Interviews demystified- Mia C Beckett unravels the mystery atlast!

Interviews of any kind can be a tricky business. This is because Communication skills are significant to effectively make a good impression to land a dream job. You have to be ready to articulate your thoughts, and ideas and make a good first impression, and in the duration of a 30 or 60 minutes interview, make a worthy presentation of unique attributes that you can “bring to the table”. And all these to a bunch of strangers during the interview process held in person, by phone, video, and other remote internet forms. Prayers alone can not “save” you, many have tried and didn’t get” the offer”. You have to be ready to answer impromptu questions that begins with “Why “, “What”, or “Tell us”! Now if that is not pressure, I wonder what could be more intimidating to Introverts, at least!

MEET MIA C.BECKETT-INTERVIEWS DEMYSTIFIED! Get a Job Quickly: The Ultimate Job Interview Game Plan.

It does not matter what Fields; whether on a personal or professional level, White or Blue collared. Many of us have at one time received a form of Rejection letter whether by email, regular mail or via Telephone , and it does not feel good. When we replay in our minds, It feeds exactly like REJECTION,” WE THINK YOU SUCKED” ‘YOU DID NOT FIT THE PICTURE”, YOU FAILED TO MEASURE -UP”, ” SO WE CHOSE SOMEONE BETTER WHO SHINED“. Interviews can be overwhelming, especially for the Introverted. For many, rejection after rejection, takes a toll, and soon you become a “couch potato” , getting up to look for a job, becomes more daunting with each passing day. And can cause that individual to become depressed and lacking in confidence!. We can all relate, if we are honest with ourselves, even the Extroverted amongst us.

I was able to have a chat via remote network, with the young beautiful bestselling , first time Author MIA C.BECKETT who resides far away in Europe, about her journey and reasons for writing this exceptionally brilliant practical help book for introverts. The tone of this interesting practical guide for introverts and I ‘ll say, extroverts too, will also love this book, because after reading the previews, I ordered my copy from AMAZON, and found it very revealing indeed.

My favorite chapters are CHPT 1: THE WINING MINDSETS. After reading , you will definitely understand, why the book sub title says “The Ultimate Job Interview Game Plan For Introverts! Chpt:2 UNDERSTANDING THE HIRING PROCESS- THINGS THEY (EMPLOYERS) DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW, is an eye opener, and CHPT: 5 GAP-FILLING IDEAS , I used to find this part awkward, and I am sure many people who have left job for many reasons, whether being fired, or to travel or start family or nurse a sick parent will find this part of Resume coverage can be dicey and sensitive. BECKETT expertly treats this and many topics in her 157 page book.

IMAGEDIVA : How did you come up with the title Interviews Demystified? Its such an interesting title Ms. Beckett.

BECKETT : OMG! Let me tell you about the title saga,(she laughs) I wrote the book last summer, that was the easy part. But choosing the right title was the difficult part.


BECKETT : Well I came up with a couple titles, but deep down, I knew right away, they were wrong. You know how everyone insists on keywords, well in beginning, I focused too much on those. But I knew , a bad title will literally ruin the success of the book, so I took a step back to meditate, going deeper inside and try to hear something from my heart. I asked myself, what is missing? Days turned to weeks; I was banging my head on a wall, and coming up with titles that made no sense. Then I asked my self, “What is this book supposed to teach?, what is it about? One thing that came up was : it’s going to reveal Mystery surrounding Interviews , it’s about helping shy introverts find their voice, build self esteem, armed with knowledge, feel empowered to conquer fear of interviews. And that’s when it popped! Mystery solved.

IMAGEDIVA : WOW! Demystified is the Perfect title, I read the book, and I truly feel you covered everything. And It was also full with humorous analogies., I have never read a Non-Fiction so humorous.

BECKETT : Precisely. Thank you!. I am glad you saw the humor, I wasn’t sure at first, how people will receive that. But I wanted it to be relatable. Because there are so many books on interviews out there, I wanted readers to connect to mine and find help. That was my mental process. The title was definitely hardest for me, but it was sooooo worth it! However, every little thing, from book cover design, contents, key words, promo was the perfect recipe for a bestseller.


BECKETT : The Book is a confidence booster. It teaches how to eradicate negative self analysis caused by failures or embarrassment from previous experiences. It is a step-by-step plan ,that is very down to earth and easy to implement. If you are an introvert, the last thing you want to do is boast about your accomplishments, or what your passions are, in front of judging strangers; you will be struggling with nerves. I can relate because I too was once a shy Introvert and I transitioned into one of the best sales person bringing annually $$$ millions for a Fortune 7 Company.



Well I am already working on my next book, and due to the Covid-19 and pandemic situation, I am delaying tours and traditional method of promoting Interviews Demystified, instead, I am thinking of doing Podcasts and Tutorials to help introverts ,I can answer their questions , and coach more efficiently. My short term goal is to help one million introverts around the globe turn job interviews into Job offers and careers.

IMAGEDIVA: WOW, That’s a great initiative, and I wish you the very best .Now, Why should people read this book?

BECKETT : they should definitely not only purchase to read, but save a copy in the library ,or give it as a gift to someone who can benefit from the timeless, life changing tips inside this incredible book. Because, landing the interview is easy. Getting through the interview is the tough part, and getting that phone call of affirmation is icing on the cake!.

MIA C.BECKETT is a full time sales person with over 7 years and 10,000 hours experience generating over 1$million per year through sales for a prestigious firm. Once a painfully shy introvert, who received rejection letters from Companies that decided to go with other candidate, (infact Beckett tells an interesting story about a rejection, in the beginning of this book, that ultimately, led to her decision to write Interviews demystified) MIA BECKETT was awarded Salesperson of the year 2019 within her organization.




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