Mothers day last minute shoppers, no need to panic! Here is a review of 25 irresistible, awesome fragrances.

Moms are irreplaceable, biological or otherwise. They should be celebrated every chance we get, not only on mothers day. Hence, I took the time to go out and about, to read up ,and compare notes with experts in the industry and get consumers feedback. Together with my own personal experiences of my favorite Parfums, here are my count down. I shall lead with fragrances that more youthful moms lean towards, followed by the ones more mature moms seem to enjoy most. But before the list, assuming for some reasons, you are unable to read till the very end, please take note of this important tip; If it has the following notes whether Top, Heart, or Base, it will smell appealing to Mom:’Patchouli’,’Jasmine’,’Sandalwood’,all Musks’, ‘Rose’,Peony’,’Bergamot’, and ‘Mandarin.’Now you are good to go.

Remember fragrances blends with individual body chemistry, so what works well for A , will not be exact on B.If you follow these suggestions and mom is happy please share the experience later with us. If Mom is not happy, perhaps it was due to bad traffic, crowded restaurant, gas irritation, or you got there pretty late. (Just kidding! we’ll love to read about it too.) which reminds me, for those dining out, please make reservations early, to avoid waiting on long lines.


If you want mom to give you a big hug on her special day, then arrive at the door with JOY, not just on your face , with the bottle by DIOR. This fragrance is unabashedly sultry, feminine, and its mixed florals gives a crisp clean freshness. Other notes are bergamot, musk, rose, jasmine and sandalwood. Though new, you can find this easily and affordable too.Try Sephora, Ulta, Macy’s ,Nordstroms, Saks, or Neimans.


While doing my review at MACY’s, Atlanta, GA, I took a spritz on my wrist and exclaimed in excitement, it was a captivating rush to my senses and a definite love at first sight! light, fresh scent, flirty and has obvious agreeable notes : sweet pea, musk, and bergamot. I recommend for women of all age categories, but more for the modern young at heart.


Also by same designer CHOO. It is packaged in a light pink bottle, with a unique pink cap.Soft, caressing, far more spirited ,and definitely audacious, for women who are bold and sexy, kinda like what actress Kerry Washington of Scandal, or american songwriter Kelly Clarkson would wear.Top notes: bergamot (you guessed it), hibiscus flower (hibiscus is so versatile, I just recently had one as tea).The middle notes include; peony, nectarine,and the base ;musk and cedarwood.


The sophisticated designer is one of my favorite. I absolutely adore her taste in fashion, and style. I also love her classic 212.However, this is a groundbreaking fragrance, hidden in a mirage of sleek midnight blue glass, and tall thin gold heels ,from which flows the juices of GOOD and Evil.

Each Spritz releases an evocative ,and provocative element of the dual complexities in a woman’s nature; The naturally good, and the when I am so bad, I am Evil. I don’t have to spell which mom gets this gift, you already know! Tonka beans, almonds, tuberose and jasmine are some obvious notes.


This oriental scent evokes a seductive fusion of jasmine, centifoliarose, orchid, ballerina freesia and, a base of patchouli. So captivating, it’s easy to succumb in sweet surrender to this seductive scent. I should know , I wore it for years! You can find it wherever quality fragrances are sold.


There are four of them,(Tendre, Fraichae,Vive and Regular Chance.) my two favorites are CHANCE Eau Tendre -pink bottle and Eau Fraiche’ in green.The green is more citrus, minty and fruity, I lean more towards Tendre which has more woodsy, teakwood, jasmine and citron .Every mom will love this clean, fresh parfum because she can wear to work, around kids, running errands, practically any where ,because its not overpowering, and its reasonably priced.


If I am compelled to list only ten of my favorite parfums ever, PRADA -milano, the green bottle (les infusions de iris) will make the list. I live to wear that fragrance. But as you know, women need to take a break even from things they love. Just for a short while. I hope they never discontinue that fragrance! Candy is the Pink one and it is tropical, also fun, flirtatious, and ,just as seductive. The notes include caramel, vanilla, musk, and a tinge of orange. You can get a value set if you hurry, at Macy’s ,Saks Fifth Ave, Dillards, Nordstroms or at Sephora from $76.

L’ambre des merveilles eau de parfum BY HERMES’

For about $100 or less you can get a value size. There are several HERMES’ , I have yet to see any I did not like, but my favorite is the orange which I wore faithfully about 10 years back. Its alluring , lingering scent is not overwhelming, it’s a sophisticated brand and any mom will be impressed by this Perfume. I will play it safe and shop at Amazon, Saks, Neimans, or Nordstroms and perhaps ,Fragrance .net for this.

La Vie est Belle BY LANCOME

Translates to ‘ Life is beautiful’ in french. Has oriental twist of goumand, natural praline and iris notes. Also sweet patchouli and vanilla are key ingredients. I recommend this for any age Mom. Actress Julia Robert(Pretty woman) is a model and , representative for this fragrance. it’s in most malls and online stores.


Intoxicating fruits fusion and florals dazzle the olfactory senses! Wild berries, jasmine, vanilla, honeysuckle, amber, caramel and rose gives the gardenia allure. Base has sandalwood and praline. Also comes in travel size,.Be careful, there are many Juicys out there; OUI, Gold and Couture Couture. But I recommend the popular Viva la juicy in gold-ish bottle.Try Sephora, Ulta, Macys’,Nordstroms, Dillards, Amazon, or Fragrance Net.


Fresh, Floral and ,flirtatious are some words to describe this parfum. New to me, but once I got a wimff, I was sold. Pear, freesia, patchouli, basil and mandarin, are some intrinsic notes. It emanates a sensual , earthy note fusing with jasmine, rose, blush suede, red apple, and peony. For the modern mom, youthful at heart. You can purchase at Sephora or Macy’s.


Another winner! Has been here for quite a while, a classic by all standards. If your mom or the woman in your life loves lightweight florals, feminine sweet and spicy fragrances, this is it! It has warm oak moss, peony,rose, freesia, magnolia, and mirabelle plum notes. Contained in a rosy beige bottle it looks presentable. Look for the original in square shape, with vertical lines running down the glass.


This is a popular one, unless you are not a fragrance lover. The sparkling fusion of floral and fruits agrees with most womens body chemistry, it’s a great one to wear to work because its light and fresh, yet smells appealing. In a meeting for instance ,it won’t be offensively strong. Plus, it wears long. Fresh Cedar, jasmine, bamboo, white rose , musk, cederwood and amber are some distinct notes.


The Pink bottle consistently has rave reviews . An international bestseller. I have been privileged to wear this, and its very pleasurable and intoxicating. Makes you feel ultra feminine and sophisticated. The bottle is beautifully designed , even when empty, you hate to part with it. Find it at Macy’s, Sephora, Amazon or Fragrance

Coco Mademoiselle eau de Parfum BY CHANEL

Timeless! A classic; one that has been a standard for years, loved by millions of women all over the world. Can be worn year round. High breed sophistication. Coco intense is for the charismatic, elegant woman. Newly reformulated, more florals,citrus-Peach rose,jasmine blend. Patchouli is of course , still a contending note. one or two spritz last whole day or evening. Splurge on this beauty. Sells between $115-225.00.(1.7oz/3.4oz) While looking at this, also sample Miss Dior, also by CHANEL, at Macy’s, Nordstroms, Neimans, Amazon or


Released in 1996 by perfumer Jacques presents another timeless CHANEL fragrance. One of my many favorites. Has all three “S”; seductive, sweet and spicy. Plus, it is long lasting. I love to wear it to sleep after an evening shower for sweet dreams.$135-$258


Seductive opulence; strong, sexy and powerful notes. It can be intoxicating, probably too strong for younger moms. This beauty is for the experienced mature woman who has earned her stripes! It exudes high energy, and can be addictive once you start to wear. Top notes are coffee bean, jasmine and vanilla. A review on this from google express reads: “I was lucky to receive a 90ml size bottle of Black Opium as a gift for mothers day finally! It was well worth the wait and lives up to the hype and expectations”!.

L” eau d’issey BY ISSEY MIYAKE

Delicate Rose, lotus, pure lily, peony creates fresh clean floral scent. For the sensitive, gentile soul, who walks the earth as though butter won’t melt in her tongue. Also a good honeymoon stash. $105 ,and usually sets come with gifts with purchase.


And you wonder why women are unpredictable? This is one designer who knows the workings of a womans’ body and mind. His range is limitless, Givenchy has managed to capture the Spirit of the woman over the years!. He creates absolutely fabulous timeless pieces, with great thought process; clothing, purses and unforgettable fragrances. With remarkable fragrances as these, who needs logic? L’Interdit devys modern convention. it’s recreated from the 1957 version.You can catch notes of bergamot, amber in this relaxing scent.$116.00, Most reviewers gave it 5 stars. One customer observed that it doesn’t last long, but majority loves it.


The list will be incomplete without one of my very best parfums. This is the one I got the most compliments for , especially from other women. That speaks volumes! The shooting star-shaped blue bottle is refillable. Notes includes: madarin, orange, bergamot, melon coconut, and cassia. Heart notes are apricot, blackberry, plum, lily of the valley and rose.Base has patchouli, musk, wait for it, dark chocolate ,vanilla and caramel.Delicious.!

COACH New York

Forget this one , and I’ll be banned for sure, from re- entering the sex in the city fashion trailblazing city of New York. phew!! Coach is for the futuristic, upwardly, mobile mom. I can totally see Gabrielle Union -Wade wearing this , or actress Jennifer Garner. The sexy, alluring, dreamily soft florals fuses with citrus, rose tea, jasmine and peppercorn in radiating effervescence. Dry down notes are woody , patchouli and musk.


Fresh scent, I received one as a gift for 2018 Christmas, and just finished the bottle. I loved it. To me ,it’s more like a springy or summery fragrance because of its lightweight, sweet breezy florals. so sweet eau de toilette 3.3oz $104


SI means Yes . Say Yes to this intriguing, sexy fragrance by another expert designer in all things beautiful. I said Yes to this parfum the very first time I laid my eyes on it! I felt lightheaded and giddy with excitement from the first wimff. It is one of the perfumes I am using presently, another Christmas gift from a lovely friend. I recommend it for the woman who is Stylish ,Charming and Confident.Top notes: Black currant, orange blossom, and base vanilla.others; mandarin oil, amber, musk and patchouli.


The spell was cast 66 years ago. (1953). This phantom of youth was created first, as sweet smelling oil that captures, and traps youthful glow in a magical bottle .It was an immediate bestseller. Women worldwide did not wait for that special man to purchase as gifts, they ensured there was always a back up. later reformulated to parfum, the magic lingers still! Great job Estee Lauder for preserving this heritage of excellence.Rich spices, precious woods includes; geranium ,amber, moss,vetiver,sandalwood and rose. It scores 5 out of 5 stars 100% in reviews. But be careful not to spray directly on clothing, especially light colors. Though it’s called Youth Dew, the younger mom may wrinkle her nose at this. best to gift this to a much more senior or mature Lady. Relatively affordable at $40. However, some imitations are circulating, so be sure to get yours from a reliable company like Macy’s, Belk, Nordstroms , Walmart, or Neimans.


What a journey! I hope it was as enjoyable for you as it was for me….I leave you for now, with the 25th fragrance, definitely not least but actually saved on purpose due to the romantic story attached to it.

This fragrance has deep, complex notes: sandalwood,jasmine, lemon, tonka bean, leather, frankincense, iris , Peru balsam ,amber and ,bergamot!

SHALIMAR was launched in 1925 , created by JACQUES GUERLAIN as a tribute to Emperor SHAH JAHAN and,wife MUNTAZ MAHAL. Inspired by the true life love story of how PRINCE KHURRAM (who became EMPEROR SHAH JAHAN ) met and fell deeply in love with the young lady ARJUMAND at a bazaar where she worked with her family., Taken by her beauty and innocence, he vowed to make her his Queen. And so it happened. They had 13 children, the marriage had its ups and downs, but it was true love no doubt. Unfortunately,the Queen died giving birth to the 14th child at a young age of 39 years. Distraught by his great loss, the emperor built the famous TAJ MAHAL as a memorial for his ” Jewel of inestimable value’.In that magnificent edifice he created the Garden of Shalimar, a favorite relaxation place for the Queen.’

“You always Gain By Giving Love -Reese Witherspoon

Remember Your Image Matters, So live excellently!

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