I was drawn to his charismatic character, his charming smile, exquisite taste in fashion, I was drawn to his physique and positive vibes each time he spoke either during a movie or while receiving an award. Like last year 2019 NAACP awards at Dolby theater, Hollywood. Wow! it’s so freaking unbelievable… probably because his amazingly fit looking body made us all believe he’s tough as a horse and in top condition….

I just want to sleep it off, in hope that tomorrow , it will be said to be a bad nightmare!,  The black panther  star and crown  heir to  “wakanda” throne,he played James Brown, Brown King of Rock and roll also as Jackie Robinson,  first African American to play major baseball league, breaking all color barriers as a first in baseball history.

A fine , dedicated, first class quality actor, having  and showing a marvelous dexterous ability to transform into image of the roles he’s playing.  so amiable, talented, and yet so  humble, it hurts to talk about him in past tense! it just doesn’t seem right. Gone way too soon.I  was a big fan, and BOSEMAN, I  pray  you will no longer feel pains  and aches especially the ones no  one knew of  this world again.🙏🏾🙏🏾Rest in peace 💜You ll always live in our hearts 💕🌹💐

Millicent Olaghere Blast-ImageDiva

Your Image Matters ,So Live Excellently!

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2 thoughts on “CHADWICK BOSEMAN BOWS OUT at 43.”

  1. This is absolutely apt and exactly what millions are feeling presently! Even far away here in Africa, it’s like he is a brother who just left. We are totally shattered! RIP brother


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