The Naughtiest Queen -Bachelorette Hannah Brown Lives Her fantasy!

Though she was already bearing the titles; American model , reigning Alabama Beauty pageant , the 24 years young woman who was recently introduced to the rest of the world by ABC BACHELOR show host Chris Harrison , appeared extremely shy, awkward even, unable to make coherent sentences once it was announced to her via facetime that she was going to be the Bachelorette for season 15. She blamed it on excitement, nerves , and stress from previous Bachelor season , where she felt she and the bachelor had something strong going , but alas, Colton Underwood’s heart was elsewhere! He literally jumped the fence for Cassie , who ironically was not even sharing the same feelings at the time)

In the “women tell all ” during Underwood season, AlabamaHannah (Instagram nickname) spoke with ET:”I was genuine about how I felt, I stayed true to myself and allowed everyone to kind of see every part of me…..the good and the bad”I really believe in this process and I do think I can fall in love here and find that person, then she adds, I think it will be damn entertaining.”

If you have not been following, you have missed a whole lot and will have to go on demand to catch up on previous episodes and be up to speed!. One thing I can confirm however, is , Hannah Brown who once confessed to Harrison, during the very first episode of her season 15, that she was so nervous she didn’t know what to do with her hands, has exceeded her promise to entertain viewers. Either she was trying to pull a wool over her audience then, or she is a super fast leaner, I can’t tell. But I haven’t missed a single episode this season. I make darn sure the phone is muted, and that I have eaten an early dinner. so minimal disturbance as I watch the two hours of unbelievable drama unfold; with intrigues, scheming, young sweaty hot dudes doing all sort of activities, games and stuff,to win the affection of the single most wanted lady so they can get “her Rose” . Of course , with over two dozen men under the same roof, there’s a lot of intriguing, conspiring , shenanigans, taking place. various contests, shows, one on one dates, allure of travelling and visiting different exotic and romantic cities, Lush high class restaurants and amusement lounges, is sufficient cause for rivalry, jealousy, especially on the side of shady Luke Parker, who everyone but, Hannah could see that he was up to no good. Luke P acted childish, self-centered, with temper tantrums, even capable of violent acts (sending one of the contestants to hospital with injury during a challenge, and manipulative behavior towards his fellow contestants.

I liked Peter Weber the pilot, I sensed he was emotionally stable. He always seemed so unruffled and charming. Though I have a feeling, she’s more carried away by his profession and not his personality, or chemistry. she appears to like the ‘bad boy’persona. Garret was also a worthy contender, the one with whom she plunged naked from hundreds of feet at exotic European city Riga in LATVIA. I had a feeling he also was there for the right reasons. I doubt Jed the struggling artist was there for her hand in marriage, (he had an unfinished episode, something to do with still having a girlfriend back home).That’s not to say, Cupid and Fate cannot work something magical and thrust those two together. Then again , the apparent lack of enthusiasm from Jed’s family especially his sister Lilly and their mom will sooner douse that flame!

Hannah shocked many of us by going bungee jumping naked ,tied to equally naked contestant Garret! I don’t particularly buy her reasoning; “Today Garret and I are taking a leap of faith for love!” it made me wonder about her so called faith. she compares it to falling in love. ” It’s like falling in love, you are terrified but , you’re also excited that you took the risks.” I guess since Colton Underwood jumped a high fence, what could top that , if not falling hundreds of feet from the sky butt-naked-strapped to equally naked man , you already knew was not the one! And the plot thickens! How far will they go for ratings!.

Speaking on taking chances and evolving she explains her actions to the ABC Video documentary session,” In the pasts, I have always let my fear of what people think of me control me ,now, I just want to live in the moment and do what feels right, No fear”.

In a preview of the up coming episode , ABC titled it; This is the episode that will exceed all your sexpectations : The 2018 ALABAMA Beauty pageant Queen has a showdown with boyfriend Luke P for daring to confront her on allegations that she has had sex with a contestant. Unabashedly , she retorted that even her husband would not ask her about such, then confirmed the allegation by admitted to having sex with a contestant in the windmill saying “I f-ked in a windmill, and guess what? we did it a second time! she added for those who may wonder about her professed faith “Jesus still loves me”!

I have no doubt it will take more than having sex with someone you barely know, to make Jesus stop loving you! Jesus is Love personified! But come on, Queen, you have young aspiring Queens watching the family show. it’s one thing to make a mistake, but another thing to boast about your indiscretion and pretend its only your business. Guess what?, It stopped being all about you since May 2019.

Photos of Garret and Hannah holding on tightly as they jumped from the copter in LATVIA in a spirit free-hair-raising adrenaline pumping plunge!(the average bungee jump is reported 720 ft)!

What amazes me is this, having gone through such a unique adventure with Garret in Riga LATVIA bungee-jumping in the nude strapped tightly together and all the soul searching conversations on trust and liberation, ,airing out , I was absolutely shocked that he didn’t get a rose during the rose ceremony that week. Instead, Luke P “the villain” gets a rose! Incredible spin! Which makes me wonder, does she really know what she wants, or is this just one big adventure ? could this really be a pathway which will help her find her soulmate? if so, which of the four left LUKE PARKER, PETER WEBER, JED WYATT and TYLER CAMERON will be the charming King for the ALABAMA Beauty Queen? (or did you think one little indiscretion will dethrone a Queen, this is not Vanessa Williams season, this is the modern times people!)

She seems to be handling her critics with humor, just like her response to former bachelor NICKVIALL , NYC. Instagram posts on Wednesday July 10 (incidentally has had over 123,254 likes) where he jokingly writes; “Just had lunch in a windmill, said the season 21 bachelor, displaying a photo of him and a smiling Tyler Cameron. Hannah added a comment; ” Ahh yes, I highly recommend the windmill; its a great place for a mid-day snack.”

Can someone please tell the Beautiful Bachelorette, that a real lady will not feel the necessity to jump out and save herself each time someone throws a jive at her. ROLL TIDE, let it RIDE! Every storm has a season, this too shall pass.

Luckily for HANNAH, JESUS is also an expert at calming Storms.


Remember, Your Image Matters, So Live Excellently!

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