TYRA BANKS -Dancing with the stars new host replies her critics .

It’s no news that TYRA BANKS is the new solo host of ABC DWTS in this 29th season .The gorgeous Super model, former host and producer of AMERICA Next Top Model replaces former DWTS hosts TOM BERGERON and ERIN ANDREWS. What is however interesting is; the Drama behind the Ballroom dancing, such as , the rumors floating on social media , why previous hosts were let go, and, the big question on everyone’s mind now, can BANKS deliver? can she really fill up those two big shoes ?

There have been many changes , which includes the former tough head Ballroom DWTS Judge LEN GOODMAN, being only able to judge remotely, while younger 6th time DWTS Trophy winner, DEREK HOUGH has joined other Judges ; BRUNO TONIOLI and CARRIE -ANN INABA , as distinguished stars perform trying to woo voting audience and Judges with their best rumba, jive, waltz, foxtrot , Samba, and cha-cha, in hope of winning the coveted mirror ball trophy.

ABC released a statement last month, that the DWTS has decided on a “new creative direction” in which Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews will no longer be a part off. “Tom Bergeron will forever be part of the Dancing with the stars family. As we embark on a new creative direction, he departs the show with our sincere thanks and gratitude. The network made reference that BERGERONS ” trademark wits and charm has helped made the show a Success”. ERIN ANDREWS will also not be returning the statement said, ” and we appreciate what she brought to the ballroom”.

ERIN ANDREWS ( the gorgeous 42 year old, was a contestant at one time on DWTS, later joined as co-host in 2014) tweeted her side to her fans with this;

There are talks that perhaps the reason he was let go, was because BERGERON provoked the Producers of the DWTS by challenging their decision to add a certain high level Star to season 28. Certainly, Last year BERGERON made headlines when he expressed his disapproval that former White house Press Secretary SEAN SPICER was amongst the stars selected by the network last year’s fall season. (And for whom his fmr Boss TRUMP was constantly tweeting his support ).


Well according to an AP report by Mark Kennedy (July 14,2020) 65 year BERGERON earlier , told producers that he hopes the upcoming seasons will be joyful respite from the “exhausting political climate”. it was previous season. He urged them “not to have any divisive bookings ” in future.

BERGERON tweets, “We can agree to disagree”. But obviously, the Producers agreed to let him go instead. It, makes me wonder, at what point can an important member of staff, be able to genuinely give a honest feedback to his Bosses without fear of retaliation? What message is ABC DWTS sending , how can a beloved host, still physically fit, mentally capable, be let go just like that, after a sacrificial service of 15 years, since 2004! IT’s totally ridiculous. And many loyal BERGERON fans thought so too, some tweeting they will no longer be watching, and others actually sending angry messages to new solo host , super model TYRA BANKS , now caught in the middle!

In his humble “goodbye tweet”, BERGERON showed no bad blood, nor regrets, instead he said of the 15 years journey in DWTS land, he has only gratitude for the privilege to Host such an incredible Show on a Star Network : ” It’s been an incredible 15 years year run, and the most unexpected gift of my career, I am grateful for that and for a lifelong friendships made. That said, now what am I supposed to do with all these glitter masks? “These are the kind of witty stuff the charming comedian says that made the fans absolutely connect. He will indeed be missed, I for one had a big crush!.

DWTS under TYRA BANKS is totally different. As to be expected, firstly, she’s doing this solo, and second of all, every individual has his own personality that they bring to play. The 46 years old American Actress, Business woman, MODEL and Producers, is no stranger to drama, Glitzy life, and Competitions. TYRA Created and executive produced and co hosted AMERICAN NEXT TOP MODEL (which ran for 22 cycles from 2003). So maybe Ballroom dancing is a different Drama , but TYRA has never been shy of that, nor afraid of criticisms. it’s only been a couple of weeks.(the new season 29 premiered SEPT 14)


every host makes mistakes ,it’s just normal , it’s live T.V, if it wasn’t live, there should be no mess-ups”

She acknowledged the criticisms with the confidence of a “PRO”. Tweeting her response to negative critics who pointed out her mistakes , TYRA reminds the viewers not to be hasty in judging, “ remember it’s a life show, If I wanted it to look perfect, I know how to do that, but it will appear to rehearsed and scripted. She continues, “every host makes mistakes ,it’s just normal , it’s live T.V, if it wasn’t live, there should be no mess-ups” . TYRA told the U.S weekly reporter.


From my observation, there’s no way TYRA can fit into BERGERON’s big boots. Trying to adapt to his style will also be foolish, so she should remain her positive vibrant self, and keep at it, until people begin to warm up, it may take more than a season or two! No doubts, she has what it takes, and I think she’s doing excellent. Yet the die hard fans of previous hosts, refused to give her an easy passage. Also to be expected!

I have been watching DWTS since inception. I absolutely adore BERGERON, and I am one of those sad by his removal. He will definitely be missed. But I am also optimistic with his talents and popularity, he will not be unemployed for long, unless he decides to take a much deserved break. I however believe that sometimes change is necessity! (when it’s the right time of course.) But, I am also willing to give TYRA a chance , because everyone deserves openminded trust. As a long time fan since watching her as Will SMITH‘s ‘ homie’ in FRESH PRINCE OF BELLE AIR, (she debut in  season 4 premiere, “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way: Part 1,” this was Sept. 20, 1993, TYRA played role of Jackie for a total of 8 episodes ) she made us laugh, as a tough female character , though beautiful, was smart and physically strong , able to withstand bullies. she dealt with anyone who tried to stereotype or boxed her to corner. TYRA should apply this same attitude and refused to be bullied out.

I was very sad to see fmr NBA player Charles Oakley booted out by a single vote, its not fair. I however understand its all about the ratings, because more viewers will tune in to see CAROLE BASKIN-“Tiger King” woman dance, and continue to speculate if she will crack under pressure and confess. (If you don’t know her story go to Netflix or YouTube, and see the controversial doc “Tiger King ” about their “wild pets” and her missing husband! I still think she knows something.

So did y’all see singer Nelly‘s cha-cha dance? That was disco Cha-cha , lol, certainly not the traditional one I have been watching for over a decade on DWTS. However, I rate him 98% on style of dressing but dancing the cha-cha, he’s lucky the snr English judge LEN GOODMAN is absent in the Ballroom this season,( his caustic tongue is similar to Simon Cowells) current judges DEREK HOUGH, BRUNO TONIOLI and CARRIE ANN INABA are more lenient.
I also give him a pass for being courageous to go to show and perform in front of millions of critics worldwide.

Charles Oakley doing the Cha-Cha.

Fmr.NBA Player Charles Oakley doing Cha-Cha to Luther Vandross song never too much, with DWTS partner Emma.

Remember his retired NBA player. But this guy still got Game!😄, so even  if it looks like his trying to grasp the elusive  air, as he throws air punches, or his feet feels like  its dragging wet cement,  don’t  judge his dance moves, he even defended this to judges when he told them he wears a size 18 shoes, okaaaay 😛so just concentrate on the 6 packs! The guy is  still hot,🔥🔥 looking like a silver- mane charging Lion on the dance floor. I was disappointed when he was out voted by the judges and he was sent packing instead of Tiger woman Carole Baskin, and I am sure ratings had something to do with that.

BY Millicent Olaghere Blast


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