Christmas Decorations:It’s that time of the year.

Growing up, it was a big yearly tradition at our home with my parents and 7 children. The tallest , biggest  tree ever, we all enjoyed taking turns to decorate it….😁🤗hmmm… nostagic feeling 🥰
So, did you put out your Christmas 🎄 decorations yet? We need to get into the holiday spirit already,  2020, the thieving year, took and stole so much,we need this one month to go out in a B.L.A.S.T !
I was chatting with a colleague,  she said she’s fully decorated. We haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet!(supposedly biggest holiday in USA) she put one tree up, she has two! Wow! I must admit  I love the accessories  and don’t do tree since my son  became  a teenager,  he prefers the $$dollars 😜so I just put miniature Christmas  decors like jingling bells,  Santa’s miniatures,greeting cards(I  love traditional cards) , ornaments, strings, christmas memorabilia and so forth .
I prefer synthetic, firstly,because wasting money on a real tree, that will be discarded later, bleeds my heart and wallet. 😄😅 secondly, not to mention clean up day!
Have  a blessed  day all. 😍🤩😘Friday  is a peep away!

Millicent Olaghere Blast-ImageDiva

Remember, Your Image Matters, So Live Excellently.

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