It’s Official! With the exit of Austin Hooper out as a free Agent, leaving opening slot, FALCONS G.M , Thomas Dimitroff finished trade negotiations with BALTIMORE RAVENS, few days ago, announcing the newest arrival Hayden Hurst to ” Tighten the ends” of the Team”.

How many agree this is an excellent trade for ATL Falcons.⚽️ Though sports is not my forte’ I however had the privilege to listen in, as, an intelligent 26 year old Hurst humbly talked  on The Game radio 92.9,  earlier on March 20th, about how he plans to make a difference and “tighten ends” for the Falcons. He spoke briefly, but candidly, of now being 4 years sober.(Had previous alcohol issues during troubled teens). Also , mentioned was his previous impressive records of 44 passes, 559 yards 3, touchdowns in 2 seasons. 🎯⭐⭐⭐⭐I think this 6’5″ hunk is ready to Play Ball! I believe HURST is truly the needed Burst of Fresh energy required by FALCONS to take to championship.

The 6’5″ footer was a 2018 first round draft pick by the RAVENS after an outstanding career at University of South Carolina. From what I garnered, Hurst’s got talent, skills, depth, right mindset , energy and experience. According to NFL.Com report, He “earned a a 72.4 grade in Pro Football Focus for last years play, and ranked 14th among NFL tight ends.Now if that doesn’t make you excited, I wonder what will. 🤩🏆🎉🎉


Remember ,Your Image is Everything, So live Excellently!.

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