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My first love is writing. What better way of communicating; if only people know how to do more of a two-way communication with better understanding, we wouldn’t be searching for the elusive World Peace.

As an Image and Fashion Consultant, life-stylist, Motivational speaker, Event Marketer and Promoter I meet a lot of people of diverse public, socio-cultural, political , economical, religious and ethnic backgrounds. I am like a sponge that like to soak up everything there is to learn. though ,It never seems like there’s enough time to do so.(You should read my poem Time is Fickle).I have come to the inference that what all people have in common despite their obvious differences, is the need to be accepted, heard and to be treated nicely!

I believe in Love Your Neighbor as Yourself; just doing unto others as you wish to be done to you.

Then, I believe no one can get far successfully in this life without a good Image or reputation. Often, who you say you are is not the same as what people perceive and, this ambiguity can cause serious confusion and sometimes damaging consequences!

I believe there is good publicity vs bad ones. Some insist that “any Publicity is good for Business”! That is a wrong notion, albeit debatable! Yet, everyone is entitled to believing their Truth. How long it shall stand the test, only time will reveal.

Some say “I don’t care what others think about me, it’s my life ,I can do what I want!” Nah! That’s just the Red bull-T talking! When the same people (whom you didn’t care about their opinions) turnaround to embrace and validate you, you become delirious with Happiness.

Appreciation is the grease that smooths the wheel of Happiness.

Bad Fame can lead you to temporary limelight and probably some easy $$ and perhaps millions of social media followers, but eventually prove destructive to your career, Image, health (emotional issues and depression could set in) also, financial setbacks for lawsuits, or failed businesses,from lack of patronage. It can be very costly, and, even affect your loved ones or others who care deeply about you. Most importantly, think about those who look up to you, your Mentees….Do you really want to disappoint?

Here you will also get some free advice and tips on working solutions at the office.

I believe that dressing for success is not a Cliche’! So I will be sharing some fashionable, Beauty and Stylish inspirations,trending news,and treating you to some of my creative writing gifts which includes; Quotes, poems, short stories, book and movie reviews and some Outstanding personality interviews!

I believe anyone can Inspire others to show forth their possible best and, I am willing to Be That Person who calls out your very Best and Lights the way!

Millicent Olaghere Blast

Remember, Your image is Everything, So live excellently!.

A Giant of civil rights movement : Congressman John Lewis passes on at 80.

Rep John Lewis passed on Friday, July 17th , 2020 after bravely battling cancer. He lived a valiant, accomplished life, winning many fights on the streets and by lawmaking. He received worthy recognition awards for his fight to ensure all people are treated with respect and dignity.He was a resourceful lawmaker who began in the 5th congressional in Atlanta Ga 1986.

Announcing the passing, the family released a statement ; “it is with inconsolable grief and enduring sadness that we announce the passing of US Rep John Lewis”.” he was honoured and respected as the conscience of the US congress, and an Icon of American History”,but we knew him as a loving father and brother.


March 7th, 1965 Lewis led 600 over Selma ,Edmund Pettus Bridge in Alabama in a non violent protest march, with desire for African Americans to exercise their constitutional rights to vote, and also highlight and condemn racial injustice and segregation repression. But despite their non violence protest, they were met by angry Alabama state troopers, who attacked the unarmed marchers with tear gas and hitting with batons. Many protesters including Lewis were severely beaten and injured. John Lewis Skull was fractured in the commotion. Boynton was beaten unconscious , Lynda Lowery, only 14 years at time, received seven stitches over her right eye and twenty-eight on back of her head. That day became known as “Bloody Sunday “.

The bridge was built in 1940 in honor of a confederate general Edmound Winston Pettus reportedly a” grand dragon of the ku klux klan”,which is why many are calling for the renaming of the bridge to honor Congressman man Lewis, “CONSCIENCE of CONGRESS“, who’s blood, sweat amongst other freedom protesters was splattered on that bridge on “Bloody Sunday”!

But many others including Lynda Lowery thinks its not a good idea to change name of the bridge.Some claim that only people of Selma should be allowed to decide such a sensitive matter.

I feel, if we are moving forward and taking down confederate statues and monuments and racists symbols that connected to Slavery, colonialism injustice and inequality, such as Gen Stonewall Jackson (Richmond VA)President Jefferson Davis (Kentucky) and Christopher Columbus, (Boston) renaming Edmund Pettus Bridge to Congressman John Lewis , a man who received in 2011 the highest honor given to a civilian, the President Medal of Freedom πŸ… is definitely best way to pay forward. More especially when it’s someone who dedicated almost his entire life towards fighting injustice , racism and defending rights and dignity of all people not just minorities and disadvantaged.

Lewis , the son of sharecroppers rose to become a formidable respected civil rights activist and a longtime US congressman.He was 21 years in 1961, when he joined the freedom riders bus in defense of integration of all races to public transportation. He was beaten , bloodied, arrested along with James Zwerg for daring to use “only white “,restrooms.

But for congressman John Lewis, Rev. Matin Luther King, Rev Jesse Jackson, Malcom X, Louis Farrakan and many freedom fighters, alive or gone, there will be no women voters today, and certainly our children will not be able to seat in same classrooms , or share public transportation, buses or airplanes. Can you imagine living in a world of such segregation repression ,hatred and racial inequality. ?

The voting rights act became law in August 6th, 1965.(one of the greatest accomplishments by freedom fighters like John Lewis.)

This is 2020, and we are still struggling with police brutality calling for defunding as a result, social injustice , racism issues leading to Black Life Matters demonstrations, and much more.If we are all in this together and want a better future we need to have a new reorientation and be more sensitive and kind to one another irrespective of class, color, age, sexual orientation, political affiliations, religious beliefs , cultural or ethnicity.

By Millicent Olaghere Blast.

Remember your Image matters , so live excellently!


Independent Follies
Cry my beloved Country America
You have been torned A.P.A.R.T.
At 244 , you’re definitely old enough to choose your own P.A.T.H
But your trail has left many to wonder if you’re
Nothing but bunch of PSYCHOPATHS
Since you seemed so consumed with injustice,
Inequality, racism and hate.
You need to change before its too late.
Younger generations are not only watching,
They’re ready to take this beyond the streets.
Perverted justice and molestations
Causing riots and Protestations
Lifestyle of desecration and Short-sightedness
Has made many lost in the wilderness
The elders flinch
The babies cringe
Nauseating stench of congealed blood mixed
with stress sweat, and vomit
Climb high to flare nostrils of man upstairs
In place of worship and Praise
Curses and Bloody Hands You Raise
Pride, Prejudice and Intolerance to other Race
Experts, around the world send counsel
But you clamp ears with soggy morsel
Beyond deaf, like stubborn Swine
Bent on self destruct Mission
Its impossible to see perfect Vision
The mapping and original path that the forefathers
Laid out 244 years ago, on the sacred seal of independence,
Sealed with salty tears and witnessed by dreamers
The statue of liberty was elected
And Democracy was birth.
So why are the lights dimmed instead of fireworks
You Spurn His Grace
And set the Holyland ablaze
You BIG disgrace
Why don’t you go on your kneels, on the alter not on the necks
You failed to SHOW and TELL the younger gen
About the Promise Land
The commandments of God
That came with Blessings of obedience
Where o’ where is your conscience?
Can you not see
Do you not know
Are your ears so short
The Walls are crumbling
And the center can no longer hold
Do not bring out the fancy dishes
Why do you celebrate hate
You should be praying and making sincere wishes
For a better future and learning the true meaning of Independence!
Millicent Olaghere Blast.

Remember your image matters so, live excellently!

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SELFMADE :Madame C J Walker

SELFMADE!πŸŽžπŸ“½πŸ“ΊπŸŽ¬TRENDING NOW. Made me understand the  saying” some are called, but few are chosen!”.when you watch you too will understand.
How many have seen this incredible TV series trending on NETFLIX (actually made #1 mosy watched) .

it definitely stirred up some fire inside, making me more determined to go after mine!
Award winning Octavia Spencer (won several Globe ,Screen Actors  and Academy for her numerous supporting roles in The Help and  Hidden Figures)was absolutely awesome as Madame CJ Walker. The series is based on true life story of how Sarah Walker tired of being a clothes washerwoman , decided to sell Addie ‘s (played by Carmen Ejogo, she has a Nigerian Dad and  a Scottish  mom) hairgro products ,but was rudely rebuffed. So, she dared to pursue her dream. However , as in life, obstacles presented:betrayals,  plus  if her hopes of opening a factory or 10 cents stores, she would need endorsement of the Businessmen ,especially  the famous educator Booker T.Washington who didn’t mix words but let her know where “a woman’s place should be”!

Madame Walker overcame through rugged determination , and stubborn resolve , eventually becoming the first black selfmade millionaire; residing in same neighborhood as the wealthy Rockefeller in NYC.
Watch and see how her daughter played by comedian-actress Tiffany Haddish, surprised her when she eventually found her niche πŸ‘. Definitely a five⭐⭐⭐⭐.πŸ†πŸ…πŸ‘ŠπŸ½, and Oscar worthy !
The actors were all astounding,  especially my heart crush Blair Underwood , who was bad, yet I could see how he could have gone down the slippery path, based on the reality of his situation.
Enjoy the flick 🀩

By Millicent Olaghere Blast

Remember your image matters so live excellently!

Music legend Kenny Rogers has passed on at 81.

He”decorated my teenage life” Kenny Rogers did. The Country Music Legend passed on at age 81, on March 20th,2020 according to his publicist Keith Hagan’s report to CNN.
I remember how in my teens, I used to hug my pillows at night cooing to songs from radio,of some of my favorites like; ” island in the stream, “Lady “, and “don’t fall in love with a dreamer “, I knew even then, I was a Lady , one who will uphold her standards till the right man showed.

The Music legend , had a laid back, seductive ,yet easy-breezy not brashful singing style. His romantic country songs were an instant hit and popular on international levels. Infact, Rogers won over 5 awards including Three(3) Grammy’s, and a lifetime #1 song on Billboard (which he and his long time fellow artist Dolly Parton collaborated),” Island in the stream”(1983),remained on LIFETIME 100 honor #1 list.Rogers continued working for 6 decades!His music career was so successful he carried on , only retired at age 79 in 2017.
He will be greatly missed. 😌❀
Rest in Peace,KR.and Thank you for everything!

Kenny Rogers Lives forever in our memories.(RIP)

By Millicent Olaghere Blast

Remember Your Image Matters ,So live excellently!.


It’s Official! With the exit of Austin Hooper out as a free Agent, leaving opening slot, FALCONS G.M , Thomas Dimitroff finished trade negotiations with BALTIMORE RAVENS, few days ago, announcing the newest arrival Hayden Hurst to ” Tighten the ends” of the Team”.

How many agree this is an excellent trade for ATL Falcons.⚽️ Though sports is not my forte’ I however had the privilege to listen in, as, an intelligent 26 year old Hurst humbly talkedΒ  on The Game radio 92.9,Β  earlier on March 20th, about how he plans to make a difference and “tighten ends” for the Falcons. He spoke briefly, but candidly, of now being 4 years sober.(Had previous alcohol issues during troubled teens). Also , mentioned was his previous impressive records of 44 passes, 559 yards 3, touchdowns in 2 seasons. 🎯⭐⭐⭐⭐I think this 6’5″ hunk is ready to Play Ball! I believe HURST is truly the needed Burst of Fresh energy required by FALCONS to take to championship.

The 6’5″ footer was a 2018 first round draft pick by the RAVENS after an outstanding career at University of South Carolina. From what I garnered, Hurst’s got talent, skills, depth, right mindset , energy and experience. According to NFL.Com report, He “earned a a 72.4 grade in Pro Football Focus for last years play, and ranked 14th among NFL tight ends.Now if that doesn’t make you excited, I wonder what will. πŸ€©πŸ†πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰


Remember ,Your Image is Everything, So live Excellently!.