2019 -The GOOD, The BAD, SAD and, The INCREDULOUS


Apollo 11 marked 50 whooping years since man landed on space!what a fantastic accomplishment.

TYLER’S THE OVAL OFFICE AND SISTAS being shot in his prestigious Atlanta, GA Studios is an instant hit on the Tube.

This has been the year of Triumphant strides for the indefatigable successful writer and businessman Tyler Perry (MADEA FAME).PERRY was awarded his ” walk of fame’ square in Hollywood, with close Celeb friends and family in support, like Kerry Washington, IDris Elba .In same year gets his own street/exit in his home town ATL, and introduces two instant hit drama series:the Oval and Sistas on BET.Talk about Celebrating his 50th Birthday with Extravagant Pomp ,Style, and above all, seeing your dreams come to pass. Awesome!

TONI BRAXTON proved again she was irreplaceable as she not only came out looking Stunning in this revealing body hugging outfit that flattered her toned bomb-figure, but she also brought down the roof with her sultry and soulful renditions at the 2019 Soul Train awards.
SAY WHAT TIME IS IT? TIME TO JAM !!! JIMMY JAM AND TERRY LEWIS , and MORRIS DAY did their thing @ THE SOUL TRAIN AWARDS. Their Entertaining and production career dates over three decades, and have received several awards and recognition in past for their illustrious contributions to the Music and entertainment Industry.
Big Winners; Gospel Legend Yolanda Adams , with Iconic Music Producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, who received the Legend awards at 2019 Soul Train awards,
The 53rd COUNTRY MUSIC ANNUAL CMA awards was held in NASHVILLE, TN .This year it was hosted by TRIPLE Gorgeous country legends (albeit different generations) The sultry Dolly Parton, Soulful REBA McEntire and 7 times award winner ; incredibly talented Carrie Underwood.

Jennifer Lopez (JLO) and KeKe Palmer challenged themselves in their roles as strip-pole dancers and hustlers who swindled wealthy clients of millions of dollars in HUSTLERS (The movie was a model of real live daring stories that occurred in NYC around the span of 2008-2011).The movie grossed $105 million in US and over $156m worldwide.

THE WRETCHED BILLIONAIRE set in Africa , is one of the best soul searching novel of socio-political theme published and launched in 2019 .It is written by a brilliant mind , prolific prose writer AOIRI OBAIGBO


Glamorous, beautiful American actress Soul Diahann Carroll of 80’s DYNASTY Fame , and in JULIA (American sitcom , she was a widow raising her son “CORY” in positive manner). Passed on at age of 84. She worked in an era of racial, social and gender inequality, yet, she maintained her uncompromising Standards, dignity and, Class.

The Ugly:

Donald Trump becomes the 3rd US president to face Impeachment.(Others are Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton,president Nixon did face some formal charges also during his term. Though, none has been removed while in office because, it’s how the government was set up. Dec 10th 2019, the Speaker of House Nancy Pelosi ‘arch enemy ‘ of the president (no love lost between those two, obvious from their social media bantering) got her ‘ pound of flesh’, dripping with blood, as she slammed two articles of impeachment; one for “misuse and abuse of power” for pressuring Ukraine government to investigate his political competitors, while withholding $400m in security funds. The other article of impeachment was for Trumps disregard and “obstructing investigations” into his probe ;deliberating falsifying and refusing to cooperate with congress!

And to all of this, Trump dubs : “the greatest witch hunting in the history of united states”. And this : “greatest Hoax”,! What the future holds politically for this grandiose speaking, 45th president remains to be seen. One thing that’s for sure, time is no more on his side, literarily!



AT the NAACP awards , Big Winner TRACEE ELLIS ROSS star of hit award winning BLACK-ish T.V Drama , stands tall and ready to fly.

It was an eventful , interesting year 2019! The good, the bad,the Sad , the ugly, and the incredulous. Not all could be mentioned due to space constraint.

We hope for a better year 2020 with more positive news , less drama in the white house, Judiciary , legislative and law-making institutes. More productiveness, and affirmative actions in environmental climate change, reclaiming the ocean , waste reduction, recycling and re-newing our mindset.

Remember your Image matters, So live excellently!

Millicent Olaghere Blast

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