SELFMADE :Madame C J Walker

SELFMADE!🎞📽📺🎬TRENDING NOW. Made me understand the  saying” some are called, but few are chosen!”.when you watch you too will understand.
How many have seen this incredible TV series trending on NETFLIX (actually made #1 mosy watched) .

it definitely stirred up some fire inside, making me more determined to go after mine!
Award winning Octavia Spencer (won several Globe ,Screen Actors  and Academy for her numerous supporting roles in The Help and  Hidden Figures)was absolutely awesome as Madame CJ Walker. The series is based on true life story of how Sarah Walker tired of being a clothes washerwoman , decided to sell Addie ‘s (played by Carmen Ejogo, she has a Nigerian Dad and  a Scottish  mom) hairgro products ,but was rudely rebuffed. So, she dared to pursue her dream. However , as in life, obstacles presented:betrayals,  plus  if her hopes of opening a factory or 10 cents stores, she would need endorsement of the Businessmen ,especially  the famous educator Booker T.Washington who didn’t mix words but let her know where “a woman’s place should be”!

Madame Walker overcame through rugged determination , and stubborn resolve , eventually becoming the first black selfmade millionaire; residing in same neighborhood as the wealthy Rockefeller in NYC.
Watch and see how her daughter played by comedian-actress Tiffany Haddish, surprised her when she eventually found her niche 👍. Definitely a five⭐⭐⭐⭐.🏆🏅👊🏽, and Oscar worthy !
The actors were all astounding,  especially my heart crush Blair Underwood , who was bad, yet I could see how he could have gone down the slippery path, based on the reality of his situation.
Enjoy the flick 🤩

By Millicent Olaghere Blast

Remember your image matters so live excellently!

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