More Memorable Highlights From The 2019 50th NAACP Image Awards, Dolby Theater, LA.

Asians are much more than stereotypes

He came in firing spirits, excited, and acknowledging the fact that; “this year, the entertainment industry is moving a step in the right direction,by letting the world know that representation matters in all cultures.”

His name is Jimmy O.Yang, American Actor and Comedian.

I am more than honored to be a part of a movie that shows Asians are more than a stereotypical restaurant owner, or thank you, thank you,(referring to the applause) or like an Ernst Young accountant or something. We are kick- Ass without Kung fu too. thank You. We are just as funny, just as cool, and, just as sexy as anyone”.

Yang presented at the 2019, 50th NAACP Image awards ,introducing the Outstanding motion picture for Crazy Rich Asians ,saying “its one I am extremely proud of’.However , the Asians may have come out’ Cool, Sexy and, Rich, it appears the Black Power eclipse was too powerful and irresistible for the fans, since Black Panther carted the win for that category this time.

To Tai Beauchamp’s question on: ” how does diversity and entertainment make our community stronger?’, The actor known for his character Jian Yang in HBO comedy series Silicon valley had this to say: “I think diversity ,and entertainment ,allows us to learn about each others culture, and really celebrate each others uniqueness, in the most positive light”.

Honorable Congress woman Maxine water

“I have the Gavel and I am not afraid to use it!”

‘Fierce,’ ‘Passionate’, ‘Powerful’, ‘Champion of change’ are some of the incredible words used to describe the the first woman to chair and first African American, the House financial services committee.

Looking absolutely dazzling in a shimmering, long beige dress, she seem to be loving all the attention and, glamour of the evening. constantly beaming at cameras, videographers, and laughing at all the jokes including, the subtle humorous references from Comedian host, Anthony Anderson.

Congresswoman used the opportunity to share her accomplishments as House Chair, “ I passed a comprehensive bill for $13.27 billion in new funding for emergency relief and to end homelessness in America; don’t despair, I have the gavel and I am not afraid to use it”!.

Rep.Maxine Waters also had warnings for operators of fraudulent loans practices, including Title loans, and student loan sharks,”we know who you are”she said. It’s a new day in America; women, people of color, LGBTQ, the millennials are growing in power and influence and representation.It is a testament to the Committee.We have the Gavel and We are not afraid to use it!”

To institutions that have for a long time “historically overlooked women and minorities, the jig is up!”

Concerning her “Haters”, she sent this no-nonsense warning: “I have gotten 4 of them convicted, if you come for me, I am coming for You!

She also reminded the audience,”Now ok, ok, I have not forgotten about ’45’, I still think he needs to be impeached”.I have the Gavel and Subpoena Power, and, I am not afraid to use it.(And of course, she had the whole crowd reciting the last assertion.I have the gavel and I am not afraid to use it).

Truly a remarkable woman.

Positively a one of a kind star and inspiration.

That was how the announcer described NE-YO as his career achievements was being highlighted at the 50th NAACP Image awards.

American Actor and comedian Alan David Grier introduced and, presented NE-YO the First Positively Golden awards, sponsored by McDonald. Alan shared one of the reasons why he admires the younger actor:

“I can’t think of a better recipient for this award. I got to know NE-YO and learned from him, when I played the cowardly lion and he ,the ‘Tin-Man’ in the WIZ live. Now, think about this; NE-YO, the man with the biggest heart I know, convincingly playing a character without a Heart at all, now that is acting!”.

The 39 years old, whose innovative and musical ingenuity, enabled him to pen winning songs for super stars like Mario, Rihanna and Beyonce’ has 14 Grammy nominations, with three wins! His accomplishments however, goes far beyond his music or acting career; NE-YO is also a humanitarian, whose mentoring spirit is evident in his non-profit and charitable ventures. Such as, the Smith foundation which benefits children in foster care or group homes. He does have affiliation too with the Disney Dream Academy . “Its time for new visions to be seen and new voices to be heard,”‘he once said. Another vital charitable act close to his heart is, the Holberton school , an education program set up to motivate students of color to explore opportunities in learning and application of software, and technology.

NE-YO came up stage with his lovely looking three kids (the fourth was being looked after backstage by NE-YO’S mom).”As you all can see, I have my hands full so, I am going to keep this short.I thank the NAACP for the prestigious award ,I thank the Image awards and McDonald. I started doing music as an outlet for all my pent up emotions as a kid, my mom she’s backstage with my youngest child’ Ro-Ro,’ I wanted her to be out here, but she said her feet hurt, when a Black woman says to you her feet hurt…. you, let that go. But, she is the reason why I am standing right here today. Because, she was the first person to put a pen and pad in my hands, and said write it down. I don’t care what it is, just write it down, don’t bottle it up,’cos that’s how people get hurt.That’s how things go bad. Um, I brought these guys up here to show you the reason why I do what I do. It used to be because of my love for the music,but now, I am doing it for them.”He gestures towards his kids.

I appreciate the honor, and I am going to continue doing what I do, and inspire these.And maybe one of these days, one of these will be up here accepting an award next time”.

All Hail The Crown King Of WAKANDALAND- Outstanding Actor in Motion

If he seems familiar, that is likely because of the fact that, before the Disney adaptation movie Black Panther, Boseman has done many great works. Best remembered for his acting in biography film ’42’ where he portrayed Jackie Robinson (2013 ) and ,as James Brown in Get on up, another biography film.(2014),and , Thurgood Marshall (2017)

However, sources claimed that the amiable actor did not have to audition for the role of T’Challa in the superhero marvel adaptation of Black Panther. Seems he possess a good dose of one of the main qualities all kings have in common-confidence! Boseman merely sold his skills to the creators on how he intended to role play as the chosen heir to the kingdom of Wakanda. He got the chance and, he did not disappoint. If you have it, sell it, I will say.

Accepting the honor he said; “They say black people always thank God when they receive an award, and I am not going to disappoint you. I thank God not only for the winning times but ,for the tribulations we go through so we can appreciate the Joys of Winning like this”.He went on to acknowledge the NAACP, amazing cast members ,and fellow actors nominated in same category including, Denzel Washington , and Steven James.

Boseman is a pacesetter, the first Black actor to play a leading role in a superhero movie, a definite nodge towards Black Children all over the world, to dream big, If not aspire for the position of president , why not a superhero.

TOM JOYNER TUSKEGEE – Finest Honored with the Prestigious Vanguard award

He is a famous American Host of the nationally syndicated radio show TJSM, and founder REACH MEDIA, and other Programming initiatives that affords diverse academic opportunities through Grants ,and ,Scholarships for Students. The 69 year old TUSKEGEE , AL native recounts history on how the struggle was real, before the Media, or social media exploded:

“We were protesting , we had protest matches every Saturday. I am here to tell you that some of the best sandwiches were found at those protests matches. Back then in this mostly all black town, there wasn’t even a radio station that played black music. There was no Aretha Franklin, so we would gather every Saturday in this neighborhood to make our voices heard.”

Then one day, the owner of the radio station , who also owned a Ford dealership where they matched consistently every Saturday, having had enough, approached the protesters with a tempting offer: “he said, I don’t need this here, I will let you have a show every Saturday afternoon for one hour, and you can play Aretha and, any other songs, but he wanted to know who will do it? And the hand without a sandwich went up, I said I will do it,and that’s how the show started. TJMS is now 25 years old and at the end of this year I will be retiring from radio. But, the Tom Joyner foundation will go on helping students in college.”

You will most definitely be missed from Radio, Big Tom.

MARSAI MARTIN -Little Teen with a Big Heart

At 14, the Black-ish star child who plays genius daughter Diane in the ABC sitcom achievements cannot be described as Little ,especially ,when combining her success not only from small screen T.V sitcoms, but also from the big screens. Marsai is reportedly ,the youngest executive film producer in Film history in Hollywood. she spoke briefly of the making of her 2019 movie ‘Little’, which happens to be a re- modification of TOM Hanks movie ‘Big’.

“After seeing Big, I liked it, but that’s when I started thinking, what if we do this with a modern perspective? “Turns out that her thinking paid off big time. “we gave it a fresh take, and move it to modern time in a female environment.” said the real life genius. Well done Marsai Martins for being a great role model to teenagers and showing all , including grown ups, the power of thinking and doing.

Millicent Olaghere Blast

Remember,Your Image is everything , So Live excellently.!

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