Make it count

I voted today, and it felt great! I took advantage of the time saver early voting opportunity, today Oct 18th, it was a breeze; in an out, no more than 7 minutes! Done my civic duty,  now do yours!

THE STATISTICS SHOWS MILLIONS male and female didn’t vote 2016, WHITE , BLACK and MIXED FAILED TO REPRESENT THEIR VOICES VIA VOTES.(according to a Washington post Christopher Ingram Nov 16,2012 posted “Roughly 43 percent of eligible voters didn’t bother filling out a ballot this year”, according to turnout estimates from the U.S. Elections Project

Can you imagine what difference that would have  made, do you understand  that funding  your local communities, education, health benefits, fixing roads, infrastructures, sustainability, preventing serious pollutions , climate change, other environmental issues, and creating job opportunities are all affected  based on your voice, through voting selections?

This year 2020 , please be more sensitive , use better judgment. Think about your future : What have you to loose? Commit a few minutes, or hour, that can better transform the standard of your  life and that of generations even yet unborn.
#elections2020 #USA


By Millicent Olaghere Blast-ImageDiva

Remember your image matters so, live it excellently !

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Life -Style Blogger, Creative Writer; Fiction & Non Fiction, Social Media Influencer, Motivational Coach, Event Hosting, Image branding and Public Relations management.

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