Made in China

I used to be like many of you snubs , that made fun of poorly manufactured products from China, Taiwan, Indonesia, India , Honduras, ABA in Nigeria, and Other third world countries.But I have  evolved, and now I appreciate  their efforts, because without their innovative inventions, where would the rest of us snubs be?😊.Think about it. They are atleast, inspiring.
There was a time, I would be embarrassed,to be seen wearing made in China jewelry, or Aba-made flip-flops, my labels must have brand names and made in Milan, Paris,UK or NYC ! Now, I salute their ingenuity. A  super nation like  AMERICA 🇺🇸 keeps yapping about industrialization, indigenous and independent  economy,  yet they outsource  production,  even  customer service. Sometimes when I call my phone company here in USA  to resolve  something,  guess who picks up? a representative  from India ! .The company makes $200 monthly average, and pays a Patel $3.00 to keep you on hold till you get frustrated and hang up!It’s corporate robbery and preposterous!
Thats why I’m paying $400 on two  phones when I only  use one. Because they said,” buy one get one free.” Thats how they get you.. And I thought  “great idea”, but how’s it free if I’m paying monthly🤔🙄

Hey don’t  look at me like  those sales marketing  speeches have  never gotten you  into a contract .😉 (right  I’ve been locked 🔒 into 2 years contract, this is why I make my own sandwiches to work 😀)
Now everytime I tell my son, I’m broke he said, well, you could return the phone you not using, then you will have  extra  $250 monthly.
Should  I return my phone or my son to his Daddy🤔🙄

By Millicent OlaghereBlast-ImageDiva

Remember Your Image Matters, So Live Excellently!.

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