Today as I watch the news reviews, I saw his mother , pleading for peaceful protests, it was ironic because I could tell her heart had been scattered in thousand pieces, the minute she receive that first ominous call. And then subsequent updates., But she wore a brave face today. What is it that gives black mothers so much courage, strength and hope in face of such devastating life changing tragic incidents? Its perplexing I agree. But if I put a finger on it, it will be right on the mark of their spirituality! The never given up faith in a God of Justice , Compassion and Recompence. Even when the created are depleted!

My heart bleeds, 💔because. a few days ago he was walking to his car, we’ve seen the video! But today he’s paralyzed from waist down.😔😪The call for domestic dispute, could have been resolved via dialog, Nay, it was a calculating attempt to murder another defenseless Black Man.Again, in Broaddaylight .And if you have a GOOD Conscience, You will CONDEMN THE EVIL officers with ulterior motives.






Millicent Olaghere Blast -ImageDiva

Remember your image matters so live excellently!.

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