MET GALA 2019 -Camp: Notes on Fashion- The Outstanding 12 Best Dressed.

There were hundreds of famous well dressed individuals, and couples in fabulous costumes at the Prestigious MET GALA. It was very tough to narrow down to twelve. Regardless of whether or not they wore modernist, classic, timeless, vintage , avant garde or renaissance ,the age of style did not affect this decisions. These are the exclusive ones who in my honest opinion, which of course, may vary from general popular views, are the ones that slayed and, definitely rocked in their designer ensembles on May 6, 2019 ,at the metropolitan of Art, New York, NY. The three compelling factors I used as criteria are:

Evocativeness ; Is it compelling, sustaining and, arresting our attention or arousing curiosity? And is it memorable?

Creativity; the extent of thought and time put into it. Did the colors work fine together on the personality ? was it exquisitely bold, garish, dull or just bland?

Comfortability; did the individual or couple look awkward or comfortable in their choice ? did the walking or strutting on the Red Carpet seem cumbersome or effortless?

# 1 Jennifer Lopez-JLO and Her fiance’ Alex Rodriguez-A-Rod

This beautiful couple wins my #1 vote for not just meeting and surpassing criteria above, but for the time, efforts and WORK invested . All you have to do is, go to you tube to watch a video where A-Rod described it in his own words, right in front of a camera. He narrates the ordeal they (mostly him) went through by omission of food for 24 hours, strict diet, vigorous exercises, running in Central Park so he can fit into the handsome pink Versace size 44 Tuxedo. (He originally wears a size 48)!

I was required to loose 6.5 Lbs no carbs, no sugar, yoga day and night. I used to exercise for big games against Red Sox, now I exercise not to look fat at the MET Ball”!

Three days to the Gala, he checked in on the video report saying: “I have this pink tuxedo Jennifer and Versace is making me wear, I can’t eat, I have to drink lots of water and tea. I’m starving but I can’t eat.” He lamented that he had not had his favorite steak in four days, which made him ”angry”. “I looked at myself last Sunday night baseball……..I looked like I got hit, ran over by an 18 wheeler”!

You can tell though that the couple is in love, and , he would do anything to please his famous fiancee’. But I wondered if, he pushed himself way too much. It sure doesn’t sound much like fun to me, the whole prep thing. And for the record, as long as you are healthy, remember, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes; being slimmer has advantages, however, loosing extra lbs should not be done in extreme manner, unless of course your health depends on it, and you have expert medical supervision, then, by all means.

A-Rod however had a plan to binge after the event; “we are going to the hood, there’s this great place with the best Pizza and , I am gonna eat an entire box.! ” I was hoping he’d say four boxes of pizza, even I, can eat a whole box! I think, Lol. Unfortunately that plan fell through! After the event, he was so tired that, all he wanted was sleep. “my bed is calling me right now,” he told a reporter. No surprises there. Hunger would definitely do that to you. But they achieved their main purpose I guess. Both looked tres’ magnifique!.I wonder if A-Rod plans to keep the 6.5 lbs off long term!

The Pressure To Look Thinner on The Red Carpet

According to A-Rod, 69 people all together teamed up to achieve the wining look on day of event. 14 people worked on JLO’s hair style! He said, she did not need it, “if she needs a wig, I need a Mask ” he teased. JLO stood out in her beautiful versace, plunging vicariously in front .Her back cut low, a long thigh-high side slit showed off her toned legs. Nesting on her neck, was a prestigious Harry Winston jewelry. JLO dripped with iridescence, from head to toe. In her 6 inch high-heels, everything dazzled!. Her Knight in shinning pink of whom she recently engaged, also shone but it cost him more than the prize of his pink suit.

#2 Cara Delevingne -Sheer ARTitude!

The colorful stripes was delightful. Cara in Dior Haute Couture looked spectacular in her rainbow ensemble from 2019 Dior spring collection. The English model and actress represented the essence of the theme to the T! Artsy and tastefully executed. I loved it.

# 3 Demi Moore-An Angel in Black.

The american actress is stunning in a plunging fitted, long black gown. At 56 , she flaunts, because she’s got it all; the figure, boldness, stride,talent, beauty, and the ‘It’ factor.

#4 Ciara-The Green Goddess!

She looked fierce and fiery , a goddess trailing in sparking , feathery emerald green. With that fantastic athletic figure and ,a standout huge fro- hair , she was a real diva working the red carpet as only a Pro can! Guess what? The 33 year old ,Grammy nominated artist, mother of two, married to Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson absolutely nailed it.

# 5 Janelle Monae’Uncompromisingly flamboyant.

The american singer, songwriter and, rapper arrived in impressive bold color blocks, black, white, pink and red lips. She boldly incorporates the artifice, resonating the theme of this year’s event Camp: Notes of fashion in an unforgettable and , very stylish form. The eye popping look was a mechanical work of act that fluttered mischievously. And you have to be blind to miss the body part where it’s strategically placed. She topped it off, with a delicate pile of hats , made by milliner Sarah Sokol. I learnt she later switched to a simpler number for the “after parties”.

#6 The Couple Gabrielle Union and Duane Wade-OUTSTANDING

This two sure know how to make an entrance, with their warm personality and love of the limelight, his court side showmanship and, maneuvers and, Gabrielle’s modelling advantage, it was easy to standout.In this sparkling diamond crusted ensembles ; capes ‘n’ all, they looked very attractive like dark knights in shimmering armor, and who can miss her sexy leather gloves. Gabby seem to have eyes only for her man , as they enjoyed their evening out without their children. who can blame her.

#7 Seth Meyers and his wife Alexi Ashe looked refreshingly charming.The red sash, gives a royal touch.

#8 Gwen Stefani-No Doubt about it-She Reigns

The 49 year singer -songwriter is in a long fur cape Moschino ,sparkling embellished body suit, jewelry and fish net . She sings :”Don’t speak, I know what you thinking”, but I bet she doesn’t really know we are only thinking ,” what a fabulous queen she really is” , in this sophisticated costume, which compliments her personality so well.

#9 Micheal B. Jordan -Conquers again!

The actor was looking dapper and suave in a black over -all Coach, delicately embellished, with sparkling accessories. His stand out Piaget watch was visible under the sleeve.

#10 Gemma Chan Elegance and Sophistication.

Style fit for a crowned Queen. Perhaps the reason isn’t far. Tom Ford was the designer behind this stunning ensemble. The head piece, choice of sparkling metallic silver, and the fitting was elegantly executed on the Crazy Rich Asian Star. Definitely on the winning Camp.

#11. ZendayaBewitching in Flawless Cinderella ball gown. by Tommy Hilfiger. Her stylist helped her transition into the role by playing the fairy god parent , Law Roach was waving a magic wand consistently, as she worked the room. To add to the intriguing story line, Zedaya left one of her shoes on the steps, at the MET gala.

# 12 Katie Perry- american pop singer brings in the FIREWORKS

As a successful best selling artist, and currently one of the american Idol judges, she is idolized by fans worldwide and used to having all eyes on her. Katy arrived in this three -layered candlesticks, chandelier costume ,to the 2019 MET gala. Because, it must have been cumbersome to pull off, she’s my 12th pick. However, this 13th times Grammy awards winner, has mastered the act of ruling the Red Carpet for a long time, as such, requires no help in navigating the territories. And, despite being worth over $330 million, Katy remains a humble and, childlike spirit. She never ceases to amaze her fans, who absolutely love her creativity and, other talents. A fun personality , with innovative fashion sense; often dying her hair in intense colors: green, purple , pink and, Lavender.


Remember Your Image Is Everything , So live Excellently!

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