Unforgetable Christmas 2020

It will be safe to say for many , Christmas 2020, is not going to be celebrated quite the same as past years. For very obvious reasons.

Firstly, the gloomy climate of doom thats been looming since beginning of 2020.The devastating pandemic crisis covidvirus19 has taken over 381k people in United States of America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ alone, and over 1. 68 million worldwide 🌐 according to CDC statistics 12/20/ it’s mind-boggling !

Secondly,other families lost loved ones, many of which were bread winners, or the “glue” of family.How do you bounce back from that in a pandemic environment. to cancer, heart attacks, fatal accidents other natural causes.

Millions lost their jobs, or got divorced as result of pressure, and millions more have fallen into depression, as a result of these and other issues that brought unmanageable anxiety.

So how do we go from a state of uncertainty where most can hardly afford the pay check to pay check lifestyle , (some do not know how much longer they can pay their car loans, mortgages, rents and utilities, not to mention distractions, of increasing Covid 19 dealt toll, concerns of Pfizer Vaccine ,and ongoing Senate Runoffs Elections in Georgia) to a state of Blissful Happy Christmas ?

Are we unrealistic to be positively Joyful, if we decide to put away for one month, all sad thoughts and decide for this last month of 2020, to just enjoy and live it up?

What are people saying on social media about spending Christmas 2020? I asked random selection from Instagram and Facebook followers ;

It’s definitely going to be low key for me, this has been a tough year, but I’m grateful to be alive “- Patricia (UK)

I lost a couple of friends this year, and experienced some hardships, I am certainly not in festive spirits, so low key for me”- Lily (Atlanta, US)

We are still going to observe our usual family tradition then I will spend rest of holiday planning for new year”-Halima(UK)

A quiet Christmas for me as we are on a 3rd lockdown ( tier 4),Im still thankfully looking forward to better new year”. -says Linda (UK)

I am celebrating in big way, God has been good to me says Donald ( W.Africa )

I am an introvert who prefers to chill with family anyway, so nothing different from previous, except there will be no in person concert in church and dinner will be at home”, Says Amber (Northern California)

Many others participated in decorating Christmas trees 🌲and house lighting, and there will be Christmas carols and gift exchanges but as for parties πŸ₯³, the general consensus is “NO large gatherings “ .Definitely a one of a kind Christmas in a year that has had everyone Zooming and Ticktocking.

There will probably be less ugly Christmas sweater contests and more candy cane licking and folks trying to remember lyrics of “silent night “.It can still be fun people. However you choose to Celebrate your Christmas, whether high or low key, please remember to be thankful for the important things :Family, Love and Wellness. Not necessary in that order.

Stay Safe.

By Millicent Olaghere Blast- ImageDiva

Remember your image matters, so live excellently!πŸ™πŸΎβ€πŸ₯‚πŸΎ

Author: allabouttheimagetoday

Life -Style Blogger, Creative Writer; Fiction & Non Fiction, Social Media Influencer, Motivational Coach, Event Hosting, Image branding and Public Relations management.

One thought on “Unforgetable Christmas 2020”

  1. This year has been a “long year”, and this is in the sense that it came with lots of “long” happenings.

    However, it is also a year to be thankful for the many blessings received, especially the gift of life from God.
    Happy Christmas in few days

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