Lady Gaga, Grande, BTS and the Weeknd amazing wins at VMA 2020 awards.

IT was an Electrifying Night! August 31, 2020 will remain unforgettable for millions who watched the MTV VMA awards. Especially, because, up till that fateful night, people have had nothing super exciting happen , experience or look forward to, since the mysterious covid-19 and Pandemic transformed the way humans live, interact or socialize on a daily basis. The Star Studded, Spectacular performances was highly welcomed and timely. If you missed that night here are some highlights and summary of my perspective. Enjoy reading and watching the video clips, please tell me what was your favorite part of this spectacular VMA event.

LADY GAGA is always true to her roles as eccentric genus Artist; not just for the numerous mind boggling unique outfits, but her out of human body frenzy performances, that transforms her, and literally millions of fans into a sensational mass hysteria. For as long as it last , you seem to be orbiting in any planet but Earth! The fact that the VMA Trophy is shaped as a man from moon could be an element for that night but, GAGA needs no motivation. SHE IS AN ENIGMA FROM PLANET CHROMATICA !

She told of her struggles as an aspiring ARTIST, and when she decided to relocate from NYC to California with dreams of making it Bigger,and the execs from industry will take her out, sometimes to Japanese restaurants to impress her, she told the audience, “Being an artist is the only thing I ever wanted, I never ordered anything but a whiskey neat or a large Saki, and when they asked why I did not order anything to eat, I replied, I did not come here for the California rolls.” Don’t settle for the California rolls she laughingly jokes with the fans. In other words, Stay focus and fight for your dreams till you succeed..

I was very intrigued, delightfully startled and totally mesmerized by her Performance on a simulated brain Piano as she soulfully belted away ” Look at me now, all I ever wanted was Love” Then she got emotional, and began to speak to her fans and viewers watching “I want you to love me,I want it all night, all day. but I want you to love yourself, tonight and every night. Love who you are.Be kind, Mask up, it’s the right thing to do. Be brave and Braver all the Time” GAGA took the opportunity throughout , especially after each win. (a total of 5 wins including ARTIST OF THE YEAR and A Special first time VMA award called TRICON ) The 5 bumps GAGA’s total VMA wins to 18! This is topped only by Beyonce'(24) and Madonna (20) But the night is still young!.” Then she focused on the people at home” I want you to know you can do this, just because we’re are separated now, culture may feel less alive in some ways, but dreams can come true.look at me now, I failed many times, don’t give up “

Then GAGA tells everyone watching ,”everybody, find three things that define who you are , and go for it. Take a moment to reward yourself for your bravery.This has not been an easy year for a lot of people. But I see a massive triumph of courage. I feel a renaissance is coming and the wrath of pop culture will inspire you and the rage of art will empower you!”-LADY GAGA

GAGA and Grande shared their award for collab on mega hit song “Rain on Me” and performed a beautiful medley which was slightly marred by muffling of the Masks,but non the less entertaining.The Choreography was superb.I also loved all of GAGA’s unique Futuristic masks, with lighting effects, and unique detailing.

American Actress and singer, 27 year Kiki Palmer hosted the Event.

She jokes: ” I don’t know if I was the first choice or only one brave enough to do it due to Covid, But I ‘m here love”.And getting paid too, lol. Palmer was , Charming, Gorgeous and spectacular .She kept audience and viewers entertained and engaged with her jokes and , infectious Smiles, and theatrics. She also touched the sensitive issues , such as the Covid struggles and praised her gen for boldly challenging the status quo,and for changing narratives of Black Lives Matters, by ” stepping forward, taking to streets, making voices heard to fight for Justice “.” It’s our time to be the Change we want to see, we must continue to fight to end systemic racism.”

Charming 27 year old AMERICAN Actress and Singer, KIKI PALMERS Hosted and Opened the VMA.

BTS won three awards for ON and best POP/choreography. The young POP group also won for BEST GROUP.And their performances that evening was impressive.

American Rapper MEGAN THEE STALLON Won Best HIP HOP for “SAVAGE“.

This was 3rd time in a row for this female rap artist who accepted via face time.

DOJA CAT GOT THE PUSH NEW ARTIST Trophy at the MTV VMA. her musical performance was steaming hot and down right sizzling in her body form catsuit, and sexy choreography, she slayed!

DOJA CAT Performed “Say So” and “Like That”.

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber share a Best music video from home For Stuck with you in her collab on the song.


American Songwriter, Singer and debut director, TAYLOR SWIFT who already has 29 AMA awards , even surpassing Michael Jackson (Michael won 24 AMA) won for Best direction for the feminist theme “THE MAN” which she directed herself. However Swift accepted her award in a pre-recorded message, “I was told this was an industry voted award , but I want to thank my fans, because they are the reason why I am here, they care about everything I do, and to everyone in the industry who voted for this video” Swift also expressed appreciation to those who supported her work on folklore. “I am just blown away and taken aback by your love and generosity” she tells her fans. “And I hope to see you soon”. It was reported that due to the COVID 19, Swift and her Boyfriend Joe Alwyn decided not to appear in person. Fair enough!

THE WEEKND Scored huge with “BLINDING LIGHTS“, which won “video of the year” at 2020 VMA awards. Also, in R& B category. His real names are Abel Makkonen Tesfaye .The 30 year old , five times Grammy winner is a Canadian with Ethiopian heritage, who took the E out from his name not because he can’t spell , since he reportedly dropped out of school, but because another Canadian band was already going by same name and he wanted to avoid copyright issues.

The smart young man , took the attention off himself, the entertainment stage for a moment, drawing focus instead on sensitive matters at hand BLM, of the social injustice and police brutality, he dedicated his award in honor of memory of “JACOB BLAKE AND BREONNA TAYLOR”.

HER Majesty won award for “Video for GOOD.”And she graciously accepted via recording message.



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