Hustlers ! Just what we need to take our minds of the current Politicking and debates!
Actress Jennifer Lopez Jlo and keke Palmer recently sprung a surprise on their fans in the city; Time square atop a regular double – docker in NYC recently, while promoting the star packed movie, Hustlers is out this week.
Based on true story (first told in an article published in New York magazine by Jessica Pressler) , about , some street-smart Manhattan club strippers who pulled a fast one on unsuspecting Wall Street clients and, defrauded them. The buzz is on high alert that, this one is Oscar worthy !
And why not! A mixture of raw sex, sticky fingers, blazing stinking money, Fashion extravaganza , Greed, Clandestine maneuvers, throw in Raw Power and Dirty Dancing in sweaty silky lingeries whilst romancing the Poles and Viola!! what do you come up with? Like Jay-Jay would bell out with a clap of the hands; Dynomite!!!!!
The movie features an all Star cast including the Gorgeous ageless actress/music artist and Business woman Jennifer Lopez -Jlo as Ramona (leading the strippers), Actress Keke Palmer as Mercedes, Lili Reinhart-Annabelle,Julia Stiles as Jennifer, Constance Wu-as Destiny, and wait for it………yes Cardi -double- breasted B, is in the mix! what a sizzler! she plays Diamond, quite appropriate I’ll say. Another crowd favorite is Artist LIZZO who will definitely be Juicing up at the Theater!

When her younger co actor Keke Palmer asked JLO how she does it all and how it feels to know she is such a big influence to a lot of people? JLO modestly responded, “I just work hard everyday, and try not to mess up too much”, she laughed.

Then she revealed something that PALMER probably was unaware until then.” I played a big part in deciding who was going to play your role.You probably don’t know, but when they asked me who I thought would be right for that part, I immediately said your name, I said get that girl , KEKE. and it was done girl!” And Just like that, thanks to JLO’s magnanimity , KEKE PALMER got the ROLE as Mercedes.On hearing this details, PALMER did look a little surprise , but obviously appreciative of the recommendation, from the American idol Judge. I however, wondered though, if perhaps that was the right place or moment to disclose information of that nature.

While speaking to a magazine rep earlier, JLO talked briefly of preparing for the role of RAMONA and Pole dancing. She lets in that it’s not as easy as it looks.

“It takes so much upper body strength and leg strength and core strength,.you are spinning around so much, it requires skill.”she added.

I think there’s nothing ‘ Jenny from the Block ‘ cannot achieve when she sets her mind to do it; that is how she danced and sang her way up to win 315 awards and over 415 nominations, including MTV, Billboard, and Amercan Music awards, and 2 Guiness records!!! Not to mention being a pioneer AMERICAN IDOL judge.



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