THE MET GALA 2019-The Surprises, who shocked us, and, who wore it best!

Feather Feather everywhere

Everyone bought their fair share

To The red carpet Affair

Feather Feather everywhere

yet not enough to cover the rare

by Millicent Olaghere Blast

Every year the Metropolitan Museum of Arts choose a theme for their Gala to raise funds to support the Costume Institute of Arts and Culture. The 2019 MET Gala theme was a nod from Susan Sontag first book of essays ; Camp: Notes on Fashion .The late American writer, filmmaker, philosopher and, political activist expressed the importance of seeing the world, not just in a singular aesthetic form of beauty, but also, as an ‘artifice of stylization’! She emphasized the significance of drawing on the’Extra’; taking a closer look at the unnatural elements and exaggerations.

It is a Red carpet affair. And, because it is an invitation only event, (though it cost guests $30.000 per head), there are mostly celebrities, fashion biggest names, top designers and models, and other special VIPs at what is considered the “biggest , baddest event in history of Fashion fundraiser.” Established by Eleanor Lambert, a Fashion Publicist, as fundraiser support for the MET institute; the first Gala held was a dinner in 1948. Each guest paid $50 for a ticket. This year like previous, it was held in New York; cocktail hour kicks off, then dinner is followed by the exhibits.

They came out in their unique ensembles, famous faces in Arts, Film, Fashion and, Music industries; some stole our hearts, others rode on them, and, many ripped it right off ! Okay, perhaps I exaggerate a little. But if the instructions were CAMP : Notes on Fashion, I say, this was a long drawn one! And not, just in cursive! It was a full blown expository! It was humor personified!

In her review ‘Extreme one -upmanship on the 2019 MET GALA Red Carpet; the New York Times chief fashion critic, Vanessa Friedmann described the parody artifice and, elements of exaggeration in this way “the dress code may have been studied triviality, but it’s expression was most often extravagant literalism.” In simpler terms, it means: interpreting from the basic to an extraordinary place!.

Celine Dion in her Dignified Platform;

The undisputed fashion diva, singer-songwriter, mother, business lady All- by- her- self, reigns on the red carpet! Meet the Queen who has it all: $$$ (over $700 million of it) , exquisite fashion style, energy, she’s practically unstoppable, who only last year completed eight years residency in Las Vegas at Ceasers Palace.

Jared Leto-American actor and singer -vibrant and dominant fashion warrior in red! Never one to shy from challenging projects went for shock-appeal, distinctively taking not just matters of ‘the Camp’, but his own head in his hands! well as long as it his head!

Michael Urie is -all appealing! The Ugly Betty star is refreshingly amusing; as he seems to translate the theme, when in doubt go for all!

Gaga changed four times at the 2019 MET Gala. She appeared in a voluptuous tent like, pink ensemble, face elaborately made up, with extensive fake lash drawn. it required 6 tuxedo clad men to assist. Next was a strapless black ball gown. I loved the style but, feel she looks better in bright colors like Red , Pink, or electric Blue. The third was another pink, more fitted to her curves. I loved the strapless style and fit.

According to ;”Gaga made an entrance that is bound to go down in red carpet history”. Harpers writes;”if you are still unsure about what camp fashion is , allow Lady Gaga to show you how it’s done”!

We are all familiar with Gaga’s extravagant style or excesses; the unforgettable infamous ‘meatdress ‘ in 2010, at the MTV video awards that irked not only vegetarians but shocked thousands worldwide. In 2011 she made a spectacular entrance carried shoulder high, inside a ‘giant egg ‘ along the red carpet. She definitely makes great contributions to history. Before all of this striking caricature portrayals, I have loved all her music; the originality, energy and vibe is infectious. ‘Poker face , ‘Just dance‘ and ‘born this way‘ are my favorites. I admire her strong personality and courageous spirit in face of adversity. Her ability to try new stuff like acting, and not giving up on romance is remarkable. Gaga deserved the nomination in a Star is Born; what a compelling delivery. However, (bet you saw that coming), as much as I applaud Gagas bold sense of innovative approach, and originality , I draw a line on poor or lack of judgement! Without bias I will score an individual big when they apply some elements of sensitivity, dignity, and, morality in their lifestyle choices. can you apply all of those elements and still be popular, sexy and rule the red carpet? sure you can, Demi did it, Ciara did, JLO, Jenner sisters, Naomi Campbell and hundreds of others did.

Being a celebrity, or someone with a significant office comes with a high level of responsibility. There are those who love you and what you represent, then there are those who are pretentious and will edge you on, not telling the whole truth, because they stand to gain. And then, their are the neutrals who just want whats best for every one. sometimes, it may seem as if your life is no longer yours. Everyone has something to say, especially the unsolicited advise or critics. It naturally comes with the territory .one must learn to walk elegantly , with dignity while wearing his or her crown even when it pinches. By no means must you allow your extremities multiply , be seen or interpreted as cool by your younger fans, who see you as mainly a role model, absolutely adore , and want to emulate you. Imitation is said to be best form of a compliment.

KIM KADARSHIAN- Stunning in this risque’ ensemble.

Suggestively, interpreting the notes on fashion. I must admit she looks quite striking ,and well proportioned in that costume designed by Thierry Mugler. I learnt it took eight whole months to make . So worth it! Almost like a chiseled sculpting. I love the elements of water droplets, very creatively done Kim.

GWYNETH- in pale yellow Chloe design 2019 MET Gala.

Apparently she wanted to go low key noticeable in this boring maxi dress, that did nothing for her fantastic skintone or, personality. In 2013 the talented actress went to the MET Gala in a fabulous , head-turning pink Valentino ball gown,but complained afterwards to USA today correspondent that she did not enjoy herself. “I ‘m never going again. It was so unfun,it was boiling. I did not enjoy at all.”

A hollywoodgossip commentator wrote afterwards “Sorry it was so hot Gwyneth!”He wondered why she would “whine about a prestigious event with free food, free alcohol and beautiful clothing at one of country’s most famous museums”! Well I certainly side with Gwyneth, understanding how easily ones statement can become twisted or misrepresented by some. she probably didn’t mean it the way it was interpreted . People must not be too fast to jump into conclusions! it does now explain why she decided to tone it down this year doesn’t it. That’s why we should never say never.It comes back and bites one in the butt! Gwyneth in my assessment is a Hollywood diva who has earned her stripes; all she was dishing was her honest feedback, which would serve the Museum well to take into consideration for future planning. You can’t enjoy yourself if, a place is too cold or hot. For your information, the event isn’t free, the guests have to pay for tickets.This year was a whooping $30,000 each.

Gwyneth before photo in 2013 MET GALA -In fabulous Pink Valentino .

Darren Criss – (who played Andrew Cunanan in The assassination of Gianni Versace -he won an Emmy for that role) looks very charming and, confident in this inspiring embroidered , jeweled costume.

There were so many inspiring designs and, lovely people , but I am unable to feature every one. I however, want to use this medium to applaud all the hosts and everyone who worked tirelessly to ensure that the theme Camp: notes on fashion, was translated in a seamless manner that also honors the memory of the essayist Susan Sontag .


Remember, Your Image Is Everything , So Live excellently!

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