Gifts or Gift cards which do you really prefer for Christmas Holidays?

The Gifts or The Gift Card which would you really prefer? Christmas Holidays are around the corner, many, especially men, worry and get panicky over selecting the best or perfect gifts for that special somebody,children;spouse, siblings, colleague, neighbor, teacher and so forth. In the past, I was sentimental about gifts; I didn’t care if it’s from 1$ store , Walmart, Nordstrom or online i.e China, LoL😀. To me it was “the thought that matters”! That was then!😂Now I know better!!! My time is precious, not wasting time looking, queuing to buy something, only for that someone to return / exchange follow week. What about you, what are your plans this year? A piece of advice, No gift is perfect, just like no perfect humans out there, so relax, and if in doubt ask someone close to the one you are buying a gift for, or ask them what they will prefer, after all, its almost 2020 nothing surprises us anymore!.CHEERS !!🎄🛒🛍️🎁📱👗👔👖👞💍




Are Popular Gifts for Everyone.



The perfect Bustier Body Party dress for less than $100

Makeup for all ages, we love this!

Crack yourself and everyone up by sharing this hilarious, Laugh at Loud relationship advice book from, Comedian and The Real T.V talkshow Host, LONI LOVE. The reviews are wonderful. I have read it, and plan to again. LOVE obviously knows what she’s talking about. After lots of heartbreaks, she has finally found “the one”in JAMES WELSH, and is so happy , she can’t stop gushing, and sharing her joy with fans and friends on INSTAGRAM and other social media platforms.

If you are very religious or squeamish, let me warn you, there are some colorful choice words, so, don’t share jokes from this book, with the RABBI, REVEREND or PASTOR that comes to bless the FOOD

Find this book on Barnes and noble, Amazon and other Goodreads.(pricing may vary between $10.99-$20.00).

What ever you decide remember, there is someone out there, who wishes they were in your SHOES! So forget about the past, be in an Attitude of Gratitude, you made it this far, count your Blessings, sing along with others the Christmas carols. Try some thing new on the menu, make a new friend, be one, and most importantly, Keep HOPE alive!



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