Independent Follies
Cry my beloved Country America
You have been torned A.P.A.R.T.
At 244 , you’re definitely old enough to choose your own P.A.T.H
But your trail has left many to wonder if you’re
Nothing but bunch of PSYCHOPATHS
Since you seemed so consumed with injustice,
Inequality, racism and hate.
You need to change before its too late.
Younger generations are not only watching,
They’re ready to take this beyond the streets.
Perverted justice and molestations
Causing riots and Protestations
Lifestyle of desecration and Short-sightedness
Has made many lost in the wilderness
The elders flinch
The babies cringe
Nauseating stench of congealed blood mixed
with stress sweat, and vomit
Climb high to flare nostrils of man upstairs
In place of worship and Praise
Curses and Bloody Hands You Raise
Pride, Prejudice and Intolerance to other Race
Experts, around the world send counsel
But you clamp ears with soggy morsel
Beyond deaf, like stubborn Swine
Bent on self destruct Mission
Its impossible to see perfect Vision
The mapping and original path that the forefathers
Laid out 244 years ago, on the sacred seal of independence,
Sealed with salty tears and witnessed by dreamers
The statue of liberty was elected
And Democracy was birth.
So why are the lights dimmed instead of fireworks
You Spurn His Grace
And set the Holyland ablaze
You BIG disgrace
Why don’t you go on your kneels, on the alter not on the necks
You failed to SHOW and TELL the younger gen
About the Promise Land
The commandments of God
That came with Blessings of obedience
Where o’ where is your conscience?
Can you not see
Do you not know
Are your ears so short
The Walls are crumbling
And the center can no longer hold
Do not bring out the fancy dishes
Why do you celebrate hate
You should be praying and making sincere wishes
For a better future and learning the true meaning of Independence!
Millicent Olaghere Blast.

Remember your image matters so, live excellently!

ImageDiva Millicent Olaghere Blast

Author: allabouttheimagetoday

Life -Style Blogger, Creative Writer; Fiction & Non Fiction, Social Media Influencer, Motivational Coach, Event Hosting, Image branding and Public Relations management.

One thought on “July 4th 2020#INDEPENDENT FOLLIES”

  1. The poem reflects the current tension with where we are in America and where we need to be regarding justice race etc. Well done All about the Image!


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