SHE has what it takes; knowledgeable, courageous spirit, and a caring heart for the people! At 16, she has been making big Organizations, Politicians, World Leaders and Citizens take notice of the environmental threats for years! Fed up with the poor management of Global warming and Climate change issues, Thunberg from Sweden, decided to take matters into her own hands and invited other young followers to stage rallies that has the world talking and paying close attention!” This is not a drill”, she tells her listeners on Friday, in NYC after the rally at Battery park , NYC. Hundreds of thousands boycotted school, work and other activities to lend their voices and raise placards spelling out their concerns.

A young voice cried out, “just because we are not old enough to vote does not mean we have no voices”.


AT Capitol Hill hearing, she submitted an IPCC special report on Global warming, released October 8,2018 in place of her personal testimony, because; ” I don’t want you to listen to me, I want you to listen to the Scientists, then I want you to unite behind Science and then, I want you to take real Action!”


Louisiana Rep Garret Graves threw her a hypothetical question; “If you are sailing on a boat and picking up trash along the way, and for everyone piece you pick up, there’s another boat dumping five pieces of trash, how will that make you feel? “Greta did not stutter, Immediately responding with this impressive reply; If you use that Logic, then I am also dumping a lot of trash in the Ocean, I will stop dumping and tell the other boat to stop dumping their trash as well! (A brilliant reply, indicating that the way to change is to lead by example)! He probably expected her to say, “that would be frustrating”, or ” I will be mad” but she proved smarter!

Florida -D Rep Kathy Castor threw her another curve ball, with this; “Some people say that the U.S should not dramatically reduce our emissions because China and other Countries are not doing enough to reduce theirs .” Again, young Greta’s response (which got a lot of chuckles incidentally ) was full of wit and wisdom beyond her age .”I am from Sweden, a small country and there’s the same argument that ‘ why should we do anything, just look at U.S,’ they say, so that also has been used against you as well “. she added with a grin.

In a publication written by Jon Queally for CommonDreams. Org December 19,2018 , the teen described how “at the age of eleven, several years after learning about the concept of climate change for the first time, she fell into a depression and became ill. “I stopped talking. I stopped eating,” she explains. “In two months, I lost about ten kilos of weight. Later on I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, OCD, and selective mutism—that basically means I only speak when I think it’s necessary.”

To those who mock her illness and cause, she responds in mature reasoning , “they feel threatened by this movement, that means we’re making a difference! And this is only the beginning. ” warns the fearless teen.She may suffer some health disabilities, but this teenager is SHARP, ARTICULATE, QUICK , KNOWS THE PROBLEMS AND HAS SOLUTIONS , ALL SHE NEEDS NOW IS ACTION!

Above : Activist Greta and her Swedish Opera singer -Mom Malena and Dad Svante Thunberg author ,(our house is on fire), arts manager and producer (Scenes from the heart).

The environmental activist emphasized on importance of transparencies about the global warming and climate issues: “As it is now, people in general do not seem to be aware about the actual science and how severe the crisis is, so I think we need to inform them, and start treating this crisis like the existential crisis it is , and then, I think, People will start doing something about it!”

In less than a week, they have had organized #climatechange rallies in over” 163 countries ” and reportedly have had “4,638 events”. Some adults have also been quite supportive , especially Student groups, Labor and environmental organizations, humanitarians and other activists. I have no doubt we will be hearing from, and seeing more of Greta Thunberg!

From all I have observed , and researched so far , about her intellect, background, character, passion and personality, I will say this young lady can be president if she wanted to run someday! I WILL SAY FIRST RUN FOR CONGRESS GRETA, YOU CAN COUNT ON MY VOTE!.



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