I am from Sweden, a small country and there’s the same argument that ‘ why should we do anything, just look at U.S,’ they say, so that also has been used against you as well “. she added with a grin.

In a publication written by Jon Queally for CommonDreams. Org December 19,2018 , the teen described how “at the age of eleven, several years after learning about the concept of climate change for the first time, she fell into a depression and became ill. “I stopped talking. I stopped eating,” she explains. “In two months, I lost about ten kilos of weight. Later on I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, OCD, and selective mutism—that basically means I only speak when I think it’s necessary.”

To those who mock her illness and cause, she responds in mature reasoning , “they feel threatened by this movement, that means we’re making a difference! And this is only the beginning. ” warns the fearless teen.She may suffer some health disabilities, but this teenager is SHARP, ARTICULATE, QUICK , KNOWS THE PROBLEMS AND HAS SOLUTIONS , ALL SHE NEEDS NOW IS ACTION!

Above : Activist Greta and her Swedish Opera singer -Mom Malena and Dad Svante Thunberg author ,(our house is on fire), arts manager and producer (Scenes from the heart).

The environmental activist emphasized on importance of transparencies about the global warming and climate issues: “As it is now, people in general do not seem to be aware about the actual science and how severe the crisis is, so I think we need to inform them, and start treating this crisis like the existential crisis it is , and then, I think, People will start doing something about it!”

In less than a week, they have had organized #climatechange rallies in over” 163 countries ” and reportedly have had “4,638 events”. Some adults have also been quite supportive , especially Student groups, Labor and environmental organizations, humanitarians and other activists. I have no doubt we will be hearing from, and seeing more of Greta Thunberg!

From all I have observed , and researched so far , about her intellect, background, character, passion and personality, I will say this young lady can be president if she wanted to run someday! I WILL SAY FIRST RUN FOR CONGRESS GRETA, YOU CAN COUNT ON MY VOTE!.




Hustlers ! Just what we need to take our minds of the current Politicking and debates!
Actress Jennifer Lopez Jlo and keke Palmer recently sprung a surprise on their fans in the city; Time square atop a regular double – docker in NYC recently, while promoting the star packed movie, Hustlers is out this week.
Based on true story (first told in an article published in New York magazine by Jessica Pressler) , about , some street-smart Manhattan club strippers who pulled a fast one on unsuspecting Wall Street clients and, defrauded them. The buzz is on high alert that, this one is Oscar worthy !
And why not! A mixture of raw sex, sticky fingers, blazing stinking money, Fashion extravaganza , Greed, Clandestine maneuvers, throw in Raw Power and Dirty Dancing in sweaty silky lingeries whilst romancing the Poles and Viola!! what do you come up with? Like Jay-Jay would bell out with a clap of the hands; Dynomite!!!!!
The movie features an all Star cast including the Gorgeous ageless actress/music artist and Business woman Jennifer Lopez -Jlo as Ramona (leading the strippers), Actress Keke Palmer as Mercedes, Lili Reinhart-Annabelle,Julia Stiles as Jennifer, Constance Wu-as Destiny, and wait for it………yes Cardi -double- breasted B, is in the mix! what a sizzler! she plays Diamond, quite appropriate I’ll say. Another crowd favorite is Artist LIZZO who will definitely be Juicing up at the Theater!

When her younger co actor Keke Palmer asked JLO how she does it all and how it feels to know she is such a big influence to a lot of people? JLO modestly responded, “I just work hard everyday, and try not to mess up too much”, she laughed.

Then she revealed something that PALMER probably was unaware until then.” I played a big part in deciding who was going to play your role.You probably don’t know, but when they asked me who I thought would be right for that part, I immediately said your name, I said get that girl , KEKE. and it was done girl!” And Just like that, thanks to JLO’s magnanimity , KEKE PALMER got the ROLE as Mercedes.On hearing this details, PALMER did look a little surprise , but obviously appreciative of the recommendation, from the American idol Judge. I however, wondered though, if perhaps that was the right place or moment to disclose information of that nature.

While speaking to a magazine rep earlier, JLO talked briefly of preparing for the role of RAMONA and Pole dancing. She lets in that it’s not as easy as it looks.

“It takes so much upper body strength and leg strength and core strength,.you are spinning around so much, it requires skill.”she added.

I think there’s nothing ‘ Jenny from the Block ‘ cannot achieve when she sets her mind to do it; that is how she danced and sang her way up to win 315 awards and over 415 nominations, including MTV, Billboard, and Amercan Music awards, and 2 Guiness records!!! Not to mention being a pioneer AMERICAN IDOL judge.



Demi Lovato Celebrates her bodyimage ,no more photoshops or edits#CELLULIT!!!!!

The 27 year American singer, songwriter, actress,and T.V judge ( Demetria DevonnLovato) went on Instagram and unashamedly posted an unedited photo of herself in two piece bikini and, bravely declares this is the real Demi while encouraging others to appreciate who and what they represent.

“This is my biggest fear. A photo of me in a bikini unedited. And guess what? It’s CELLULIT!!!! I am Literally Soooo tired of being ashamed of my body, editing it (Yes the other bikini pics were edited and I hate that I did that, but it’s the truth). So that others think I’m THEIR idea of what beautiful is. But it’s just not me. This is what I got. I want this new chapter in my life to be about being authentic to who I am.

Rather than being judged based on other peoples standard of what beautiful is , she wrote: “So here’s me unashamed, unafraid and proud to own a body that has fought through so much and will continue to amaze me when I hopefully give birth one day”.Anyway here’s to RAW, REAL, and I love me….I hope to inspire someone to appreciate their body today#nationalcelluliteday.#CELLULIT!!!!@ddlovato(Instagram).

I personally applaud this bold move by Demi ,( Demetria Devonne Lovato). Considering, that last year, 2018 the singer suffered a near death experience ; when she was found unresponsive after an apparent drug over-dose. She was hospitalized over a week! Demi thankful to be alive, willingly checked into a rehab center for some time .She has always been open and apologetic to her fans for her fragile human errors, as a result of struggling with the demons of ” acceptance,” and having a “perfect body image” or size, she once tweeted after an emotional concert in Lisbon Portugal , June ,2018 “Tonight I took the stage a new person with a new life.Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this journey, it will never be forgotten@ddlovato. The singer and actress as a young child started acting in Barneys and friends, then on to Disney channel, some of her work included Camp Rock 1 and 2, and as musical artist produced successful songs including,” Sorry, Not Sorry,” “Give your heart a break” and “ confident“.Seems to be , Demi is living out her songs without apologies!

I am also applauding her need to unmask and reveal the authentic Demi; the one who, though a celebrity, isn’t perfect,because she’s like the rest of us, Just human! Like all imperfect, uniquely created individuals, she should be allowed to be herself , without anyone judging, or social media pressures nor criticisms!

Why do we feel the compulsion to push people to such close to cliff-edge limits , with unnecessary , unfair demands of “perfection” and “conditional affection” . What qualifies any person to make such call? No body is perfect and we need to redirect our energy to positively ending unnecessary world starvation, sicknesses and diseases, providing shelter for homeless, making education affordable, preserving natural resources through recycling and breathable air , and not just “making America great again”, but generally making the world a better place to Live.

By Millicent Olaghere Blast


Does the 45th President need an Intervention?

Send her back? Back to where? It’s all over the news outlets, and social media, everyone is talking about the raucous during the president’s recent campaign rally in, N.C of which, I am absolutely disappointed at the 45th handling of the situation.The chant “Send her back” was referring to Trumps tweet on Sunday (though no mentioned names at the time) to certain congress women, he tweeted;

go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came, then come back and show us how it’s done”. He claimed he did not agree to the chants, yet ,it  was he who began with this inciteful remarks;”They don’t love our country, they hate our country, you know what? If they don’t love it, tell them to leave it”!

A news reporter from NBC-news states; “racial resentment isn’t just a part of President Donald Trump’s re-election strategy for 2020. It is the heart of that Strategy‘.(Jonathan Allen.July 18, 2019).

The reverberating chants “send her back” was similar to the humiliating, chant”Lock her up! “Lock her up” during the heated 2016 Election campaign against Presidential aspirant Hilary Clinton).

MinnesotaRep. Ilhan Omar

Photo Credit / Reuters

I believe he’s a fascist”Minnesota Democrat Rep Ilhan Omar responded .In an Impromptu news conference she addressed the crowd of reporters and cameramen. ” I am not scared ,not for her safety she explained. “What I am scared for is , the safety for people who share my identity, this is not about me. This is about fighting for what this country should be, and what it deserves to be.” (curtesy THE HILL.COM)

It is no secret that the President has been verbally insulting to many journalists and the media organization and even his members of cabinet. It’s no wonder the high turn-over.He loves the limelight and attention, but when they publicize what he does wrong, he calls it “fake news”, and goes on a Tweeting rampage! like when he disagrees with anything written abut him or his handling of the Government as Chief of staff. He has been verbally insulting to CNN Anchor man Don Lemon who he called in his tweets “dumb as a rock” and “Sour Don Lemon”. And mocking former V.P Biden’s exit of 2008 race due to low score in Iowa, he called him “1 percent Biden”.And with former adviser Omarosa who decided to write a” tell all” he tweets that she’s “Wacky and deranged” and a “crazed, crying lowlife “(the hill.com 12/26/2018-Trumps most memorable insults) .To speaker of house Nancy Pelosi he refers as  “Crazy Nancy” who responded that Trump needs an #intervention!

I believe what is best for this Great country of “Ours” is a Leader who strongly believes in the equality of all persons and in inclusiveness , not divisiveness.Also lead by example. Slow to speak, using wisdom and weighing your words, not quick to fight back but accept criticism as a catalyst for positive change. Lets show our children and this generation, that we can disagree without going to war on each other. Lets be more tolerant and learn to deal with the Elephant in the room and not choose to ignore it’s existence.



The Naughtiest Queen -Bachelorette Hannah Brown Lives Her fantasy!

Though she was already bearing the titles; American model , reigning Alabama Beauty pageant , the 24 years young woman who was recently introduced to the rest of the world by ABC BACHELOR show host Chris Harrison , appeared extremely shy, awkward even, unable to make coherent sentences once it was announced to her via facetime that she was going to be the Bachelorette for season 15. She blamed it on excitement, nerves , and stress from previous Bachelor season , where she felt she and the bachelor had something strong going , but alas, Colton Underwood’s heart was elsewhere! He literally jumped the fence for Cassie , who ironically was not even sharing the same feelings at the time)

In the “women tell all ” during Underwood season, AlabamaHannah (Instagram nickname) spoke with ET:”I was genuine about how I felt, I stayed true to myself and allowed everyone to kind of see every part of me…..the good and the bad”I really believe in this process and I do think I can fall in love here and find that person, then she adds, I think it will be damn entertaining.”

If you have not been following, you have missed a whole lot and will have to go on demand to catch up on previous episodes and be up to speed!. One thing I can confirm however, is , Hannah Brown who once confessed to Harrison, during the very first episode of her season 15, that she was so nervous she didn’t know what to do with her hands, has exceeded her promise to entertain viewers. Either she was trying to pull a wool over her audience then, or she is a super fast leaner, I can’t tell. But I haven’t missed a single episode this season. I make darn sure the phone is muted, and that I have eaten an early dinner. so minimal disturbance as I watch the two hours of unbelievable drama unfold; with intrigues, scheming, young sweaty hot dudes doing all sort of activities, games and stuff,to win the affection of the single most wanted lady so they can get “her Rose” . Of course , with over two dozen men under the same roof, there’s a lot of intriguing, conspiring , shenanigans, taking place. various contests, shows, one on one dates, allure of travelling and visiting different exotic and romantic cities, Lush high class restaurants and amusement lounges, is sufficient cause for rivalry, jealousy, especially on the side of shady Luke Parker, who everyone but, Hannah could see that he was up to no good. Luke P acted childish, self-centered, with temper tantrums, even capable of violent acts (sending one of the contestants to hospital with injury during a challenge, and manipulative behavior towards his fellow contestants.

I liked Peter Weber the pilot, I sensed he was emotionally stable. He always seemed so unruffled and charming. Though I have a feeling, she’s more carried away by his profession and not his personality, or chemistry. she appears to like the ‘bad boy’persona. Garret was also a worthy contender, the one with whom she plunged naked from hundreds of feet at exotic European city Riga in LATVIA. I had a feeling he also was there for the right reasons. I doubt Jed the struggling artist was there for her hand in marriage, (he had an unfinished episode, something to do with still having a girlfriend back home).That’s not to say, Cupid and Fate cannot work something magical and thrust those two together. Then again , the apparent lack of enthusiasm from Jed’s family especially his sister Lilly and their mom will sooner douse that flame!

Hannah shocked many of us by going bungee jumping naked ,tied to equally naked contestant Garret! I don’t particularly buy her reasoning; “Today Garret and I are taking a leap of faith for love!” it made me wonder about her so called faith. she compares it to falling in love. ” It’s like falling in love, you are terrified but , you’re also excited that you took the risks.” I guess since Colton Underwood jumped a high fence, what could top that , if not falling hundreds of feet from the sky butt-naked-strapped to equally naked man , you already knew was not the one! And the plot thickens! How far will they go for ratings!.

Speaking on taking chances and evolving she explains her actions to the ABC Video documentary session,” In the pasts, I have always let my fear of what people think of me control me ,now, I just want to live in the moment and do what feels right, No fear”.

In a preview of the up coming episode , ABC titled it; This is the episode that will exceed all your sexpectations : The 2018 ALABAMA Beauty pageant Queen has a showdown with boyfriend Luke P for daring to confront her on allegations that she has had sex with a contestant. Unabashedly , she retorted that even her husband would not ask her about such, then confirmed the allegation by admitted to having sex with a contestant in the windmill saying “I f-ked in a windmill, and guess what? we did it a second time! she added for those who may wonder about her professed faith “Jesus still loves me”!

I have no doubt it will take more than having sex with someone you barely know, to make Jesus stop loving you! Jesus is Love personified! But come on, Queen, you have young aspiring Queens watching the family show. it’s one thing to make a mistake, but another thing to boast about your indiscretion and pretend its only your business. Guess what?, It stopped being all about you since May 2019.

Photos of Garret and Hannah holding on tightly as they jumped from the copter in LATVIA in a spirit free-hair-raising adrenaline pumping plunge!(the average bungee jump is reported 720 ft)!

What amazes me is this, having gone through such a unique adventure with Garret in Riga LATVIA bungee-jumping in the nude strapped tightly together and all the soul searching conversations on trust and liberation, ,airing out , I was absolutely shocked that he didn’t get a rose during the rose ceremony that week. Instead, Luke P “the villain” gets a rose! Incredible spin! Which makes me wonder, does she really know what she wants, or is this just one big adventure ? could this really be a pathway which will help her find her soulmate? if so, which of the four left LUKE PARKER, PETER WEBER, JED WYATT and TYLER CAMERON will be the charming King for the ALABAMA Beauty Queen? (or did you think one little indiscretion will dethrone a Queen, this is not Vanessa Williams season, this is the modern times people!)

She seems to be handling her critics with humor, just like her response to former bachelor NICKVIALL , NYC. Instagram posts on Wednesday July 10 (incidentally has had over 123,254 likes) where he jokingly writes; “Just had lunch in a windmill, said the season 21 bachelor, displaying a photo of him and a smiling Tyler Cameron. Hannah added a comment; ” Ahh yes, I highly recommend the windmill; its a great place for a mid-day snack.”

Can someone please tell the Beautiful Bachelorette, that a real lady will not feel the necessity to jump out and save herself each time someone throws a jive at her. ROLL TIDE, let it RIDE! Every storm has a season, this too shall pass.

Luckily for HANNAH, JESUS is also an expert at calming Storms.


Remember, Your Image Matters, So Live Excellently!

Was Tyler Perry Right or Wrong to Call out Billboard Attention- Seeker Racquel Bailey?

Auhhh….Sooooo here’s the deal; This is not the way to get my attention; If you’re looking for a role in one of my shows,please DON’T DO THIS,SAVE YOUR MONEY!! This is the third time that someone has done this; PLEASE STOP! To audition is free, I’m sure you can use that money for better purpose.“-TYLER PERRY.(there’s more, follow the link to read more of what Perry and others had to say.)

I am a huge fan! I never met anyone who did not enjoy his shows. Mr.Perry is a master of his crafts; excellent play writer, director , producer and promoter extraordinaire. One of my dreams, has been to shake hands with him and probably share one or two of my aspirations and, get his candid opinion. Ironically, we both call ATL home and, you’d think all this years, I could have met him. But alas, squash that notion, after seeing how he handled a doting admirer who’s dream was to be “the NEXT LEADING LADY” in his show, I think not!

Mr. Perry who portrays the famous Madea character has had much success acting , directing and producing on small screens , theaters and big screens. Over 32 movies and counting! Movies like these favorites “I can do Bad All by my self (featuring Taraji Henson): Good Deeds,(featuring Thandie Newton and Gabunionwade) Temptation (confession of a Marriage counselor) and Hit T.V series; Meet The Browns, The Haves and Have Nots on OWN network among others. The highly successful 49 year old actor and producer is worth approximately $600 million!

See this Instagram photo by @tylerperry: https://www.instagram.com/p/ByWAJTvHxV0/?utm_source=ig_web_options_share_sheet

RACQUEL BAILEY an actress aspiring for bigger opportunities, took a leap of faith and rented a Billboard in Atlanta, where she declared her intentions (apparently a selfie won’t do justice) to play his next “leading lady”.

I thought it was an ingenious move on the part of Ms. Bailey, calculating but harmless motivation, bold, and somewhat funny. It reveals a great deal of her character; determination! But Mr. Perry was not buying the whole idea. He disliked it and, made some remarks ,as well as , provided advice to future dreamers on how to get on his show , to audition just like everyone else, and ‘it’s free’!

The post which has gone viral, got thousands of views and commentaries on INSTAGRAM:

hairkandyatl said ” Well it looks like to me that she got your attention…mission accomplished lol@tylerperry.

Camsaidso agrees exactly, so I can’t be upset that she went above and beyond the politics to say’ here I am ‘, And he knows good and well he’s hired folk that never had to audition at all….

Here’s Ms BAILEY ‘s response to Mr. PERRY‘s Commentary.

I feel Mr. PERRY was overwhelmed at all the shenanigans and over the top attitude many have gone through to get his attention or approval. But it comes with the territory of being a super star! However, he mustn’t forget his own journey and the importance of keeping a dream alive. He should not have made a sarcastic remark at end; “God bless you day dreamer. I have no doubt you will make it one day!

What I see in the future for Ms BAILEY is; this will work out for her good, and one way or another, she has accomplished her goal ,even better because, not only did Mr.PERRY take notice, a lot of other creative producers and talent hunters did too! This will definitely put her in limelight and, create many better opportunities ; she will be overwhelmed! Remember I told you so!

Quote : Keep your Dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision , hard work, determination and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe-Gail Denvers.


Remember Your Image matters , So Live Excellently!

Erica Campbell draws attention to a sensitive subject matter on Instagram

The Instagram is buzzing with a comment originated by the Good morning host Erica Campbell ( Mary Mary Gospel singer ). Currently , the post has been liked over 7,251 times and almost 200 comments, some quiet interesting, a few lashing back at the seemingly obtuse observation.

Follow this link and see for yourselves:

View this post on Instagram

Message!! Put the phone down…

A post shared by Erica Campbell (@imericacampbell) on

The singer, radio talk show Diva Imericacampbell writes : message!! ‘Put the phone down…’incited some responses like this one from ;

Thefakeintrovert : “ummm…this is pretty ironic.’

Miss_4ellion put hers this way;it’s just how kids communicate. They are also building million dollar companies, making careers, in music, comedy, self publishing books, and creating podcasts that reach millions and leading social justice movements. Accomplishing a ton using technology while older generations are trying to catch up.”

Mschelliebellie replied; “I don’t think the message is about the phone.I think he is talking about the images and moments that we are sharing with the world, are not of value. I think he’s talking about our finances (or lack thereof); how we need to showcase the elimination of debt and the value of saving to create our own narrative.we focus on out doing each other instead of accruing wealth and ownership of our own communities. But what do I know, I could be wrong too”.(she ended with the clueless arm in air Imogene)

I know, from reading the thought provoking quote : ‘NEVER BEFORE HAS A GENERATION SO DILIGENTLY RECORDED THEMSELVES ACCOMPLISHING SO LITTLE‘ ; this is certainly not about acquisition of wealth, at least not directly. I see it more as a dig at vanity! A people obsessed with the mundane , trivial, and materialism, instead of economic advancement in general. Even so, I consider the statement a superfluous or redundant one uttered on the spur of moment, without giving it a great thought. In such a humongous hemisphere which we find ourselves, it will be hard to crack that kernel, considering that it can be perceived from any angle, but mainly because, this kind of topic is always a no -winner, pointless diversion.

Mz_Indy reply to the quote reads: “What is this comment based on? There are a lot of people working and getting stuff done through their phone.”

Vickylbrown83 suggested; Take the phone back to the 70(70’s)

Shepope1 ( they have such interesting and creative names don’t they, I am still cracking up on the fakeintrovert,lol), well Shepope1 said this “put yours down first”.

I feel we have not heard the end of this. Perhaps you have some intelligent contribution, or something funny to diffuse the situation? feel free to join the thread. Follow the link I provided above for easier connection.

Let me just round up by saying, I joined INSTAGRAM a couple months ago, for network reasons, since I have added blogging to my creative portfolio. Many others, are also there for similar reasons; to promote their businesses, companies, Services, or to meet and catch up with distance friends and family ( letting them in, showing of the milestones ) and others are seeking new friendships to keep from dying from BOREDOM!

INSTAGRAM isn’t solely for the distinguished successful; the actors or actresses, models, or aspiring, the pastors, wall street financial gurus, power brokers and so forth! it’s also for the on coming, aspiring, dreamers, 9-5 workers who just need an outlet to unwind , the homemaker proud to show someone other than her children or neighbor , her proud accomplished task of pulling off that complicated recipe. it’s for the goofy teens wanting to spice up the internet with a prank, an invention, or just roller skating aimlessly, could also be for idiotic adults that refuses to get out of grandmas couch.

Whatever! All am saying, it’s for everyone still breathing! whether we like it or not, there has been a major shifting in communication mode, and our manner of socializing has changed. Technology is a major culprit. when ever we open our Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Whatsapp or Instagram accounts, we will be inundated by all sorts of unsolicited commentaries and photos or videos. we must learn to use our filters, delete buttons and, blockers. Only accept and digest that which reflects our core values, beliefs and principles .

The Person we believe ourselves to be will always act in a manner consistent with our self Image”

Brian Tracy

There are constantly Image shifts that occur due to our life experiences , some sad, others challenging or inspiring. Let us try not to take ourselves or others, especially their direct words of attack too seriously, let us filter and only accept the good for the sake of sanity and progress.

Before you send that message, ask yourselves, will this do more harm or good? what the world needs now more than ever is allies, people rooting for you, cheering you, with claps of approval when you accomplish even minute tasks, knowing that your approval can be the fire that will stir a desire in them to do even more spectacular. So lets celebrate each other, and not indulge in meaningless competitions of who is better or who gets the last word.

(Note to self; read that book by Common)


Remember, Your Image Matters, So live Excellently!

Embrace the promise of Dawn- Each day is a gift.

Embrace The Promise of Dawn- Each Day is A GIFT!

Each Day is A GIFT!  But you can’t keep your GIFT wrapped for more than 24 hours. That explains why one can  have a ‘ jolly good day ‘ on Monday , on Tuesday a ‘so-so ‘ and, on Wednesday a ‘sad one.’ Because you have to make a conscious effort to release the bad toxins, through positive  meditation, prayers and, quick easy stretch exercises. (do not say no time for that, you have to take a few minutes  to prepare for the unknown). Embrace the promise of dawn and , unwrap the  goodness each DAY brings! Don’t wait for another birthday to experience the ultimate special day! make it each day or, nearly every other day. Be expectant , despite all the odds that suggest otherwise. Trust me it works. And once you believe, the universe agrees with you, and the tides changes again for better

  • Enjoy the burst of good health , indulge in the warmth of  infectious pleasurable smiles even from strangers.
  • Stop on your tracks occasionally ,  smell the roses, gardenia, sunflowers and even the aloe!
  • Don’t take your GIFT for granted. It is not always promised! So, maximize your time with it.
  • Don’t waste precious moments reflecting on past damaged GIFTS. (let go and make room for new ones).
  • Forgive ALL hurts. It’s difficult , I have been there , and still having some that needs unloading. But you ‘ve  got to give it a start! Like, let it flow off  your shoulders like rain drops.
  • Experience the exhilarating power of imaginative proportions with each newness ; Bask in the ‘AHA ‘moments of new surprises : Attend a baby shower or a wedding, enjoy the contagious feeling of love in the atmosphere!
  • Breathe in Fresh supply of rejuvenating air, it’s free for the taking!
  • Are you a homemaker, student, teacher, preacher, caregiver, bar tender, industrial worker, office employee , nurse, actor, singer, model, business owner or in transition? whatever you do, do it with  positive attitude and gratitude, with this reasoning that; it could have been  worse. For you are better off than some who go without!
  • Spread your table with deliciousness every chance ; eat pizza, hot dogs, chicken  picatta, peri-peri , shrimp fried rice, fish,  beef stroganoff, salads, veggies meals, Ice creams ,chocolates and sweets, cheesecakes or whatever you love to eat.
  • At sunset, take a stroll with your spouse,  lover , sibling ,cat,  pet dog  or go ‘ solo’ . let the moonlight cast her soothing spell and woo you to sweet slumber.

When the day is done,  remember to steal some reflective minutes as you lay awake in your daydream stupor; a sheepish grin plastered on your face, look upwards and say to the “potter “Thank  you for the GIFT of  today,  I wonder what surprise you have in stall for me  tomorrow?”

By Millicent Olaghere Blast

Remember, Your Image Is Everything, So Live Excellently!

THE MET GALA 2019-The Surprises, who shocked us, and, who wore it best!

Feather Feather everywhere

Everyone bought their fair share

To The red carpet Affair

Feather Feather everywhere

yet not enough to cover the rare

by Millicent Olaghere Blast

Every year the Metropolitan Museum of Arts choose a theme for their Gala to raise funds to support the Costume Institute of Arts and Culture. The 2019 MET Gala theme was a nod from Susan Sontag first book of essays ; Camp: Notes on Fashion .The late American writer, filmmaker, philosopher and, political activist expressed the importance of seeing the world, not just in a singular aesthetic form of beauty, but also, as an ‘artifice of stylization’! She emphasized the significance of drawing on the’Extra’; taking a closer look at the unnatural elements and exaggerations.

It is a Red carpet affair. And, because it is an invitation only event, (though it cost guests $30.000 per head), there are mostly celebrities, fashion biggest names, top designers and models, and other special VIPs at what is considered the “biggest , baddest event in history of Fashion fundraiser.” Established by Eleanor Lambert, a Fashion Publicist, as fundraiser support for the MET institute; the first Gala held was a dinner in 1948. Each guest paid $50 for a ticket. This year like previous, it was held in New York; cocktail hour kicks off, then dinner is followed by the exhibits.

They came out in their unique ensembles, famous faces in Arts, Film, Fashion and, Music industries; some stole our hearts, others rode on them, and, many ripped it right off ! Okay, perhaps I exaggerate a little. But if the instructions were CAMP : Notes on Fashion, I say, this was a long drawn one! And not, just in cursive! It was a full blown expository! It was humor personified!

In her review ‘Extreme one -upmanship on the 2019 MET GALA Red Carpet; the New York Times chief fashion critic, Vanessa Friedmann described the parody artifice and, elements of exaggeration in this way “the dress code may have been studied triviality, but it’s expression was most often extravagant literalism.” In simpler terms, it means: interpreting from the basic to an extraordinary place!.

Celine Dion in her Dignified Platform;

The undisputed fashion diva, singer-songwriter, mother, business lady All- by- her- self, reigns on the red carpet! Meet the Queen who has it all: $$$ (over $700 million of it) , exquisite fashion style, energy, she’s practically unstoppable, who only last year completed eight years residency in Las Vegas at Ceasers Palace.

Jared Leto-American actor and singer -vibrant and dominant fashion warrior in red! Never one to shy from challenging projects went for shock-appeal, distinctively taking not just matters of ‘the Camp’, but his own head in his hands! well as long as it his head!

Michael Urie is -all appealing! The Ugly Betty star is refreshingly amusing; as he seems to translate the theme, when in doubt go for all!

Gaga changed four times at the 2019 MET Gala. She appeared in a voluptuous tent like, pink ensemble, face elaborately made up, with extensive fake lash drawn. it required 6 tuxedo clad men to assist. Next was a strapless black ball gown. I loved the style but, feel she looks better in bright colors like Red , Pink, or electric Blue. The third was another pink, more fitted to her curves. I loved the strapless style and fit.

According to Allure.com ;”Gaga made an entrance that is bound to go down in red carpet history”. Harpers Bazaar.com writes;”if you are still unsure about what camp fashion is , allow Lady Gaga to show you how it’s done”!

We are all familiar with Gaga’s extravagant style or excesses; the unforgettable infamous ‘meatdress ‘ in 2010, at the MTV video awards that irked not only vegetarians but shocked thousands worldwide. In 2011 she made a spectacular entrance carried shoulder high, inside a ‘giant egg ‘ along the red carpet. She definitely makes great contributions to history. Before all of this striking caricature portrayals, I have loved all her music; the originality, energy and vibe is infectious. ‘Poker face , ‘Just dance‘ and ‘born this way‘ are my favorites. I admire her strong personality and courageous spirit in face of adversity. Her ability to try new stuff like acting, and not giving up on romance is remarkable. Gaga deserved the nomination in a Star is Born; what a compelling delivery. However, (bet you saw that coming), as much as I applaud Gagas bold sense of innovative approach, and originality , I draw a line on poor or lack of judgement! Without bias I will score an individual big when they apply some elements of sensitivity, dignity, and, morality in their lifestyle choices. can you apply all of those elements and still be popular, sexy and rule the red carpet? sure you can, Demi did it, Ciara did, JLO, Jenner sisters, Naomi Campbell and hundreds of others did.

Being a celebrity, or someone with a significant office comes with a high level of responsibility. There are those who love you and what you represent, then there are those who are pretentious and will edge you on, not telling the whole truth, because they stand to gain. And then, their are the neutrals who just want whats best for every one. sometimes, it may seem as if your life is no longer yours. Everyone has something to say, especially the unsolicited advise or critics. It naturally comes with the territory .one must learn to walk elegantly , with dignity while wearing his or her crown even when it pinches. By no means must you allow your extremities multiply , be seen or interpreted as cool by your younger fans, who see you as mainly a role model, absolutely adore , and want to emulate you. Imitation is said to be best form of a compliment.

KIM KADARSHIAN- Stunning in this risque’ ensemble.

Suggestively, interpreting the notes on fashion. I must admit she looks quite striking ,and well proportioned in that costume designed by Thierry Mugler. I learnt it took eight whole months to make . So worth it! Almost like a chiseled sculpting. I love the elements of water droplets, very creatively done Kim.

GWYNETH- in pale yellow Chloe design 2019 MET Gala.

Apparently she wanted to go low key noticeable in this boring maxi dress, that did nothing for her fantastic skintone or, personality. In 2013 the talented actress went to the MET Gala in a fabulous , head-turning pink Valentino ball gown,but complained afterwards to USA today correspondent that she did not enjoy herself. “I ‘m never going again. It was so unfun,it was boiling. I did not enjoy at all.”

A hollywoodgossip commentator wrote afterwards “Sorry it was so hot Gwyneth!”He wondered why she would “whine about a prestigious event with free food, free alcohol and beautiful clothing at one of country’s most famous museums”! Well I certainly side with Gwyneth, understanding how easily ones statement can become twisted or misrepresented by some. she probably didn’t mean it the way it was interpreted . People must not be too fast to jump into conclusions! it does now explain why she decided to tone it down this year doesn’t it. That’s why we should never say never.It comes back and bites one in the butt! Gwyneth in my assessment is a Hollywood diva who has earned her stripes; all she was dishing was her honest feedback, which would serve the Museum well to take into consideration for future planning. You can’t enjoy yourself if, a place is too cold or hot. For your information, the event isn’t free, the guests have to pay for tickets.This year was a whooping $30,000 each.

Gwyneth before photo in 2013 MET GALA -In fabulous Pink Valentino .

Darren Criss – (who played Andrew Cunanan in The assassination of Gianni Versace -he won an Emmy for that role) looks very charming and, confident in this inspiring embroidered , jeweled costume.

There were so many inspiring designs and, lovely people , but I am unable to feature every one. I however, want to use this medium to applaud all the hosts and everyone who worked tirelessly to ensure that the theme Camp: notes on fashion, was translated in a seamless manner that also honors the memory of the essayist Susan Sontag .


Remember, Your Image Is Everything , So Live excellently!

MET GALA 2019 -Camp: Notes on Fashion- The Outstanding 12 Best Dressed.

There were hundreds of famous well dressed individuals, and couples in fabulous costumes at the Prestigious MET GALA. It was very tough to narrow down to twelve. Regardless of whether or not they wore modernist, classic, timeless, vintage , avant garde or renaissance ,the age of style did not affect this decisions. These are the exclusive ones who in my honest opinion, which of course, may vary from general popular views, are the ones that slayed and, definitely rocked in their designer ensembles on May 6, 2019 ,at the metropolitan of Art, New York, NY. The three compelling factors I used as criteria are:

Evocativeness ; Is it compelling, sustaining and, arresting our attention or arousing curiosity? And is it memorable?

Creativity; the extent of thought and time put into it. Did the colors work fine together on the personality ? was it exquisitely bold, garish, dull or just bland?

Comfortability; did the individual or couple look awkward or comfortable in their choice ? did the walking or strutting on the Red Carpet seem cumbersome or effortless?

# 1 Jennifer Lopez-JLO and Her fiance’ Alex Rodriguez-A-Rod

This beautiful couple wins my #1 vote for not just meeting and surpassing criteria above, but for the time, efforts and WORK invested . All you have to do is, go to you tube to watch a video where A-Rod described it in his own words, right in front of a camera. He narrates the ordeal they (mostly him) went through by omission of food for 24 hours, strict diet, vigorous exercises, running in Central Park so he can fit into the handsome pink Versace size 44 Tuxedo. (He originally wears a size 48)!

I was required to loose 6.5 Lbs no carbs, no sugar, yoga day and night. I used to exercise for big games against Red Sox, now I exercise not to look fat at the MET Ball”!

Three days to the Gala, he checked in on the video report saying: “I have this pink tuxedo Jennifer and Versace is making me wear, I can’t eat, I have to drink lots of water and tea. I’m starving but I can’t eat.” He lamented that he had not had his favorite steak in four days, which made him ”angry”. “I looked at myself last Sunday night baseball……..I looked like I got hit, ran over by an 18 wheeler”!

You can tell though that the couple is in love, and , he would do anything to please his famous fiancee’. But I wondered if, he pushed himself way too much. It sure doesn’t sound much like fun to me, the whole prep thing. And for the record, as long as you are healthy, remember, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes; being slimmer has advantages, however, loosing extra lbs should not be done in extreme manner, unless of course your health depends on it, and you have expert medical supervision, then, by all means.

A-Rod however had a plan to binge after the event; “we are going to the hood, there’s this great place with the best Pizza and , I am gonna eat an entire box.! ” I was hoping he’d say four boxes of pizza, even I, can eat a whole box! I think, Lol. Unfortunately that plan fell through! After the event, he was so tired that, all he wanted was sleep. “my bed is calling me right now,” he told a reporter. No surprises there. Hunger would definitely do that to you. But they achieved their main purpose I guess. Both looked tres’ magnifique!.I wonder if A-Rod plans to keep the 6.5 lbs off long term!

The Pressure To Look Thinner on The Red Carpet

According to A-Rod, 69 people all together teamed up to achieve the wining look on day of event. 14 people worked on JLO’s hair style! He said, she did not need it, “if she needs a wig, I need a Mask ” he teased. JLO stood out in her beautiful versace, plunging vicariously in front .Her back cut low, a long thigh-high side slit showed off her toned legs. Nesting on her neck, was a prestigious Harry Winston jewelry. JLO dripped with iridescence, from head to toe. In her 6 inch high-heels, everything dazzled!. Her Knight in shinning pink of whom she recently engaged, also shone but it cost him more than the prize of his pink suit.

#2 Cara Delevingne -Sheer ARTitude!

The colorful stripes was delightful. Cara in Dior Haute Couture looked spectacular in her rainbow ensemble from 2019 Dior spring collection. The English model and actress represented the essence of the theme to the T! Artsy and tastefully executed. I loved it.

# 3 Demi Moore-An Angel in Black.

The american actress is stunning in a plunging fitted, long black gown. At 56 , she flaunts, because she’s got it all; the figure, boldness, stride,talent, beauty, and the ‘It’ factor.

#4 Ciara-The Green Goddess!

She looked fierce and fiery , a goddess trailing in sparking , feathery emerald green. With that fantastic athletic figure and ,a standout huge fro- hair , she was a real diva working the red carpet as only a Pro can! Guess what? The 33 year old ,Grammy nominated artist, mother of two, married to Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson absolutely nailed it.

# 5 Janelle Monae’Uncompromisingly flamboyant.

The american singer, songwriter and, rapper arrived in impressive bold color blocks, black, white, pink and red lips. She boldly incorporates the artifice, resonating the theme of this year’s event Camp: Notes of fashion in an unforgettable and , very stylish form. The eye popping look was a mechanical work of act that fluttered mischievously. And you have to be blind to miss the body part where it’s strategically placed. She topped it off, with a delicate pile of hats , made by milliner Sarah Sokol. I learnt she later switched to a simpler number for the “after parties”.

#6 The Couple Gabrielle Union and Duane Wade-OUTSTANDING

This two sure know how to make an entrance, with their warm personality and love of the limelight, his court side showmanship and, maneuvers and, Gabrielle’s modelling advantage, it was easy to standout.In this sparkling diamond crusted ensembles ; capes ‘n’ all, they looked very attractive like dark knights in shimmering armor, and who can miss her sexy leather gloves. Gabby seem to have eyes only for her man , as they enjoyed their evening out without their children. who can blame her.

#7 Seth Meyers and his wife Alexi Ashe looked refreshingly charming.The red sash, gives a royal touch.

#8 Gwen Stefani-No Doubt about it-She Reigns

The 49 year singer -songwriter is in a long fur cape Moschino ,sparkling embellished body suit, jewelry and fish net . She sings :”Don’t speak, I know what you thinking”, but I bet she doesn’t really know we are only thinking ,” what a fabulous queen she really is” , in this sophisticated costume, which compliments her personality so well.

#9 Micheal B. Jordan -Conquers again!

The actor was looking dapper and suave in a black over -all Coach, delicately embellished, with sparkling accessories. His stand out Piaget watch was visible under the sleeve.

#10 Gemma Chan Elegance and Sophistication.

Style fit for a crowned Queen. Perhaps the reason isn’t far. Tom Ford was the designer behind this stunning ensemble. The head piece, choice of sparkling metallic silver, and the fitting was elegantly executed on the Crazy Rich Asian Star. Definitely on the winning Camp.

#11. ZendayaBewitching in Flawless Cinderella ball gown. by Tommy Hilfiger. Her stylist helped her transition into the role by playing the fairy god parent , Law Roach was waving a magic wand consistently, as she worked the room. To add to the intriguing story line, Zedaya left one of her shoes on the steps, at the MET gala.

# 12 Katie Perry- american pop singer brings in the FIREWORKS

As a successful best selling artist, and currently one of the american Idol judges, she is idolized by fans worldwide and used to having all eyes on her. Katy arrived in this three -layered candlesticks, chandelier costume ,to the 2019 MET gala. Because, it must have been cumbersome to pull off, she’s my 12th pick. However, this 13th times Grammy awards winner, has mastered the act of ruling the Red Carpet for a long time, as such, requires no help in navigating the territories. And, despite being worth over $330 million, Katy remains a humble and, childlike spirit. She never ceases to amaze her fans, who absolutely love her creativity and, other talents. A fun personality , with innovative fashion sense; often dying her hair in intense colors: green, purple , pink and, Lavender.


Remember Your Image Is Everything , So live Excellently!