Serena Williams Shocking Poor Performance and Loss to Sakkari-

“It’s like dating a guy that you know sucks, that’s literally what I keep doing out there.It’s like I have to get rid of this guy , it just makes no sense.It’s frustrating”!-SERENA WILLIAMS.


Any one who watched the Western and Southern Open 2020 Tennis match last Tuesday between SERENA WILLIAMS Vs the 13 year younger Greek origin opponent MARIA SAKKARI will agree it was a TORTURE for fans. I was literally cringing at edge of sofa, and mentally willing the match to quickly come to an end and preserve what ever was left of her dignity.

The 38 year old was stretched to her limits on Tuesday at the Qtr finals.

SAKKARI took advantage of her opponent’s Achilles heels, and did a shocking come back after loosing a set, to win the Quarter finals and qualify for the SEMI-Finals by a 5-7,7-6,5,6-1.

My thoughts echoed same sentiments of the commentators , one suggested audibly to the other , that if it had been her in Williams Shoes, she would have asked to be ” excused on account of being unwell “, and when the other commentator argued that, it would be a difficult decision, since she was already playing and couldn’t just walk away in middle of a match, the first commentator, replied, “it is better than playing in obvious pain”, she referenced William was in” some kind of physical pain or cramping ” or dealing with some form of” mental exhaustion”.

Watching WILLIAMS, it seemed she was favoring one of her arms. It was obviously right assessments by the commies because during breaks we could see from the way she talked to herself, and her body language that WILLIAM was experiencing confusion as to why she was playing the way she did. There were so many opportunities she carelessly allowed to pass… she could literally have picked the victory cup and handed it over to SAKKARI without even playing for it. Yes it was that bad!.

And after that hard to forget match some one made this scathing criticism about her play on social media:

“Serena Williams should be embarrassed for her lack of effort and lack of professionalism in the 3rd set.  Instead of battling through the rough time she was having, she just gave up.  Not a good look for someone who a lot of young female tennis players look up to.

Later when faced with a slew of news representatives, Williams had no explanation as to physical proof of exhaustion except for this interesting explanations below;

“I don’t think that it helps mentally when it’s like you know the match is over and you have won the match, and now your legs were already tired and now they are even more tired”-SERENA WILLIAMS.

Then she gave a very interesting analogy to further paint the picture of her shocking frustrations as it played in her mind that fateful Tuesday;

“It’s like dating a guy that you know sucks, that’s literally what I keep doing out there.It’s like I have to get rid of this guy , it just makes no sense.It’s frustrating”!SERENA WILLIAMS.

Am I the only one that doesn’t see a correlation of this explanation and that of sucking out there on the court?

Every one could see the 23 grand slam champion was extremely fatigued or emotionally zone out!.

Williams is an American professional Tennis player and who once held the prestigious title as former world No. 1 in women’s Tennis single, and as of August, 2020 proudly won a total  23 Grand Slam singles Titles. Reportedly, the most winnings any player in the Open Era has won. Second only to retired 78 years old Australian Champ Margaret Smith Court (who won 24G.S).


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