Does the 45th President need an Intervention?

Send her back? Back to where? It’s all over the news outlets, and social media, everyone is talking about the raucous during the president’s recent campaign rally in, N.C of which, I am absolutely disappointed at the 45th handling of the situation.The chant “Send her back” was referring to Trumps tweet on Sunday (though no mentioned names at the time) to certain congress women, he tweeted;

go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came, then come back and show us how it’s done”. He claimed he did not agree to the chants, yet ,it  was he who began with this inciteful remarks;”They don’t love our country, they hate our country, you know what? If they don’t love it, tell them to leave it”!

A news reporter from NBC-news states; “racial resentment isn’t just a part of President Donald Trump’s re-election strategy for 2020. It is the heart of that Strategy‘.(Jonathan Allen.July 18, 2019).

The reverberating chants “send her back” was similar to the humiliating, chant”Lock her up! “Lock her up” during the heated 2016 Election campaign against Presidential aspirant Hilary Clinton).

MinnesotaRep. Ilhan Omar

Photo Credit / Reuters

I believe he’s a fascist”Minnesota Democrat Rep Ilhan Omar responded .In an Impromptu news conference she addressed the crowd of reporters and cameramen. ” I am not scared ,not for her safety she explained. “What I am scared for is , the safety for people who share my identity, this is not about me. This is about fighting for what this country should be, and what it deserves to be.” (curtesy THE HILL.COM)

It is no secret that the President has been verbally insulting to many journalists and the media organization and even his members of cabinet. It’s no wonder the high turn-over.He loves the limelight and attention, but when they publicize what he does wrong, he calls it “fake news”, and goes on a Tweeting rampage! like when he disagrees with anything written abut him or his handling of the Government as Chief of staff. He has been verbally insulting to CNN Anchor man Don Lemon who he called in his tweets “dumb as a rock” and “Sour Don Lemon”. And mocking former V.P Biden’s exit of 2008 race due to low score in Iowa, he called him “1 percent Biden”.And with former adviser Omarosa who decided to write a” tell all” he tweets that she’s “Wacky and deranged” and a “crazed, crying lowlife “(the 12/26/2018-Trumps most memorable insults) .To speaker of house Nancy Pelosi he refers as  “Crazy Nancy” who responded that Trump needs an #intervention!

I believe what is best for this Great country of “Ours” is a Leader who strongly believes in the equality of all persons and in inclusiveness , not divisiveness.Also lead by example. Slow to speak, using wisdom and weighing your words, not quick to fight back but accept criticism as a catalyst for positive change. Lets show our children and this generation, that we can disagree without going to war on each other. Lets be more tolerant and learn to deal with the Elephant in the room and not choose to ignore it’s existence.



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