Make it count

I voted today, and it felt great! I took advantage of the time saver early voting opportunity, today Oct 18th, it was a breeze; in an out, no more than 7 minutes! Done my civic duty,  now do yours!

THE STATISTICS SHOWS MILLIONS male and female didn’t vote 2016, WHITE , BLACK and MIXED FAILED TO REPRESENT THEIR VOICES VIA VOTES.(according to a Washington post Christopher Ingram Nov 16,2012 posted “Roughly 43 percent of eligible voters didn’t bother filling out a ballot this year”, according to turnout estimates from the U.S. Elections Project

Can you imagine what difference that would have  made, do you understand  that funding  your local communities, education, health benefits, fixing roads, infrastructures, sustainability, preventing serious pollutions , climate change, other environmental issues, and creating job opportunities are all affected  based on your voice, through voting selections?

This year 2020 , please be more sensitive , use better judgment. Think about your future : What have you to loose? Commit a few minutes, or hour, that can better transform the standard of your  life and that of generations even yet unborn.
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By Millicent Olaghere Blast-ImageDiva

Remember your image matters so, live it excellently !

Interviews demystified- Mia C Beckett unravels the mystery atlast!

Interviews of any kind can be a tricky business. This is because Communication skills are significant to effectively make a good impression to land a dream job. You have to be ready to articulate your thoughts, and ideas and make a good first impression, and in the duration of a 30 or 60 minutes interview, make a worthy presentation of unique attributes that you can “bring to the table”. And all these to a bunch of strangers during the interview process held in person, by phone, video, and other remote internet forms. Prayers alone can not “save” you, many have tried and didn’t get” the offer”. You have to be ready to answer impromptu questions that begins with “Why “, “What”, or “Tell us”! Now if that is not pressure, I wonder what could be more intimidating to Introverts, at least!

MEET MIA C.BECKETT-INTERVIEWS DEMYSTIFIED! Get a Job Quickly: The Ultimate Job Interview Game Plan.

It does not matter what Fields; whether on a personal or professional level, White or Blue collared. Many of us have at one time received a form of Rejection letter whether by email, regular mail or via Telephone , and it does not feel good. When we replay in our minds, It feeds exactly like REJECTION,” WE THINK YOU SUCKED” ‘YOU DID NOT FIT THE PICTURE”, YOU FAILED TO MEASURE -UP”, ” SO WE CHOSE SOMEONE BETTER WHO SHINED“. Interviews can be overwhelming, especially for the Introverted. For many, rejection after rejection, takes a toll, and soon you become a “couch potato” , getting up to look for a job, becomes more daunting with each passing day. And can cause that individual to become depressed and lacking in confidence!. We can all relate, if we are honest with ourselves, even the Extroverted amongst us.

I was able to have a chat via remote network, with the young beautiful bestselling , first time Author MIA C.BECKETT who resides far away in Europe, about her journey and reasons for writing this exceptionally brilliant practical help book for introverts. The tone of this interesting practical guide for introverts and I ‘ll say, extroverts too, will also love this book, because after reading the previews, I ordered my copy from AMAZON, and found it very revealing indeed.

My favorite chapters are CHPT 1: THE WINING MINDSETS. After reading , you will definitely understand, why the book sub title says “The Ultimate Job Interview Game Plan For Introverts! Chpt:2 UNDERSTANDING THE HIRING PROCESS- THINGS THEY (EMPLOYERS) DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW, is an eye opener, and CHPT: 5 GAP-FILLING IDEAS , I used to find this part awkward, and I am sure many people who have left job for many reasons, whether being fired, or to travel or start family or nurse a sick parent will find this part of Resume coverage can be dicey and sensitive. BECKETT expertly treats this and many topics in her 157 page book.

IMAGEDIVA : How did you come up with the title Interviews Demystified? Its such an interesting title Ms. Beckett.

BECKETT : OMG! Let me tell you about the title saga,(she laughs) I wrote the book last summer, that was the easy part. But choosing the right title was the difficult part.


BECKETT : Well I came up with a couple titles, but deep down, I knew right away, they were wrong. You know how everyone insists on keywords, well in beginning, I focused too much on those. But I knew , a bad title will literally ruin the success of the book, so I took a step back to meditate, going deeper inside and try to hear something from my heart. I asked myself, what is missing? Days turned to weeks; I was banging my head on a wall, and coming up with titles that made no sense. Then I asked my self, “What is this book supposed to teach?, what is it about? One thing that came up was : it’s going to reveal Mystery surrounding Interviews , it’s about helping shy introverts find their voice, build self esteem, armed with knowledge, feel empowered to conquer fear of interviews. And that’s when it popped! Mystery solved.

IMAGEDIVA : WOW! Demystified is the Perfect title, I read the book, and I truly feel you covered everything. And It was also full with humorous analogies., I have never read a Non-Fiction so humorous.

BECKETT : Precisely. Thank you!. I am glad you saw the humor, I wasn’t sure at first, how people will receive that. But I wanted it to be relatable. Because there are so many books on interviews out there, I wanted readers to connect to mine and find help. That was my mental process. The title was definitely hardest for me, but it was sooooo worth it! However, every little thing, from book cover design, contents, key words, promo was the perfect recipe for a bestseller.


BECKETT : The Book is a confidence booster. It teaches how to eradicate negative self analysis caused by failures or embarrassment from previous experiences. It is a step-by-step plan ,that is very down to earth and easy to implement. If you are an introvert, the last thing you want to do is boast about your accomplishments, or what your passions are, in front of judging strangers; you will be struggling with nerves. I can relate because I too was once a shy Introvert and I transitioned into one of the best sales person bringing annually $$$ millions for a Fortune 7 Company.



Well I am already working on my next book, and due to the Covid-19 and pandemic situation, I am delaying tours and traditional method of promoting Interviews Demystified, instead, I am thinking of doing Podcasts and Tutorials to help introverts ,I can answer their questions , and coach more efficiently. My short term goal is to help one million introverts around the globe turn job interviews into Job offers and careers.

IMAGEDIVA: WOW, That’s a great initiative, and I wish you the very best .Now, Why should people read this book?

BECKETT : they should definitely not only purchase to read, but save a copy in the library ,or give it as a gift to someone who can benefit from the timeless, life changing tips inside this incredible book. Because, landing the interview is easy. Getting through the interview is the tough part, and getting that phone call of affirmation is icing on the cake!.

MIA C.BECKETT is a full time sales person with over 7 years and 10,000 hours experience generating over 1$million per year through sales for a prestigious firm. Once a painfully shy introvert, who received rejection letters from Companies that decided to go with other candidate, (infact Beckett tells an interesting story about a rejection, in the beginning of this book, that ultimately, led to her decision to write Interviews demystified) MIA BECKETT was awarded Salesperson of the year 2019 within her organization.




Meet Beautiful Heroic Alopecian Foundation CEO

JASMINE TOLULOPE OGUNS– Creative Artist and Textile Designer, CEO and Founder – Heroic Alopecian Foundation.

bald is beautiful

Heroic Alopecian Founder Jasmine Tolulope Oguns, a creative artist and Textile designer shares her touching story when ever the opportunity presents, of the rejection, pain, and depression from the shaming by others, who had little understanding, and lacked compassion. AT a time in her young life, the Stigmatization was emotionally draining, and physically overwhelming as a result of worsening loss of hair, and Stigma associated from where she comes from in Africa. Luckily, one day, she found strength and wings to fly, finding purpose through helping others .

🤗😍👊🏾🌻🌷🌹🦋 H A F (HEROIC ALOPECIAN FOUNDATION) was born out of a need to enlighten and educate victims and those ignorant of the symptoms who stigmatized victims; making them feel ashamed, sad, lacking confidence or even hate themselves because of societal dictates and, measurements of Who is considered Beautiful. Jasmine lets us know at end of video, that she is Beautiful with or without hair”, and “my hair does not define me! she said in the BBC video. Good for her and others, who have found the voice to stand up for themselves and reject the stamp that negative people and Ignorant try to put on their forehead.

We should really be more sensitive the messages we send out. People should stop worshipping physical looks, like hair , skin, color , height and so forth. Especially when impressionistic young girls are growing up glued to T.V, smartphones, and absolving all the negativity on social media outlets. Many are dealing with self esteem issues relating to acne, obesity, anorexia, eating disorders, acceptance issue and peer pressures to be ,act, dress, and look a certain way! It’s overwhelming for children and parents, even teachers and counselors who have so much on their plates. There needs to be a constant reminder , conversations going on by all with a platform of sorts to promote and project positive vibes about Beauty being more of Character, rather that physical appearance that can fade or deteriorate with age, sickness or accident, Then what? -IMAGEDIVA

In an interview with BBC (British broadcasting Corp) on their” PIDGIN” channel which encourages interviewees to communicate in “Broken” English so that they can communicate to a wider reach , even to uneducated; Jasmine tells of how she was initially engaged to a guy who tells his mom everything. And when he shared her Alopecia situation with his Mom, She advised JASMINE to keep it a secret between the three. But later, she (Mother) revealed her plight to her daughters, who went about ridiculing JASMINE. It was a time of humiliation and mental torture for her. Even the the Mom -to- be -in-law, succumbed under pressure and shame, called off the wedding, just ‘ few days to the wedding engagement.” How petty can some be?


15 years ago she developed ALOPECIA (loss of hair) and soon it got worst she decided to wear bald. But people especially from conservative area of Africa, were not used to seeing ladies like that. So even though she was uncomfortable with the idea, to minimize the stares, gossips and insults hurled daily, she took to wearing wigs in public. She paid hundreds of dollars to Hair folicles specialists, and the treatments reportedly failed to work, and affected her adversely. she experience deep depression and cried daily.

beauty Is Skin deep

But one day, fed up with the stigmatization, and way others were being treated , she decided to start a foundation to educate and create awareness so people can be more empathetic and the victims more embolden and confident. The result was overwhelming embrace of her goodwill and it goes to show how much Beauty can be reflected by a single Flash of light in that direction. I applaud JASMINE TOLULOPE OGUNS and wish her more Success, Peace and LOVE.

My opinion is ; if you are alive, healthy and a kind, sensitive , generous spirit, and considerate, you are not only beautiful, you are Attractive to the World! And, this is the reason why, though Jasmine was initially rejected and mocked by her fiancé (the man she was betrothed), his mocking sisters , and their confused mom who succumbed to pressure, She however found a more defining, fulfilling Purpose-Career as spokesperson , with H A F. A foundation that helps build courage, confidence and a sense of worth for others with same predicament. For this JASMINE TOLULOPE OGUNS is ALL ABOUT THE IMAGE TODAY.COM hero for month of SEPTEMBER 2020 ! (SEPT is Alopecia awareness month.).









(curtesy thequotemaster.com)



TYRA BANKS -Dancing with the stars new host replies her critics .

It’s no news that TYRA BANKS is the new solo host of ABC DWTS in this 29th season .The gorgeous Super model, former host and producer of AMERICA Next Top Model replaces former DWTS hosts TOM BERGERON and ERIN ANDREWS. What is however interesting is; the Drama behind the Ballroom dancing, such as , the rumors floating on social media , why previous hosts were let go, and, the big question on everyone’s mind now, can BANKS deliver? can she really fill up those two big shoes ?

There have been many changes , which includes the former tough head Ballroom DWTS Judge LEN GOODMAN, being only able to judge remotely, while younger 6th time DWTS Trophy winner, DEREK HOUGH has joined other Judges ; BRUNO TONIOLI and CARRIE -ANN INABA , as distinguished stars perform trying to woo voting audience and Judges with their best rumba, jive, waltz, foxtrot , Samba, and cha-cha, in hope of winning the coveted mirror ball trophy.

ABC released a statement last month, that the DWTS has decided on a “new creative direction” in which Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews will no longer be a part off. “Tom Bergeron will forever be part of the Dancing with the stars family. As we embark on a new creative direction, he departs the show with our sincere thanks and gratitude. The network made reference that BERGERONS ” trademark wits and charm has helped made the show a Success”. ERIN ANDREWS will also not be returning the statement said, ” and we appreciate what she brought to the ballroom”.

ERIN ANDREWS ( the gorgeous 42 year old, was a contestant at one time on DWTS, later joined as co-host in 2014) tweeted her side to her fans with this;

There are talks that perhaps the reason he was let go, was because BERGERON provoked the Producers of the DWTS by challenging their decision to add a certain high level Star to season 28. Certainly, Last year BERGERON made headlines when he expressed his disapproval that former White house Press Secretary SEAN SPICER was amongst the stars selected by the network last year’s fall season. (And for whom his fmr Boss TRUMP was constantly tweeting his support ).


Well according to an AP report by Mark Kennedy (July 14,2020) 65 year BERGERON earlier , told producers that he hopes the upcoming seasons will be joyful respite from the “exhausting political climate”. it was previous season. He urged them “not to have any divisive bookings ” in future.

BERGERON tweets, “We can agree to disagree”. But obviously, the Producers agreed to let him go instead. It, makes me wonder, at what point can an important member of staff, be able to genuinely give a honest feedback to his Bosses without fear of retaliation? What message is ABC DWTS sending , how can a beloved host, still physically fit, mentally capable, be let go just like that, after a sacrificial service of 15 years, since 2004! IT’s totally ridiculous. And many loyal BERGERON fans thought so too, some tweeting they will no longer be watching, and others actually sending angry messages to new solo host , super model TYRA BANKS , now caught in the middle!

In his humble “goodbye tweet”, BERGERON showed no bad blood, nor regrets, instead he said of the 15 years journey in DWTS land, he has only gratitude for the privilege to Host such an incredible Show on a Star Network : ” It’s been an incredible 15 years year run, and the most unexpected gift of my career, I am grateful for that and for a lifelong friendships made. That said, now what am I supposed to do with all these glitter masks? “These are the kind of witty stuff the charming comedian says that made the fans absolutely connect. He will indeed be missed, I for one had a big crush!.

DWTS under TYRA BANKS is totally different. As to be expected, firstly, she’s doing this solo, and second of all, every individual has his own personality that they bring to play. The 46 years old American Actress, Business woman, MODEL and Producers, is no stranger to drama, Glitzy life, and Competitions. TYRA Created and executive produced and co hosted AMERICAN NEXT TOP MODEL (which ran for 22 cycles from 2003). So maybe Ballroom dancing is a different Drama , but TYRA has never been shy of that, nor afraid of criticisms. it’s only been a couple of weeks.(the new season 29 premiered SEPT 14)


every host makes mistakes ,it’s just normal , it’s live T.V, if it wasn’t live, there should be no mess-ups”

She acknowledged the criticisms with the confidence of a “PRO”. Tweeting her response to negative critics who pointed out her mistakes , TYRA reminds the viewers not to be hasty in judging, “ remember it’s a life show, If I wanted it to look perfect, I know how to do that, but it will appear to rehearsed and scripted. She continues, “every host makes mistakes ,it’s just normal , it’s live T.V, if it wasn’t live, there should be no mess-ups” . TYRA told the U.S weekly reporter.


From my observation, there’s no way TYRA can fit into BERGERON’s big boots. Trying to adapt to his style will also be foolish, so she should remain her positive vibrant self, and keep at it, until people begin to warm up, it may take more than a season or two! No doubts, she has what it takes, and I think she’s doing excellent. Yet the die hard fans of previous hosts, refused to give her an easy passage. Also to be expected!

I have been watching DWTS since inception. I absolutely adore BERGERON, and I am one of those sad by his removal. He will definitely be missed. But I am also optimistic with his talents and popularity, he will not be unemployed for long, unless he decides to take a much deserved break. I however believe that sometimes change is necessity! (when it’s the right time of course.) But, I am also willing to give TYRA a chance , because everyone deserves openminded trust. As a long time fan since watching her as Will SMITH‘s ‘ homie’ in FRESH PRINCE OF BELLE AIR, (she debut in  season 4 premiere, “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way: Part 1,” this was Sept. 20, 1993, TYRA played role of Jackie for a total of 8 episodes ) she made us laugh, as a tough female character , though beautiful, was smart and physically strong , able to withstand bullies. she dealt with anyone who tried to stereotype or boxed her to corner. TYRA should apply this same attitude and refused to be bullied out.

I was very sad to see fmr NBA player Charles Oakley booted out by a single vote, its not fair. I however understand its all about the ratings, because more viewers will tune in to see CAROLE BASKIN-“Tiger King” woman dance, and continue to speculate if she will crack under pressure and confess. (If you don’t know her story go to Netflix or YouTube, and see the controversial doc “Tiger King ” about their “wild pets” and her missing husband! I still think she knows something.

So did y’all see singer Nelly‘s cha-cha dance? That was disco Cha-cha , lol, certainly not the traditional one I have been watching for over a decade on DWTS. However, I rate him 98% on style of dressing but dancing the cha-cha, he’s lucky the snr English judge LEN GOODMAN is absent in the Ballroom this season,( his caustic tongue is similar to Simon Cowells) current judges DEREK HOUGH, BRUNO TONIOLI and CARRIE ANN INABA are more lenient.
I also give him a pass for being courageous to go to show and perform in front of millions of critics worldwide.

Charles Oakley doing the Cha-Cha.

Fmr.NBA Player Charles Oakley doing Cha-Cha to Luther Vandross song never too much, with DWTS partner Emma.

Remember his retired NBA player. But this guy still got Game!😄, so even  if it looks like his trying to grasp the elusive  air, as he throws air punches, or his feet feels like  its dragging wet cement,  don’t  judge his dance moves, he even defended this to judges when he told them he wears a size 18 shoes, okaaaay 😛so just concentrate on the 6 packs! The guy is  still hot,🔥🔥 looking like a silver- mane charging Lion on the dance floor. I was disappointed when he was out voted by the judges and he was sent packing instead of Tiger woman Carole Baskin, and I am sure ratings had something to do with that.

BY Millicent Olaghere Blast


Trump meltdown at chaotic debate with Biden.

Did you watch the Debate on Tuesday September 29th? Those of us who did , shall not forget in a hurry. I supposed, we shall likely be revisiting some of the ugly clips from time to time! It was worse than a bad reality show, let me tell ya! Both candidates well over 70 , behaving so poorly, it was difficult to hear through the cross talking. But, TRUMP was the Villain of the Night! And in the duration (one and a half hour of debate) I was cringing on edge of the sofa, as I imagined what teenagers watching are thinking or saying. My own Teen, was visibly upset as we watched ; he stood up several times , walked away refusing to watch anymore, but returned shortly, saying this;

“Mom, why can’t BIDEN be firm? America needs a firm leader. He needs to speak up, and demand that TRUMP stop interrupting him” . I nodded, ” But BIDEN is a gentleman” I said. “Yes, but, being president is a tough job, he could tell him, “excuse me, you’ ve had a turn, I did not interrupt, now it’s my turn, let me speak without interruptions. “he concluded. I smiled, inwardly happy, no one can bully this Teen.

TRUMP said to BIDEN, “you are not Smart”! BIDEN responded, calling TRUMP “a Clown” , told him to ” shut up” and, called TRUMP ” the worst president America has ever had”. However, It didn’t start or end at that!


A” Hot mess inside a dumpster fire, inside a train wreck” was how CNN Anchorman, JAKE TAPPER described it. “Chaotic”, “Messy”, “Disgraceful”, “Shocking“, and “Horrific” are some other words his fellow political analysts used to describe the Presidential Debate of Tuesday 09.29.30. According to a poll, 73 million watched that disturbing Debate .What an appalling display of unpresidential behavior from Trump who was not only disrespectful towards his debate opponent, and his family, but also, rude to Debate moderator FOX Chris Wallace.

Politico Editor JOHN HARRIS described it as “AN EPIC MOMENT OF NATIONAL SHAME: The Debate was an embarrassment for Ages. – Trump Shredded the rulebook and any sense of Decorum!”

FROM THE MOUTHS OF BABES-12th Graders weigh in on the Unpresidential behavior .

According to a review on Blogs.edweek.org; Teachers expressed shock at what they witnessed. many teachers often used political Debates as framework for Mock debates and Elections. However, after shabby debate Tuesday, everyone was unanimous that this was anything but educational.

After the debate, ALEX BENNETT asked his 12th graders taking government to populate a word cloud based on their personal reactions after watching the fiasco, not surprising, here are the popular words; “Childish“, “Unprofessional”Toddlers“, “unorganized” and” Combative“.


According to TAPPER, “the American People lost because, this was a Horrific Sh#t Show”. And I absolutely agree. A president of a Super Power Nation such as ours , stands in front of Global Population, and exhibited such shameful behavior, refuses to denounce or discredit the right-wing Militia White Supremacists, in my opinion, was a huge let down to the American Citizens.


It is obvious the president is trying to undermine the efforts organizers place on this 2020 election. Instead of trying to win or convince AMERICAN voters with his policies and well layout plans to move the country forward, TRUMP devotes time and energy breeding and recruiting allegedly violent Militia White supremacist group who go by PROUD BOYS, and MAGA .Their mission seemingly is to suppress and oppress the opposition party. This can potentially threaten the Democracy of this NATION .

The president often denies having any allies with these group, yet he openly communicates with them .We saw this not only during the debates, but in follow-up tweets to which some of the Proud boys responded. During the Debate when Wallace asked him why he would not denounce them, he retorted, “someone’s got to do something about ANTIFA and the left”. (Anti-Fascists left-wingers). TRUMP then ordered the PROUD BOYS to ;“stand back and stand by”, and the question on every concerned American citizens mind now is; “Stand back and stand by for what?” What exactly is the president’s agenda? what is he prepping this radical group to get ready for?

CNN CHRIS CUOMO‘s analysis of TRUMP‘s relations with the PROUD BOYS is that he is basically saying he will delegitimized the election if BIDEN wins! “This is a win or Bust situation”, so if it does not go their way, then they step in to cause chaos!”


The President said nothing positive, in my opinion, he had nothing viable to sell the viewers or listeners . Instead becoming extremely argumentative, irrational, and condescending, by the minute, trying desperately to drown out anything BIDEN had to say, or anything he considered a criticism from the moderator Wallace. During the debate, when WALLACE asked him a tough question, TRUMP said to him, “I guess I am debating you and not him”. He was very unpleasant to BIDEN and disrespectful of his family especially, the memory of his deceased son BO, even mocking his son Hunter, by making reference to his addiction to drugs. To which, BIDEN immediately took offense and defended his son’s honor saying that, he was proud of his son for breaking the addiction. And he told TRUMP he was wrong for that. Most Americans on social media also believe that was very low , inappropriate and very insensitive of the president. TRUMP said BIDEN was “not Smart” and BIDEN called TRUMP a Clown and “Worst president America has ever had “The Moderator Wallace remained flustered, and helpless, watching him try to calm down Mr. TRUMP, or get him to obey the rules was pathetic, because it was obvious the president felt he is above all rules!.

BIDEN CAME UP TOPS BY HIGH MARGIN. BIDEN Scored 60% TRUMP 28 % after the Debate.


Fact Checks showed TRUMP lied about stats he gave on most questions, not surprisingly, the Polls showed JOE BIDEN as a clear winner of the Debate on Tuesday September 29th. BIDEN 60% vs TRUMP 28%.Apparently, BIDEN being less agitated, and the calmer was able to articulate DEMOCRATS plans including a grand expansion for AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE , Environmental climate Issues and Elimination of COVID 19 Virus.


This is a Nation that is very fragile and on edge right now. While other Nations affected by COVID-19 Pandemic are managing alright , at least relatively, and returning to their norm, ours, is still blindly masked, and gasping for Fresh Air! No semblance of normalcy in Sight! Not only has this Nation, in a spate of less than a year, lost over 200,000 of her citizens to covid 19 related mysterious illness, Millions of Americans , Blacks, Hispanics, and minorities mostly, are going through a sensitive journey of healing from all manners of Injustice, Social inequality and maltreatments, melted by police killings, brutality leading to birth of Black Life Matters Movements, and a call to defund Police.

People especially those still seating loosely on the fence were genuinely looking for answers in the Debate, but it was Trump’s characteristic , narcissistic display of inconsideration for others, inability or willingness to abide to governing rules , always seeking attention, lacking in sensitivity, respect and absolute disregard for what DEMOCRACY stands for. Up until now TRUMP refused to denounce white supremacy, though after watching playback and chastised by his fellow republicans who felt he went too deep with the Offense strategy, he is trying to backpedal. It’s way too late for that. The Damage control will not be effective at this level! TRUMP has never out rightly condemned their Fascism and Racist Behavior, instead feeds them on his daily inciteful innuendos and childish Tweets.

What people need now more than ever, is Inclusiveness, not Divisiveness. We need a unified front to work together peacefully, for a common goal , which is to see an Upthrust United States become economic revamped, socially strong , morally responsible, (caring for environment and adhering to sustainable culture) over all, a vibrant Country where there is justice without racism!

IF adults constantly display such poor performances and degrading behavior, in front of Millions of people globally, Why should we expect differently from upcoming generation?



Happy independence NIGERIA-Change is inevitable.

FOX Channel strikes Golden with FILTHY RICH

The critics are raving about this new series! FOX got a winner with 🤗FILTHY RICH , brand new on Mondays 9/8 c FOX Channel. I watch the first pilot S1 Ep.1. And boy, was it absolutely captivating! She’s well known for her sexy bombshell, ass-kicking PR exec role Samantha Jones in HBO series Sex in the city. The64 year old Canadian- American actress Kim Cattrall, is back, unbelievable hotter, more mysterious and wielding more power than ever in her latest Drama series. Cantrall’s performance and that of he crew is riveting in this 2020 FOX Soap , which is described by a T.V critic ” a larger-than life southern gothic Dramedy”.

I watched the pilot, and surmised that this is an incredible series to watch.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ . Another winner , modeled after a real life story about a Wealthy financier who got away with a life of deceptions, crimes and sexual immorality. When he died in one of his frolicking escapades in a plane crash, all hell was let loose! Unknown to his wife, her husband had been living a double life while they led the perfect one in front of the cameras of the Christian Broadcasting Net work they both operated. The Will was read, and the secrets were spilled all over…… out of the closet, the illegitimate children began to appear. Having been influenced by Ginger Sweet, the legitimized children refused to vanished, nor accept the very tempting ,”hush money” offered by Matriarch Margaret Monreaux, who knew if word got out in public, there will be too many stinks to eliminate. This part of bribe dialogue was particularly hilarious, when one of the scheming illegitimate son, said he was going to accept the $2 Million offer, he countered ,” I am not worth more”. -:) Tune in to see how the Matriarch maintained her usual composure of keeping up appearances, and how she handled the blackmailers!

This Dramedy ” has the twisting’s, intriguing web of lies, betrayal, deceit, sex, wealth and corruption most type A Drama and classic soaps have, such as Dynasty, All my children, General hospital, and One life to live, but with the added punch! .This are people who make thrashy attitude looks so Glamorous 👌Definitely Oscar worthy .I see Golden Globe nominees for this one or other TV recognition for outstanding drama , best actors and and supporting roles! Kudos FOX you landed a good one🏆!You have got to see this guys, I predict that this is going to be yet another addictive like EMPIRE that everyone races home to watch.

KIM CATRALL, GERALD MC RANEY, STEVE HARRIS, MEDIA KRIELING ,AUBREY DOLLAR, COREY COTT, BENJAMIN AGUILAR,OLIVIA MACKLIN gave outstanding performances, and if we judge by the pilot, then I assure you we are going to be left insatiable with this winner!

The viewers will be forced to choose sides, as characters come alive in this Riveting Soap so vividly portrayed by outstanding actors.

I will definitely be keeping close watch on this Filthy Rich Family and I recommend you do the same. Every Monday 9/8 C. Fox Broadcasting Channel. I also understand HULU is streaming it

I rate this an O for OUTSTANDING!🌝🏅🏆🌹

By Millicent Olaghere Blast

Remember, Your Image Matters So, Live Excellently!

TRUMP’S ALL TIME LOW BLOW AT BIDEN- accuses him of using performance drug enhancement!

I just can’t fathom why an active president is so controversial, so cantankerous in nature 🙄 millions of people have lost respect for this current chief of staff because of all his juvenile shenanigans.

Why O’ Why can’t a president of a super nation as United States of America act civil to his political opponents?.



Young people are watching, listening and reading all these appalling unnecessary, unfounded, and seriously, character damaging accusations and low level behavior from a president that should be a role model! I mean seriously! First, it was on BARRACK OBAMA, THEN, FIRST LADY HILARY CLINTON, THEN HOUSE SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI, THEN KAMALA HARRIS and others in between! THE LIES!THE LIES!

If the president has any public relations team at all, they suck or non existent! Apparently this is a one man show wrecking ball swinging pendulously, in the white house. There is a lot at Stake!

A Judge has recently issued MICHAEL COHEN one time TRUMP supporter and close confidante, his first amendment rights to publishing a book critical of # 45. The world is waiting for what promises to be a juicy” tell all”, since the white house attempted, but failed, to ensure the book never saw the light of day! Meanwhile, the after effect will definitely leave more than messy spills conspiracy books. His niece Mary Lee Trump “Too Much and Never Enough ” “tell all ” (which incidentally sold a million copies first day , go figure) has eyebrows raised and tongues wagging. And there will be more.


What the president needs now more than ever is clean up his act, do something for once that could be historically traced to be a legacy when he eventually leaves office.

TRUMP needs to pay attention to the rising unemployment issues, failing market, dislocation and rehabilitation of citizens physically and emotionally broken. And seriously work with experts, collab with other Nations who overcame this quicker, get along with them and find a lasting solution to the Covid 19 mess he allowed to linger so long! A couple of months back, a mid age black man severed the head of his Landlord for reportedly harassing him about his back rents!” it should never have come to that. Yet due to business collapses, lay offs and insufficient government subsidies,the inability for individuals and families to hold it together in this trying times, has led to mental health issues is soaring! (according to an online scientific report, 40% of adults 18 and older , thats 18.1 per cent of the population, suffer Anxiety attacks a serious form of mental illness. And what do we think it’s at the root cause of this Anxiety attacks? some answers is obvious listed above. Instead of addressing these, and others, our so called president makes it all about himself, replying and initiating tweets anytime his ego is flayed!.

In a recent interview on BLOOMBERG , LANCASTER chief economic expert ADAM OZMEK revealed the bleak future ahead for US based on Unemployment rates at 8.5 %( actual prediction is 10%,due to those no longer job searching ) because Census and polls actually project stats. And more and more businesses, are projected will fall into bankrupt status. Retailers, Restaurants, and especially small Businesses like beauty and barbershops, Gyms, and more can no longer meet rent, or pay staff and utilities. Fed stimulus is advocated, because experts say 25 % re-opening is insufficient capacity to sustain any business with all the liabilities. You see chains filing for BANKRUPTCY; NEIMAN MARCUS, LORD and TAYLOR, JC.PENNEY, STEINMART, PIER IMPORTS, MODELL’S SPORTS GOODS,since 1889 , GNC HOLDINGS , ANN TAYLOR, and over 40 and counting!many listed liabilities to the whooping tune of $500million-$1Billion!

On another level, HEALTHCARE , millions are unable to afford basic care maintenance not to mention treatment of pre -existing situations. Almost 200, 000 have died from the covid19 , and 6.5 m cases registered. Is this horrific stats not sufficient to jolt a president to action? But , instead, he dramatically gets caught up in hear says, and repeating speculations that translates to gossip! Definitely not a good role model, to his family, to the citizens and , foreign diplomats and potential investors watching closely from overseas.

Apparently money 💰 doesn’t buy finesse! Please ensure you vote wisely for a president who will value and respect you, not make fun of your weaknesses or perceived ones. One who unites not divide. No man is an island, together we can reclaim a Nation that empathize, uplifts one another, believes in equality of all, social justice, respectful and accepting of minorities, all sexes, and sexual orientation. A Nation we can all be proud of, not ashamed . One that progressively pursues Education and Well being of our youth, and , Welfare of Seniors, Retirees and Veterans! LET’S HAVE A NATION THAT IS NOT ONLY GREAT, BUT GOOD!


Remember, Your Image matters, So Live Excellently