Love,guaranteed πŸ’Œa movie review .

This movie πŸŽ₯ is reportedly ” the #2. most watched” this labor weekend on Netflix in US. However having just finished watching, I feel it should be the #1.most watched. LG is a well written and directed romantic movie dealing with issue of contemporary online dating and all its enticements, sometimes complications like character misrepresentation, the fun texts and flirting messages, the success stories like the lawyer Susan’s sister and the other risks.

The casts had an affectionate chemistry vibe going on, you could tell they had fun shooting. American Actor, Model, and Producer; Rachael Leigh Cook also produced the may remember her from “The baby sitters club, The pussycats, and “she’s all that!”

At first the gorgeous smart lawyer didn’t want to accept the case, she told her staff and sister the client seemed; “Obnoxious” gross “and “he’s a classic loophole shark, exploiting the company based on tiny details in the fineprint!” “He’s not helpless, he’s shameless”!! Double ouch!! However reality of piling bills and need to do something immediately, made her acquiesced in her decision.

Damon Kyle Wayans Jr (actor -comedian) the 37 year old is known for his role as Brad Williams in ABC TV sitcom”Happy Endings “.

Heather Graham (ageless 50 year old actress, writer, ) was a perfect character fit as a well traveled, glam CEO of match making website, Love, guaranteed. The wealthy owner was being sued for failing to produce a perfect love Match.The romantic Movie definitely has all the love trimmings:

There was chemistry; this essential ingredient flows seamlessly through the plots from the protagonist, antagonist, and the sub supporting casts such as the witty , pranksters, Susan’s modest law firm attaches, who kept viewers in hilarious stitches. when one of Susan’s date whom she met during her “Research experiment” didn’t go well, she was comforted with ; “well,there’s plenty of fish in the sea ,” but her other employee Roberto responded to Denise, ” its a jungle out there”he quipped! πŸ™‰πŸ™ˆ .Her sister and bro in-law were also quite relatable. This leads me to other quality I love about this movie.The warm ‘Fuzzy’feelings.

A Feel good quality ;radiates throughout and will appeal to millions of people of all ages and social status. Especially with this gen of savvy Internet App users. Anyone who’s ever been on a blind date or internet connection dates, can relate to some of the weird dating characters described by the charming brilliant actor Nick , as well as provide insights for those toying with the idea.πŸ˜„

Never mind naysayers who are love haters and have no business reviewing movies motivated by love.They are so used to taking hard line and don’t know a good one when it comes along. You wonder if perhaps they have been jaded in real life or something!

Take for instance a reputable female who has reviewed for associated press 14 years showing her disapproval of LG, by giving it a low 2 stars; despite the fact that it’s ratings among viewers speak to the contrary. Her argument? ” she found fault in the manner Nick spoke called it “Stilted”, the romance ,”flimsy”!she called the lawyer’s co-workers Roberto and Denise ” uninspired stereotypes’! well duh! there are actual humans like that in most work places anywhere in the world; actually, that’s what makes this quite relatable. The unfair critic also poked into the star actor’s character saying; “very infrequently does anyone act like an actual recognizable human being (she was referring to Susan’s’ character as too predictable) “its the type of movie you leave on, because the remote fell, and you are too sick to bother to pick it up .”it’s better to stay on your coach letting the cold medicine work it’s magic and drifting off into a midday nap”.

Well I bet someone wrote similar nonsense about classics like Sleepless in Seattle-1993 and When Harry met Sally or Pretty woman-1990(Richard Gere’, Julia Roberts and J.Alexander) and they went on to break box office! So,I will advise you not to judge the flavour until you‘ve tasted the soup.

Rachael Leigh Cook photo credit Netflix
Damon Wayans .jr Photo Credit. IMDB.COM
Heather Graham -photo credit Netflix.

Third valuable quality had from my review is;

Clarity and Purpose. Viewers were not left hanging, wondering whats the purpose or point. It clearly about the theme that in love there are no guarantees. Its something that both people should be willing to take a chance on, it can come with risks ,and also season of happy’s also important to take time to learn about the other person and not jump into assumptions !πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

my too favorite phrases from the movie is the conversations between the older man to a younger Nick, he advises against playing too safe in shallow waters, “To find love you got to dive deeper “and the younger man asked “what if I sink? The surprising reply was “What if you Swim “?πŸŠπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

I loved the movie because it was down to earth, though it had a predictable ending, there was still suspense, and surprises as well as entertaining threads. CONGRATS WRITERS: ELIZABETH HACKETT, & HILLARY GALANOY. DIRECTOR: MARK STEVEN JOHNSON & PRODUCERS : RACHAEL LEIGH COOK, DAN SPILO, STEPHANIE SLACK & MARGARET H.HUDDLESTONπŸ†

Seattle has once again scored huge points, another winner since romantic love stories 25 years ago (June ,1993)by filmmaker Nora Ephron’s Sleepless in Seattle, “When Harry met Sally”, and “you’ve got mail “. I predict this also, is going to be another classic! πŸŽ₯ πŸ… For all above reasons listed, All about the Image rates this movie Love, guaranteed a four stars.⭐⭐⭐⭐

Love has no guarantees. it’s not a risk to fall in love, the risk is never pursuing LOVE, because you are afraid of the unknown. But if you take that chance , and let go, be yourself, don’t try to adapt someone else’s persona, you will find opportunities will open , and even that special some one that not only accepts you and all your peculiar traits, but LOVES you in return. Now that’s worth pursuing i’ll say!.This is why I created BUSYBODIES SINGLES PROFESSIONALS.

facebook singles group BusyBodies Singles for mature Professionals 30 years and up.β™₯️

By Millicent Olaghere-Blast

Remember Your Image Is Everything, So Live Excellently!.

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  1. I will to watch it. Thanks for sharing

    On Sun, Sep 6, 2020, 4:48 AM All About The Image Today wrote:

    > allabouttheimagetoday posted: ” This movie [image: πŸŽ₯] is reportedly ” > the #2. most watched” this labor weekend on Netflix in US. However having > just finished watching, I feel it should be the #1.most watched. LG is a > well written and directed romantic movie dealing with issue of contemporary > on” >


  2. Brilliant brilliant brilliant review. I saw the so called experts review and was reluctant to watch it but boredom and Wayan drew me in. It’s so feel good and just what I needed. Honestly it’s either the critics didn’t do a good review or biasedly watched it. Thank you for this

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